Ghana is touted by many to be the gateway to Africa and offers the perfect location to find real estate properties of your dreams. Ghanaians have embraced the internet and technology and this has had a very positive impact on the Ghanaian property market.

It has never been easier to find the home of your dreams in Ghana than now with the help of online portals such as Jumia and the Ghana Real Estates Developers Association (GREDA). Looking for a luxury apartment in Airport Residential Area? Here are top real estate companies in Ghana.

1. Devtraco Limited

Devtraco Limited has been in existence in Ghana since 1993, as one of Ghana’s leading real estate companies. DEVTRACO Limited is the first and currently the only Ghanaian real estate developer to receive the CNBC International Residential Property Award, UK-Africa Region.

Devtraco Limited, headquartered on the Spintex Road, near Kasapreko has total assets of about US$200,000,000 and employs over 500 people. They are one of the largest and prominent real estate companies in the country in terms of market capitalization.

Their estates span across a prime area of the Greater-Accra Region; including GREDA Housing Project at Teshie-Nungua, Dovehill Estates at Spintex Road, Devtraco Villas at Baatsona (Tema Community 18) and currently, Devtraco Courts (City of Hope) at Tema Community 25.

2. Manet

Incorporated in 1994, Manet Housing Limited (MHL) has become the second largest real estate developer in Ghana. It is now listed among the top 20 firms in Ghana. In 1998, Manet won the silver award for the best Developer at the annual GREDA (Ghana Real Estate Developers Association).

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Manet has built over 1800 homes to date. First among its accomplishments was the 350 home development of the Manet Cottage in Accra. The Manet Group is poised to chart a new direction of growth via a two-prong strategy of nationwide expansion and business segmentation.

3. Castle Gate Estate Limited

Castle Gate Estate Limited is a business focused on the real estate industry with generalized operations in Residential and Commercial Property Development, Sales Management and Investment with services which include;

  • Premium plot sales
  • Building construction
  • Property management

They are located on the 2nd floor of West Africa Decore Tiles Building, Tema Mottoway Roundabout, opposite the Total Filling Station on the Akosombo road.

4. Regimanuel Gray Limited

Regimanuel Gray Limited was incorporated in 1991 with real estate development and home building as its core business. The company has over the years acquired a great deal of expertise in turnkey project site development including roadwork, drainage, water and electrical distribution networks.

The Company is a strategic partnership between Regimanuel Limited, a Ghanaian Company, STI Global Limited of Houston Texas and The ABRAAJ GROUP, a regional venture capital firm. Ever since its inception, the company has had an assemblage of dedicated top caliber local and expatriate personnel managing its affairs resulting in its emergence as the leading private real estate developer and home builder in Ghana.

The Company’s well-known hallmarks are the timely construction and delivery of high quality, reasonable-priced housing units at prime locations which are adequately provided with social amenities and well-developed infrastructure. To date, it has delivered about 4,000 houses bearing these hallmarks.

5. Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate is a leading real estate company in Ghana that provides quality housing to all class of people. Lakeside Estate houses go beyond offering quality homes in the best location and at a good value. They claim to be the best in terms of Mixed Use Development in the real estate industry in Ghana with a product range from 1 – 4 bedroom executive houses.

Lakeside Estate Ltd. has the vision of becoming one of the best customers focused Real Estate Companies in Ghana that will expand through the building of a unique variety of housing units that are environmentally friendly, affordable to many, and conforming to the Ghana Building Code.

6. Ayensu River Estates

Ayensu River Estates Limited is among the top ten estates developers in the country. The company is a category of ‘A’ member of GREDA (Ghana Real Estates Developers Association) since 1995.

This company was incorporated primarily to focus on the construction of Apartment buildings since the demise of the STX housing project. The first projected to be undertaken is Holy Cross Apartment at Danfa near Ayi-Mensah on the Adenta-Aburi Road.

All houses are sited on documented lands, thereby alleviating the ‘headaches’ and the ‘Ananse’ stories that an individual would have to go through to acquire a house.

