Truth be told, having a continuous comfortable sleep when you are pregnant is a lot hassle. The sleep quality of a pregnant woman is very different compared to a normal person’s.

There are a couple of factors that are responsible for that for instance: hormonal imbalance, back pain, anxiety and stress, frequent changing of sleeping positions among others.

Your sleep patterns vary depending on which trimester of pregnancy they are in because each of them comes with its own set of challenges.

With the first trimester, the excessive production of the progesterone hormone in your body affects your sleep pattern since you are fatigued and as a result, sleep during the day.

With the second one, comes leg cramps and backaches that will not let you sleep peacefully.

And then there is the third one you have nasal congestion because of the abdominal girth and uterus pressing the diaphragm that makes you have a tough time breathing while you are sleeping.

Although these challenges make sleeping a nightmare on its own, sleep is very important for a pregnant woman. Researchers have discovered that women who sleep for less than six hours have either a long period in labor, give birth to premature babies or infants with low birth weight.

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Since these challenges during pregnancy are inevitable, it’s important to find ways to cope with them and ensure that you get as much sleep as you need. Here are some of the simple ways to improve your sleep quality during pregnancy.

Steer clear of taking fluids right before going to bed

taking water during pregnancyFrequent visits to the bathroom add to the list of the challenges pregnant women have to face. This is due to your bladder being pressed by the baby bump.

Although staying hydrated is very important, having a glass of your favorite beverage right before bed might not be the best idea. This is because you will be making several trips to the bathroom and it will disrupt your sleep.

It is therefore advisable that you refrain from taking any fluids at night. Instead, have enough fluids during the day so that you will empty your bladder early enough allowing you will sleep continuously without any interruptions.

Sleep on a comfortable and supportive mattress and pillows

sleeping on comfortable mattressTrying to find a comfortable position to sleep while you are pregnant is already stressful as it is, so the last thing you want to do is to spend the whole night tossing and turning to find a comfortable spot on your mattress.

Getting you a quality Casper mattress can solve all this. This is because its interior is designed to make you feel comfortable while you sleep.

While you are in the last trimester of pregnancy, sleeping on your side is fundamental to enable the flow of blood in your body and that of the baby’s.

It also enables the exchange of nutrients, oxygen, and waste between you and the fetus to take place with ease. This is only possible if you sleep on a comfortable mattress.

Surrounding yourself with comfy pillows is also recommended. By placing them around you and in between your legs, you will be comfortable in that position you are in and you will not be able to move while you are asleep.

Get up and exercise

It’s obvious that you are tired 99% of the whole pregnancy period so exercising is out of the question. Engaging in simple exercises like yoga and taking a stroll can really improve your sleep quality.

By exercising, your overall body temperature increases and it decreases right after which makes you feel drowsy therefore you will spend a considerable amount of time in a deep sleep.

Exercising also increases the rate of blood circulation in your body which prevents you from having leg cramps that will disrupt your sleep. It also reduces the risk of suffering from pregnancy-related conditions such as pre-eclampsia and hypertension.

The most beneficial part of it all is that your body gets to release all that feel-good hormones that reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression that negatively affect your sleep quality.

However appetizing it may look, avoid spicy food

avoiding spicy foodsWith the cravings and all, it is more likely that you will find yourself reaching out for that plate of spicy food. That may not work in your favor when it’s time for you to get some shut-eye. This is because your expanding uterus gradually presses your stomach and when you are sleeping, some of your food is forced back up.

If you had anything spicy, it can cause you to have heartburn which will disrupt your sleep.

Apart from avoiding spicy meals, taking light snacks in between mealtimes is recommended. By doing so, you will not have a heavy meal that can mess you up while you are asleep.

Having an early dinner also helps a lot because your body will have ample time to digest the food before you go to bed.

Take as many naps as you can during the day

taking naps during pregnancyFatigue is the number one characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy and this goes on throughout the other two stages.

Napping during the day helps a lot in dealing with it because if you have fatigue, chances will be you will have feelings of anxiety that will disrupt your sleep.

Apart from that, napping reduces the risk of you giving birth to a baby with low birth weight and long term complications like chronic respiratory illnesses.

While it wouldn’t hurt to nap your way through the afternoon, overdoing it will disrupt your sleeping pattern and you will have a hard time trying to get some sleep at night.

Napping for an hour or less is recommended. If you happen to still feel drowsy after your nap, taking a walk might help in rejuvenating your body.

Getting adequate sleep during pregnancy has been seen to be far from possible but with these remedies, you will be able to get as much sleep as you need throughout this journey.