The inevitability of certain things in life are clear, you don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to worry about it and there is no need to try your fate in its alterations.

We live, we survive and finally, we die. There are certain things you and I as humans holding the strongest ability of nature can’t change them.

When you start feeling the sensational gestures of maturity, you get to understand the basic concepts of life.

In as much as we can progress means that, we can also retrogress.

However, we are more addicted to the rules of progress than regress thereby building false hopes and much expectations on our lives which in several occasions have resulted in us with great disappointments and worries.

In many occasions have we not been able to overcome though.

Nature is about balance, that is why we have wild animals and domestic animals, plants with tendons and plants without tendons, animals on land and animals on the sky, big and small beings, weak and strong species, white and black human.

So too we have success and failure.

Success has its own rules, failure too, compromise with the old fashion style of nature, thus not going beyond what has been there for a very long time.

The constants events which have been appearing in all kinds of situations seem unbeatable, yet you can try using the artificial forces of this generation to step over or beat it of which you will sign the treaty of inferno which constitutes emotional torturing, depression, anxiety and all kinds of trauma.

The earlier we concur to the work of failure the better. By always apprehending to this, we should rather deduct the few benefits which when after facing the shackles of failure, equip us to face the next and more difficult level in life. This has been always happening in our lives.

We see failure to be an obstacle because it looks more disturbing and strange to us. We are different people with different kinds of destiny, we also have different schedules in our lives.

Our lives have been in a diverse way, optimized to different times schedules. Therefore, we can’t, expect the same level of progress or retrogress. We can’t expect success at the same time neither can we expect failure at the same time.

At the time that, you are celebrating your success, collecting congratulatory messages from all source of people, having the people around you to be praising you and seeing the world to be fair and able to beat, think also that, someone didn’t make it in undertaking the same task.

From the same start to the same end, that person at that very time is emotionally tortured, worries, sad, the people around see him to be useless and hopeless.

He sees the world to be looking like hell, he thinks that life and the world as a whole have been unfair to him.

Success and failure together bring balance to our lives. Success gives us hope, failure makes us strong. You need to be strong before you can give a meaning to your life.

Why we fail

Have you ever asked this question before? It can be yourself or someone. Failure has no formula, it has no specifications and limitations.

There is no time for failure. It can come at any time, any level, any degree and doesn’t care whoever you are.

We fail because we need to be strong and get ready for life.

We fail, not because we are unable, but because our ability will be perfect to be able to carry all our life expectations.

We fail in order for our real-time schedules for our successes to come at the appropriate time.

We fail because we can’t beat the constant life events.

We fail to prepare, to conduct our attitude, to correct mistakes, to understand our own part of life, to give meaning to our destiny, to make our life journey more interesting and to gain experience.

We fail to sit back to look success from behind so that as it goes, we will be monitoring the way, the pattern and the steps it will be taking. So that we will not get lost when trying to catch it.

We fail, fail and fail as many times we can imagine according to our capacity, level, qualities, and strength. The time for our success might not come yet.

We fail, not because we are ignorant, but because we need more knowledge to face what will come in our days ahead.

There is a reason to fail

We can give uncountable instances to indicate that, there is a reason to fail. The most important notice is that, try to understand your portion of life.

Build a world of your own, know yourself better than anybody, know your ups and downs then study the path on which the core of your life trends.

The reasons for your failure shouldn’t be ascertained by any external deductions like what has been cited here, it should have reflections though but the main reason should at least come from your own analysis.

I mean, have your own peculiar reason for your failure. That will be more idealistic and accurate when comebacks are to be done. It also aids the failure itself for it purpose to be fulfilled.

The reason for your failure should always come from your own mistakes, try and blame yourself for all the downs in your life because you will never give the credit to anyone when success comes.

Life after failure

How should be life after failure?

Life after failure should be more serious and more compatible.

Life after failure should be a life of much questions, much corrections, much inquiries, and deductions.

Life after failure should be too much of blame games, but rather self-assessment, self-investigation, self-monitoring, and self-revolution.

Life after failure should be about more thinking, comparisons, inquisitive, inferiority complex, much ego, more emotional gestures.

Life after failure should be like a time to prepare, time to plan, time to focus, time to be vigilant, time to discipline, time to teach, time to learn and time to be more alert.

Life after failure should be the starting point of your success.

And that s the reality of failure.