This is the time young Africans, especially Ghanaians should realize the essence of getting into the world of entrepreneurs. Education and the certificate will help you in the re-opening of your reputation.

What will activate you to substantive living and financial freedom is the organization and initiation of business.

The past ten years in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, and Kenya called a very competitive way of education for the youth.

They were so much acquainted with survival in life through higher education.

This brought frustration, confusion, misleading facts and improper directions to the youth in Africa, later, they realize that greener pastures still can be found in the dollar countries.

Currently, those imbecile ideas are diminishing gradually. Young Africans are getting to know the essence of business engagement.

Nevertheless, there are these fumes of education which are still choking the business ideas of young Africans.

One has to concentrate on acquiring certificate before he feels the capability of starting a business.

Many are the African young men and women who are business minded, they are potential business idols yet they will freeze their dreams and will still look at education to survive.

It is this time that young Africans have to turn their minds to industrialization and business boxes, they have to make education as a supplementary element in life, hence, should think that the welfare and reputable living depends on business advocacy.

There are so many entrepreneurial disciplines, we’ve got no mandate to choose for you, but we got all the right to tell you to involve yourself.

There has been this African mentality called negativity, this thing will wait for us behind the gate, when we are done, we shall test its validity.

We shall talk about the seven golden rules any young entrepreneur should never exempt from his entrepreneurial journey.

We will briefly expatiate some weakness and obstacles which stands as impedance in our various business execution.

Here are they.

There is nothing like “impossible”

It can be possible, so do it. Have the rigidity, steadfastness, courage, strong mentality and faith that what you are doing shall succeed.

There is no impossibility in the world of business, in Ghana, one has taken on to a mere waste collection to succeed in life.

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The whole issue is, just make up your mind to overcome the challenges pertaining in your community.

Present to them what they need, help them to solve problems within their vicinities then see the results. It will be possible, just start and you will be there.

The success won’t come until the problem get solved

Every young entrepreneur must bear this in mind; Business is all about solving problems in society and making life easier for people around you.

If you are going into a particular business, is either you are going to add value to an existing product or you are introducing a new product which will help buyers or users to take certain things easy.

Your neighbors find it difficult to receive television signals, and you want to introduce certain antenna to help them to get clear sound and images on their TV sets, you will become rich in the community through the antenna only if it helps them to solve their signal problem.

Everybody will appreciate it, they will buy and you will get your huge money. It is very necessary for all who wants to engage in business to know that, successful businessmen and women always solve problems facing mankind.

One problem solved in your community can make you rich.

Take the risk or call it off

If you are not ready or fear to take a risk, then I’m sorry you can’t be an entrepreneur.

Forget about the disadvantages, the obstacles and focus your mind on achieving your goal.

You can set strategies to overcome obstacles and with bold decisions and strong mentality, you shall succeed.

There are risky decisions ahead of you, just be ready for it.

The very critics should be your main target

In the initiation of business, there are certain moral boosters you should never reject, they are those who will be criticizing you.

These people will continuously lambast you, and all that they will be expecting is the collapse of the business just to vindicate their critics.

But hey! They are your fuel and lubricants, the more you listen to them, the more you get to know the weakness of the project you are embarking on.

They will give you reasons on why you should quit, and such points are the very ones to be used in your strategic plans and program.

Some will warmly welcome you into their houses to have full conversations on why you should quit, but you can turn all those words to be your reasons why you shouldn’t quit.

If you take heed to critics around, you will never succeed in your business.

Your mind is your capital, not money

We don’t wait until we get money before starting a business. It should take the mindset and proper plans of yours to start.

What about if you have the money and there is no idea to start any business? Business is something more like intuitional matter, it comes from an in-depth thinking and proper way of reasoning.

Sit down, access and survey the community, gather the problems, think of how to solve it, then after reasoning on the solution, you plan on how you going to start. We don’t use money to do all these things.

The money will come by itself. Just showcase your idea.

Seek the failure of success

But not the success of success. It is very interesting seeing business young men and women always scrutinizing the successes of successful men.

I think you should look for their failures, challenges and how they managed to overcome all obstacles in their proceedings.

This will inspire you the more, it will boost your moral, it will encourage and raise your mind to the higher standard.

If you see success, seek it failures, every success has gotten a failure or two, look for it, imagine it and compare to the current state of the success.

Don’t always be looking only to the successes.


Initiation of business is just like exams, you need not look on somebody’s work but you rather concentrate on your own.

Ideas are unique, there are so many things involved in human thinking and progress, luck and fortunes are all at hand, you need to take heed to your original version of ideas, just make sure you execute your own before you execute somebody.

But before that, make sure your idea is well planned and arranged.

Concentrate on your work.


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