Ayensu River Estates, offer you a unique opportunity to own a house. These houses have been professionally designed to satisfy both sociocultural and climatic requirements of a typical Ghanaian household living pattern.

Ayensu River Estates Ltd is also seeking strategic investors to partner the company to fulfill its mission of providing affordable houses to bridge the 1 million deficit in the country. Investors will be assured of 25% annual returns or 40/60% profit sharing, (40% to Investor and 60% to Developer). Minimum investment should not be less than $500,000.

7. Appolonia

Appolonia is a project of Rendeavour, Africa’s largest urban land developer with over 30,000 acres of visionary projects in the growth trajectories of large cities in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Appolonia is a master planned development, designed to suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s to live in one of the unique residential developments or to work within the neighboring business park, you will be sure to find a serene and well-planned space dedicated to your lifestyle.


Appolonia offers a place to live, work, shop, a place for entertainment, relaxation and much more – in a well-planned natural environment coupled with the highest standards of infrastructure. They are located within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area of Ghana – 20km east of Accra, between the towns of Oyibi and Afienya.

8. Rehoboth Properties Limited

Rehoboth Properties Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian real estate company. It was incorporated in September 2012 with the mission to build high quality and state-of-the-art residential and commercial properties.

Rehoboth Property Ltd already has 164 flagship dwellings at Rehoboth Court and ongoing constructions of more dwellings on 140 acreages of land at the Rehoboth Hills.

Rehoboth Property Ltd is a proud member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) as A1 member.

9. Max Estates Ltd

Max Estates Ltd was incorporated in 2012 with real estate development as its core business. Max Estates offer real estate developments, building construction and engineering, architectural design, project management, suppliers of quarry materials, concrete products – blocks, culverts, pavement blocks, estate management services, rentals and sale of serviced plots.

Max Estates is currently working on a 562 housing project over an acquired land area of 100 acres at East Legon Hills, Accra.

10. Buena Vista Homes

Buena Vista Homes was established over a decade ago and has grown to be one of the leading real estate developers in Ghana. They develop good quality well-designed homes in secured and gated neighborhoods with community facilities. Each of their homes is uniquely designed to meet the needs of homeowners. Their community facilities include;

  • Swimming pools
  • Club house
  • Kids play area
  • Lawn tennis court
  • 24hrs security

Over the past few years, the company has developed three residential gated communities christened: Vista Valley, Costa Villa and Marine Drive Residences.

11. Trasacco Valley

Trasacco Valley is one of the most popular real estate company in Ghana. Located in the prestigious residential area of East Legon, just off the Accra-Tema Motorway, Trassaco Valley is a serene enclave within minutes of Ghana’s capital, Accra, the airport and the Tema port.

Over 600 acres in total is set in a natural, but controlled environment where you can enjoy exclusive facilities and services at your doorstep. These facilities include shops, restaurants, recreational facilities, educational and health facilities.

12. Parakuo Limited

Starting from being a housing builder in 1986, Parakuo’s current expertise includes construction of townships and large housing developments, mining services, roads and dams, infrastructure works (utilities) building of warehouses and heavy industrial facilities.

Over the years, their customer base in Ghana has increased to over 2,800 clients. These include multinational, government and public bodies as well as members of the private sector.

Parakuo has 7 housing developments throughout Ghana with 6,880 individual projects already undertaken.

13. Homemax Company Limited

Homemax Company Limited (HCL) is a start-up company registered in Ghana and provide real estate services that give comfort, security, and uniqueness to their prospective target market which includes the middle-income class and other sophisticated groups with special needs at exotic locations.

Homemax Company Limited (HCL) is a limited liability company and has Mr. Alex Osei and Miss. Yan Zhu Ying as the shareholders. The company offers real estate, mortgage, and title services. They located Opposite Joana Clinic, Joy FM, Fanofa Street, Kokomlemle.

14. Hippo Group

Hippo Group of Companies is a wholly Ghanaian owned holding company, formed in 2008 with Hippo Limited, the parent company, originally established in 1983.

