There is no excuse for eating poorly in Accra. We have carefully selected the best restaurants in Accra for you to enjoy delicious local and international foods.

If you’re too busy and cannot make it to any restaurant, you can easily order your food online and have it delivered to your doorstep. This article on how to order food online on Jumia Food will help you create your account to order food online from restaurants in Ghana.

Looking for a ‘Restaurant near Me’? Take a look at these 15 best restaurants in Accra, Ghana.

1. Mamma Mia Accra

Mamma Mia Pizzeria is one of the finest Pizza restaurants in Accra. They are located on the 8th Lane, Behind SSNIT Trust Hospital Osu Accra. Mamma Mia Pizzeria is the most rated restaurant on Jumia Food in Ghana – over 600 customer ratings.

Mamma Mia Pizzeria is not just pizzas, also Burgers, Salads, Seafood and Italian in Accra.

Their customers love to order food online or go to their Air-conditioned dining available inside and the outside area has a trattoria-like feel, with rough-hewn paving, terracotta tilework and warm, simple decor.

It’s a nice place to be and a trusted restaurant to order food online from.

Delivery time: 1h

Delivery fee: From GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

2. Papa’s Pizza Ghana

Papa’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant company which is fully Ghanaian-owned and over the years has grown to be a preferred pizza place in Ghana. Papa’s Pizza is one of the popular pizza restaurants in Accra.

They have multiple locations serving customers with delicious pizza. Locate them at East Legon (Main Branch), Spintex and Osu.

You can order Papa’s Pizza online on Jumia Food. They offer Chicken Wings, Papa’s Chicken, Main Course and Pizza. They have over 700 customer ratings on the platform, which means a lot of people order food from them.

Delivery time: 1h

Delivery fee: From GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵18.00

3. Burger and Relish

Launched on 21 November 2014, Burger & Relish was Ghana’s first Gourmet Burger Restaurant and Cocktail Bar.

Burger and Relish Osu, which now also has a sister restaurant in East Legon, offers a 90 seat restaurant with inside and terrace space. Great for both families and kids, with a play area on weekends, as well as being the hottest spot in town for late night revelers with DJs and bands playing vintage funk, soul and blues.

Burger and Relish produces signature burgers such as the ‘Smokin Joe‘ (secret house BBQ marinade, cheddar cheese, crispy smoked bacon and homemade pickles), ‘The Boss‘ (double beef patty, fried pickles, cheese, bacon, tomato & onion relish, smoked mayo), and the ‘Chilli Lime Chicken‘ burger (ginger, coriander & chilli chicken patty with cajun guacamole and pickled onions).

Burger and Relish offer takeaway, table service, outdoor seating and online delivery which is available on Jumia Food Ghana. The restaurant has over 500 customer reviews on Jumia.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

4. Chez Clarisse Mama Africa

Chez Clarisse is Ivorian ‘chop bar‘ in Accra, also known to locals as Mama Africa. The menu includes chicken, tilapia, kelewele (crispy plantain), alloco (sautéed sweet plantains) and attieke (cassava couscous).

Chez Clarisse Mama Africa is located on the 8th Lane, Behind EcoBank, Off Oxford Street, Osu, Accra. They are one of the top restaurants in Ghana with over 400 reviews/ratings.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵10.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

5. NourishLab Smoothys

NourishLab Smoothys was founded in 2005 and currently has multiple locations including Upper Oxford Street, Osu. NourishLab Smoothys serves nourishing and exotic recipes to their health-conscious customers 7 days a week all year round. They offer over various blends of smoothies prepared with locally-sourced fresh whole fruits loaded with health-inducing fibers.

Their meals which include smoothies to nourishing salads & sandwiches are available for order online on Jumia Food Ghana, as takeaways or enjoyed in their clean, Wi-Fi-enabled cafe. NourishLab Smoothys aims to revitalize your day while providing you with health benefits for your body and mind.

NourishLab Smoothys has over 400 reviews on Jumia Food.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵13.00

6. Sunshine Salad Bar & Restaurant

Sunshine Salad Bar & Restaurant provides the public of a wide range of freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, Indian cuisine, and fresh blend of smoothies. It has a deli which has a variety of freshly baked cakes (including vegetarian) and homemade cookies. Sunshine also offers catering on any scale and of any profile.

The salad restaurant has over 400 ratings on Jumia Food serving a lot of its customers via online and has a physical location on the 3rd Street, 11 Lane, Osu Accra Ghana.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

7. Tip Top Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese restaurant located on the corner of Oxford St and 5th Lane, Osu has reasonable prices for authentic Chinese food, which is popular with Osu locals and judging by the customer ratings (over 300) on Jumia Food, they are one of the top restaurants in Ghana.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵10.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

8. Wok Inn Chinese Restaurant

Wok Inn Chinese Restaurant is located at Arrival Hall, Airport Accra. Wok Inn is suitable for Weddings, Birthdays & all other private and special occasions. With a karaoke system and a private bar, they are here to cater for all your needs.

The Chinese Restaurant serves their customers with Breakfast, Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Fried Rice And French Fries, Vegetables, Noodles, Seafood, Sauces, Chicken Sauce, Beef Sauce, Pork Sauce, Local Dishes and Jollof Dishes.

