It’s a long time expectation for men to pay bills on dates but in this modern day and age, should men always foot the bill on first dates?

Nowadays, most women feel empowered to give back to their relationship one way or the other. They are brought up to be independent and to be able to take care of themselves…yes!!! That makes them feel empowered.

But here comes the real situation where you are out on a first date and after a great conversation and great chemistry, here comes the bill.

Thirty years ago, your server would probably place it in front of the man. Today, it is customarily placed in the middle of the table, creating perhaps the first awkward moment of the evening.

Do men appreciate it if you offer to pay on the first date?


The answer is NO. They don’t appreciate it and you shouldn’t do it. If a man asks you out and he’s not willing to buy you a plate of food, how can you possibly think that this guy can take care of a family?

Real men know that if they take you out, they’re supposed to pay. They would reach for the bill even before you think about dipping your hand into your purse to pay for it.

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The only reason why a man would stop you and talk to you is that you have something that he wants. It is the only reason he would stop you.

The job of men, in this case, is to see what’s going to cost them to get what they want. So men already know it’s going to least start with a plate of food. They know if they’re going to keep what they want, they have to make some kind of commitment.

“If you are on a date with a guy who does not want to pay for the date, then you are on a date with the wrong guy” – Steve Harvey

Some women would date because they’ve seen a potential in a guy…they don’t waste their time, but there are plenty of men who would date with no intention of taking it further. They just happen to be in a female company on a date.

So in the beginning, how can you tell they are potential or part-timer?

By letting him lead, let him ask you out, let him woo you and he can prove to you that he’s actually the real deal.

Don’t do the fake reach out for the bill, allow him to pay. Even if you are a powerful woman with an extremely high salary, it’s OK to let him pay the bill.

Call it old fashion date or old fashion romance. Letting a man pay for you is not giving up your power as a woman. You don’t owe him s3x. You also don’t need to assume that he is looking to have some sort of power or control over you.