LinkedIn and Facebook are valuable resources for professionals all over the world. Groups within these social media platforms give you the chance to connect with like-minded people, find jobs, get advice from experts in your field, and can be the ultimate resource for improving and growing your business.

Networking with these people is very important. Meeting compatible people will help you expand your knowledge, discuss vital aspects of the career path, share experiences and stories in a way that you can’t really do with a friend.

Finding these kinds of people in real life is possible, but very difficult. Especially if your own friends aren’t very entrepreneurial. That’s where these Facebook and LinkedIn groups come in.

Here are 10 Social Media (LinkedIn and Facebook) groups you can join to expand your entrepreneurial network.

Millennial Entrepreneur Community

The Millennial Entrepreneur Community is a place for aspiring, established, and rookie entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and share strategies and projects.

The group was created 2 years ago by Arne Giske, host of The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast. It has over 48k members.

Make an effort to network when you join this group! Engage & meet the other group members. There’re some amazing entrepreneurs in this group that can open a lot of doors for you.

Executive Suite

The purpose of the Executive Suite is executive-level peer connections, trusted insight and practical advice to help you sharpen your decision-making and elevate your work, your company and your career.

If you’re a Suite member, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to the original web series, ExecuNet Master Class. The Executive Suite is managed by ExecuNet, the leading and largest membership-based community for senior-level executives.

This group has over 300k members.

Entrepreneur Hustle

Entrepreneur Hustle is a vibrant Facebook group with 46k + members all over the world. This page is for Entrepreneurs who understand that the hustle is part of the game and want to take their business to the next level.

The founder of the group, Danny Veiga has helped entrepreneurs grow their business to 6 and 7 figures through his Digital Making Agency, coaching program, digital courses, speaking engagements and of course sharing tips and strategies that work in this group.

New members are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and this can be your opportunity to put your business before like-minded people.

On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs

This LinkedIn group is owned/founded in 2007 by Dharmesh Shah, the Founder, and CTO at HubSpot. This LinkedIn community has 600k + entrepreneurial-minded members who discuss marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring and any other startup or small business related topic.

It’s a community of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and professionals interested in startups, and who want to constantly learn about funding, growing, scaling, marketing, and managing startups.

You can participate by sharing and discussing interesting articles, issues, slides, quotes, videos, and reports.

Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club

The Read With Entrepreneurs is a book club for entrepreneurs who want to network while connecting and learning from like-minded people. This Facebook group has only close to 2k members and still growing.

It was created by Cynthia Johnson, an entrepreneur, columnist, author, & speaker who focus on digital marketing and personal branding. It’s worth joining this group.

Linked Business

Looking for a community to ask and discuss problems facing your business? Then this 11k member LinkedIn group is the right place for you.

This is a place to ask and discuss issues or problems facing small businesses and closely held businesses, or for business owners to seek qualified professionals to provide services.

This group seeks to bring together both business owners and professionals, with the hope that business owners can discuss issues or ask questions and receive both the perspectives and experiences of other business owners and professionals that deal with such issues.

Super Hero Entrepreneurs

Do you want to be a superheropreneur? This group is for Entrepreneurs that are looking to become “Super Hero Entrepreneurs!” with the aim of helping each group member take it to the next level.

This group was created 3 years ago and has over 28k members.

The founder of the group, Dan Henry, went from pizza delivery boy to making six figures per month online. So when he does (occasionally) pop up in discussions, he has plenty of value to share…According to MakeUseOf.

A Startup Specialists Group – Online Global Network for Entrepreneurs, Startups

A Startup Specialists Group – Online Network for Entrepreneurs and Startups is one the largest moderated community for startups, mentors, founders & investors on LinkedIn.

Whether you are looking for startup support, planning your new venture, crowdsourcing your challenges, or looking to reach out for networking, crowdfunding, mentors, startups, incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurs, founders, inventors, experts, coaches, VCs, angels, investors, new ideas, jobs, self-employed, co-founders, small business founders or best practices in the Startup Global Ecosystem, you can find it all here in this group.

This group is owned by Ravi Kikan and has almost 300k members. Membership is approved by reviewing profiles. So set up your LinkedIn profile properly and make it look professional before you hit the ‘Ask to join’ button.

Savvy Business Owners

The Savvy Business Owners group was created by Heather Crabtree strictly for female entrepreneurs. The 14k + member group seeks to bring together savvy women who want to support current business owners as well as learn new skills along the way.

Digital Marketing

With over 1+ million members, this is the right place to meet and network with the best digital marketing professionals.

Group discussions cover all areas of the digital marketing landscape and include topics such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online PR, email marketing, online advertising, measurement and web analytics, best practice digital marketing and more.

The group also provide updates to the latest whitepapers and industry reports to keep you updated on trends, innovation and best practice digital marketing.


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