Samsung now offers iOS support for the Gear Fit 2 and is now ranking at position number two in our best fitness tracker round-up, conquered only by the Fitbit Charge 2 and its amazing companion app.

The first Samsung Gear Fit was a fitness tracker through and through, but with a tinge of smartwatch mixed in. Since its release in 2014, many similar options have jumped into the fray, including the Microsoft Band 2 and Fitbit Blaze.

And, in being one of the first to hit the scene, it actually got a lot right. The Super AMOLED display was (and still is) gorgeous, and its balance of fitness and smart functions helped to set a standard for devices to come down the line.

But for all that it accomplished, we were left wanting something with a little more substance. After all, when you make the promise of smart features, in come some mighty expectations and sometimes, the unfair comparisons to products out of its league.

After a two year break, we now have the Samsung Gear Fit 2. And while it might look like not whole lot has changed, Samsung has clearly learned from the last go-around. There are improvements at nearly every turn, and it all comes together as even better value in the process.


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