The shackles of 21st century lie terrible and horrible stuff, I have said it, and I’m saying it again; there is nothing good about this century. All that we see are scornful conditions which we’ve got no choice than to adjust and live in it.

Nature has ceased to offer her good gifts, she has turned her sun rays to be radiations, she has turned her land nutrients to be toxic substances, she has suppressed her oxygen and now emits carbon monoxides and dioxides, sulphur dioxides for us to breath.

She has put woes on all who used to serve mankind. Her water bodies have turned to poisonous chemicals, and when asked about all these horrifying outputs, she said is because of mankind’s absurdities.

Why will nature give this bizarre answer to this humble question?

Is it because we are indiscipline? Did we harm nature? How have we treated her water bodies? How did we spoil her land? On what reason have we changed the sun’s reflection? How have we diverted its rays? What poisonous gases have we replaced with oxygen in the atmosphere?

If we have answers to all these questions, then we can never say we are healthy. People today are suffering because of unhealthy lifestyle they are living within their vicinities, indiscipline acts here and there, littering and scattering of items, poor sanitation.

Above all, we are lovers of pleasure.

Staying healthy is not about not going to the hospital always, not feeling sick is something unsure in our instinct.

Today, there is no human on this planet earth who can declare and confirm that he or she is not feeling sick. We are all sick and have fall short the glory of nature.

In the next two or three minutes, I am going to briefly expatiate the reasons why you are sick and the need for you to back up with your lifestyle.

The headache

At any moment, nine out of ten people are having a headache. You will get eight out of ten people who get a severe headache every two days. It a sign of stress and emotional distress.

High blood pressure, anxiety, and depression are all causes of a periodic headache. People with chronic migraine headaches find it difficult to attend school or work.

The pain sensitive in our body; blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck are normally disturbed with, strong drinks, alcohol, chilled water, lengthy thinking, light rays from TVs and phones, electromagnetic radiations and emotional torturing from relationships.

This regular change in the chemical activities of the brain causes a periodic headache.

You might have migraines (headaches with nausea and vomiting), cluster headache (cyclical headaches which come and go several times during the day) or a tension headache (where your head beats as your heart beats).

We have been experiencing panic attacks, dehydration, carbon monoxide poisoning, concussions, glaucoma, influenza, blood clots and alcohol-induced hangovers; all are irresistible acts and effects which now and forever, will give us headaches.

These facts are not strange as some of our attitudes and disciplinary matters are concerned.

When one feels thirsty, is either he will get a very chilled water to drink or there will be no quench of thirst, a person can’t do without alcohol just for 24hrs.

We can’t stop eating fast foods and drinks during the night. We just can’t stop all our indiscipline acts.

You can’t do without an earpiece, the hoofer must be on the highest volume before you can enjoy the music. We will always fall sick because you can’t prevent headaches with these activities.

You can’t do without stimulants

Some of us too have turned their whole system to be artificial machines, our fuel and energy are sourced from artificially made foods and drinks.

Without alcohol, one cannot be boosted to do certain jobs, this same alcohol is the tool that aids some men and women in their sexual life.

The question is; why should your body be stimulated before it can do certain things? Many people today don’t control their body on their own anymore. When they want energy, they have to take energy drinks.

When it’s time for eating, is either they expand the stomach with alcohol or they will not be able to eat the food. Men have to take all kinds of capsules before they can perform in bed with their wives.

Because of depression and emotional problems, people take in strong stimulants than ever before, some take wee, cocaine, marijuana and very strong liquor and alcohol.

Even in normal working activities, they have to turn the brain upside down, thus getting out of conscious state to be able to work harder and effectively.

Diseases are an inevitable occurrence in our lives, but when you always take drugs before you will get out of your sickness, then I’m sorry you are not okay.

Do you have to take medicine every morning before going out? Do you have to go to the hospital for a check-up twice every week? Do you have to take in drugs before you will get some part of your system working effectively?

If you will answer yes to any of these questions, then you need help. The immune system and the natural body are of no use.