Wok Inn Chinese Restaurant has over 300 ratings on Jumia Food, Ghana.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵10.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

9. Papaye Fast Foods

“If you have never had a take away from Papaye it is unlikely you have not been in Accra for very long. Papaye could be described as an institution in Accra, the home of chicken and rice” – Timeout

If you are looking for relatively fast, tasty and value for your money food, Papaye is a great bet. Papaye is where you should head if you fancy fast food in a Ghanaian setting.

The decor is clean and modern, service is fast. There is a reasonable range of different food, including stuff for the kids. eg fried fish and chips or more healthy grilled fish and rice. Service is friendly, all the food is tasty, fresh and served in generous quantities.

Their most popular dish is the rice and roasted or grilled chicken. They also offer fish options, burgers, and fries. Papaye restaurants are opened till late. They have branches at Spintex, Osu and Tesano, all in Accra.

10. Eddy’s Pizza

Eddy’s Pizza is another popular pizza restaurant in Accra in a tough competition with Papa’s Pizza.

Two guys called Edwin and Edward set up Eddy’s Pizza in East Legon, Accra. Today, the restaurant has expanded its branches to Dansoman, Tema comm. 5, Ring Road and Weija.

Eddy’s Pizzas and side menus are made only from fresh vegetables, lean meats, and cheese with low-fat content.

Eddy’s Pizza menu include, Margherita, Pepperoni, Veggie Lovers, Fruity Pizza, Supreme Pizza, BBQ Chicken, Tex Mex Pizza, Ground beef, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Rich Sea Pizza, Ten Topping Pizza, Hawaiian Delight, Meat Lovers, Shrimp Pizza, Tuna Pizza, Chicken Bacon, Old Country Pizza, 4-Cheese Margherita Pizza, Philly Steak Pizza, Steak House Pizza and Pizza Khebab.

You can order Eddy’s Pizza online on Jumia Food and have delivered to your doorstep. They have 174 reviews on the platform and over 300 reviews on Google Maps.

Delivery time: 1hr, 10min

Delivery fee: GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵25.00

11. Café Kwae

On the ground floor of the iconic One Airport Square building, the café is a cozy space inspired by the love of good, simple food and a passion for travel.

Go and grab a cup of freshly ground coffee or cold-pressed juice before work sample their frequently changing menu of fresh, simply made lunch fare, or meet up with friends and family over a long, drawn-out evening meal (with loads of wine!).

Tasty home-made cakes and desserts are also available to indulge in. Café Kwae is also available for online order on Jumia.

Delivery time: 1hr

Delivery fee: GH₵8.00

Minimum food price: GH₵20.00

12. Coco Lounge

Coco Lounge located in Icon House Stanbic Heights is one of the loudest restaurants in Accra – according to online reviews.

Coco Lounge, a café-style environment, and cocktail lounge-bar open for brunch, throughout the day and into the night for relaxed eating and drinking.

They’re open for lunch and dinner and have great salads, sandwiches, made-to-order pizzas (try the spicy chicken!) and all their desserts are made in-house by the group pastry chef.

A great spot to wine and dine with friends and has the perfect ambiance for a date night with your special someone! The food is good but the atmosphere is special. They do a staff “coco-dance” for birthdays, which always livens up the day for all.

13. Buka Restaurant

If you are new to Ghana and not into Ghana street-food, Buka is a must go as it gives you a good variety of dishes. Most probably you would pay double of what the street food charges but still considered value for money.

Buka restaurant offers great Ghanaian food priced to feel value for money. Quaint atmosphere with a rooftop seating to make you feel at home.

If you only eat western food, go somewhere else as they won’t serve you fries and burgers. They also have African juices which are delicious and not too sweet. The Guinea fowl soup has great flavor. The meat is served in a groundnut based sauce.

Buka restaurant is located adjacent the former American Embassy Visa section, upstairs, Osu, Accra.

14. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

KFC is one of the newest entry into the chicken fast food restaurants in Accra. There are more than 18,000 KFC outlets in 115 countries and territories around the world.

12 of these stores can be located in Ghana, where KFC opened its doors in 2011. Another outlet will soon open in Adenta, Accra.

Its arrival on Oxford Street caused a great deal of commotion back in 2011, and this shiny three-floor chicken emporium has been serving streams of enamored locals cartons of its golden-crumbed fast food ever since.

15. Vida e caffè

This South African coffee chain has proved to be a hit in Accra – it’s a popular lunch spot for the office crowd, and the free wi-fi makes it a good place to settle in with a laptop and have a chill afternoon.

Vida e caffè is the perfect place to work on homework or hang out with friends. The service is friendly and fast and the place is clean with an appealing aesthetic.

There’s a simple menu of sandwiches and pastries, as well as fruit smoothies, and, of course, a variety of good coffee.

Vida e caffè is located in multiple locations in Accra. Some of which are:

  • Icon House, Airport City, Accra (same building as Coco Lounge).
  • Junction Mall, Nungua Police Barrier, Nungua, Accra.
  • Spintex Road near coca-cola roundabout (in the same building as Yard Bird), Accra.
  • Accra Financial Center, Independence Ave.

These are the top 15 restaurants in Accra based on online reviews and popularity. The above list is in no particular order.


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