The Hippo Group comprises of Hippo Limited, Rainbow 2000 Limited, Hippo Transport Limited, Hippo Estates and Construction Limited, Hippo Farms Limited and Hippo Management and Consultancy Services.

Hippo Estates is also a proud member of GREDA, providing housing and accommodation for their clients. Their name Hippo originated from Hippopotamus, the mammal that survives both on land and in the river, signifying resilience, strength, and toughness; thriving any business environment and competitiveness into giant business magnate.

15. Bellslov Real Estate Limited

Bellslov Estate Limited is a newly registered and incorporated as a company limited by Guarantee, and accredited by the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), which provides residential accommodation for workers and businessmen around Accra Metropolis and other metropolitan cities in Ghana.

Their services include managing rented offices, shopping malls and public places of entertainment. They will also act as real estate agent for both public and private companies, as well as private individuals.

Their office is located at 12 Kingdom Hall Street, Kwabenya, Accra.

16. Chain Homes Ghana Limited

Chain Homes Ghana Limited was formed with the ethos of bringing together the expertise of a particular craft in the building industry to execute what is termed “A NEW MEANING TO LUXURY LIVING” in Ghana.

All residents benefit from the role of Chain Homes Management Company (HMC). The HMC seeks to establish community liaison groups, enabling residents to have a say in what happens in their area and to be active in decision making, to enhance the comfort of their clients.

The HMC also manage and maintain public areas, open spaces, play equipment, street cleaning, waste management and maintaining of a landscape.

17. CPL Developers Limited

CPL Developers Limited is a multi-national design-build, civil and building construction company based in Accra, Ghana. They are general contractors run by professionals who are capable of providing a full range of products and services in this one-stop shopping environment. The company offers a full range of construction and pre-construction services.

CPL developers have successfully delivered unnumbered high-end private villas, Chalets for top tier Property investors over the years. Some of their works include;

  • Oasis Park Condominiums – Shiashie East Legon, opposite Accra Mall,
  • The Jewel – East Legon Hills,
  • Avenue Gardens – Dzorwulu, Accra,
  • The Gardens Estate – East Legon Hills.

18. Edlorm Housing Ghana Limited

Edlorm Housing Ghana Limited was established in June 1993 as a Building Construction and Civil Engineering Company. Apart from the long lasting quest of the directors to be in the building industry, the company was set up to help solve the Constructional needs in Ghana, and also to create jobs for some of the many unemployed in the country.

Edlorm properties range from 2 bedroom executives semi-detached house to 4 bedroom executive detached house with 1 boys room.

19. Emerald Properties

Emerald Properties rebranded from EPL (Elnental Properties Limited) to Emerald Properties in 2013, are home building specialists and one of Ghana’s largest real estate developers, dedicated to building quality new homes with their clients in mind.

Emerald Properties have been developing luxury homes at affordable prices for the past 12 years and have already developed five projects with three more upcoming.

20. Imperial Homes Limited

Imperial Homes Limited (IHL) is a wholly Ghanaian owned business whose cardinal principle is value chain enhancement and stakeholder advancement. Imperial Homes have successfully metamorphosed from a pure house builder to other sectors in the real estate industry.

Over the years, Imperial Homes Limited have completed projects such as;

  • Premier Place I Apartments – 22 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area.
  • Philippa – 89 Ringway Estates Osu, Accra.
  • Imperial Court Apartments – 2 Ashankle Lane, Abelenkpe, Accra.
  • Imperial Gardens Apartments – 7th Avenue, North Ridge, Accra.
  • The Mankata Apartments – No.5 Mankata Avenue, Airport Residential Area.
  • Premier Place II Apartments – 21 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area.
  • Imperial Grove Apartments – 7th Kakramadu Road East Cantoments, Accra.
  • Imperial Lodge Apartments – 138 Achimota Forest Residential Area, Dzorwulu.
  • Imperial Square Offices – 6 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area.
  • Bentley Grove Town Houses – 5th Circular Road, East Cantoments, Accra.

Aside from these completed projects, Imperial homes have several wonderful upcoming works.




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