Nerves have infringed, muscles have broken, the blood circulates at certain temperatures, stimuli are responded under stimulated conditions. The body acts on his own no more. Human beings are under stimulations.

If your body cannot do things independently, then you are sick.

You don’t know why you get sick

Most of us don’t know why they fall sick if their head is aching, they don’t know why, if they are coughing, they don’t know why, if they are having a cold, they don’t know why.

Stroke, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, hypotension all comes to the human body without knowing the course.

If you eat good food, drink clean water, have fresh air, do regular exercise, then you should know all the reason for your illness.

We don’t know why we fall sick, and that is because we don’t know how our body is working, we don’t know the kinds and content of the foods we have been eating.

We eat just because we feel hungry, we drink just because we feel thirsty, we don’t care about the welfare of the body, its reactions, and actions, the metabolism, and anabolism, the respiration, digestion, and excretion are all part of the system’s mechanism, we don’t pay attention to them.

One will be experiencing cramps and bumps in his body yet wouldn’t know what actually is happening to him. Some of the veins will be shaking yet wouldn’t know the meaning of that.

This same person can’t walk after placing his legs in the same position for a very long time. When the person gets stroke the next two years, he will be complaining about the witches and wizards in his mother’s house.

Many people don’t feel foreign bodies in their system when they come into their body, they don’t even feel anything inside the internal organs when they drink water or take in something.

Their bodies have turned in such a way that, it has to imbue with strong attraction before it can be felt or responded by their nerves. Everywhere is broken.

You can’t exercise your body

Many people think, exercising your body needs an extra effort from the body system, their heart will beat like never before if they should attempt a 15s run. Some people can’t even shake their bodies at all.

Your body is naturally lazy, you feel lazy to even walk just 10m, you feel reluctant to even jump or kick something using your legs.

If you can’t exercise your body, it means you are not all that well, do something about it.

You can’t live without certain foods

Some people can’t eat rice and stew without fried eggs or meat. Others can’t consume their soup if they didn’t see floating oil on it.

City girls and boys can’t go without pizza, fried rice, fried chicken, noodles, roasted meats, and tilapia.

Any food you are addicted to becomes part of your body, the body gets used to it, the brain takes its pleasure from it, emotions get excited over it and you will be with yourself no more.

Never say, that is you, getting addicted to junk and oiled foods is the same way as getting addicted to drugs and alcoholic drinks. If you don’t get such food to eat, you would never be fine and that is the meaning of addiction.

Anytime you feel like eating; the desired food will be jollof rice, cream, salad and fried chicken. Such people vomit after sensing the smell of garlic.

All those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are addicted to such foods.

They are always on top of emotions, they easily get onto their sexual feelings, the mind gets blacklisted, and all they will be in are the pleasure of the body. They are always sick.

You are not able to develop self-confidence

Many people can’t think positive, they are always thinking about the negative and disadvantage part of issues and events, some of them develop fear or anxiety which always leads to depression.

Those people are always in grief, they always think they can never undertake the hardest challenge, always not on the succeeding track, they choose to be the middle class rather than first.

They are the people who haven’t train their minds, we shouldn’t forget the brain is the chief administrator to the body, where it directs the body is where it will go, how it will work is how the body will work.

Self-confidence is developed from the well being of the body, those who exercise their bodies a lot are confidence in several occasions.

It all about how the blood circulates, how the brain receives information and how you program yourself.

Fear and anxiety are the residues of the things being fed into the minds, you get depressed as result of the negative conclusions you have drawn for certain issues bothering you, always thinking how bad things were or are happening, such people will never stay healthy because they are always in the wrong part of their emotions.

They are not in most times happy, when they are laughing, you can see at the back of their dimples, so many tragedies.

You can get well.

You don’t fall sick, you are always ill

Always complaining about a part of the body every day. Today is your head, tomorrow will be your stomach, the next day will be cold and fever. Your body is not able to stay safe for just one week.

You always get infected with all outbreaks of particular diseases. You don’t attract any huge infections which lead to hospital or medication, but you are always not fine too.

The body needs overhauling.


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