Writing is a valuable skill that is crucial for success in any career. But unfortunately, we are not born good writers, and most of us have to work hard and practice a lot to learn the art of academic writing.

Lots of students struggle with challenging papers at college, and many of them have to rely on professional help offered by online services like AffordablePapers.com.

Still, there are plenty of useful resources available online that can help you improve your English grammar and writing skills and write better essays. Here is a shortlist of the best websites and resources for students.


Grammarly is an online tool that detects and fixes grammar, spelling, word choice and other types of errors which Microsoft Word can’t correct. It’s offered as a free app available for a web browser so you can install it and use for editing all the content you create.

There is also Premium plan with advanced features that catches more mistakes and a plagiarism checker. If you use Grammarly on a regular basis to correct your writings, you are sure to become a better writer over time.

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Grammar Girl

This blog founded by Mignon Fogarty is now renamed into Quick and Dirty Tips. The website offers short practical tips on how to improve your writing. If you, like the majority of people, don’t like to read long explanations about complicated grammar rules, this website is the best option for you. Mignon Fogarty gives brief, easy explanations with memory to complex grammar questions and makes them understandable for everyone.

Cliché Finder

This free online tool uses a dictionary of overused phrases and a unique algorithm to find the result. All instances of overused expressions, words, and phrases are highlighted and can be eliminated by users.

You can use this tool in a variety of sources, for example, texts, poems, creative writing. Cliché Finder provides replacement options for some words and phrases and also finds possible spelling mistakes.


Thesaurus is a great tool for building vocabulary and becoming a better writer who can
convey the message using precise words to avoid ambiguity. You can find here synonyms
and antonyms to lots of words and use them when writing your college papers.

Thesaurus can help you simplify your written English and enrich your vocabulary. You can also find there some of the overused words that every writer should avoid.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue OWL is sponsored by Purdue University and offers hundreds of free resources on
teaching writing, academic writing, mechanics, and grammar. This website can be especially useful for people who speak and write English as their second language.

It covers a lot of different topics, including creating a thesis statement, writing an introduction and conclusion, developing an outline, writers’ block, editing and proofreading, and more.

You can also find here APA and MLA style guides. In fact, the website covers all the necessary information for students who face the problem when writing papers in English.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a web-based and desktop app that you can use to edit your English writings. It highlights common errors (overuse of adverbs, passive voice), and lengthy complex sentences with different colors.

It will also calculate the readability score of the entered text. Besides, you can use a toolbar and format your text. Written communication can be challenging for both native English speakers and for those who speak English as a foreign language.

But if you work hard, you can master the intricacies of English writing. Use these free resources, and they will help you become a strong writer in no time.