Preparation towards marriage must be one of the top priorities for every woman. Marriage is the ultimate price every man is obliged to pay to his desired woman during his prime age.

It is the grand merry all women expect in their due age of lifetime bond. Marriage is a natural phenomenon, it is something that goes beyond understanding.

What goes into marriage have no limit, they are unpredictable, no edge and sometimes cannot be ascertained.

Men have their own version of how marriage should be, women also have a different version of how it should and the marriage itself also has its own version of the way it is. That of men and of the women, when come together give a fused idea which relates to the main idea behind marriage.

One thing we forget is the imperfection of human nature, but in marriage one expects it to be having no fault, this gives us so many reasons to always complain bitterly about our various marriage relationships.

Women hold the crown in marriage, they are the very people who hold the capacity of generating the good and bad things in marriage, they are the number one victims of the woes in marriage, and they have the majority shares in marriage making them weaker and down when destruction comes.

A woman without a husband is more like she doesn’t exist. The paramount expectation every woman looks for in her life is for her to be proposed by the so-called Mr. right and then she gets married to him. They see it to be more of competition.

In a recent post, I explained 5 Things Every Woman Must Know in Relationship Today, the big question is why are so many women staying in their chambers today, without getting the invitation to a join a man in his ghetto? Why do we have unmarried women still existing in our system?

Let find out why you are still not married.

You thought it was a game

gameplay on menDuring your early twenties, you were so beautiful, adorable, sexy, good looking and was so enchanting that no guy was able to resist you. There was no day you step out without a guy calling you to ask for your number.

The uncounted number of proposals from classmates, your school as a whole, your neighborhood, church and everywhere you found your personality to be shaking the eyes of men. You were absolutely gorgeous, your beauty was a sensation to behold.

Your phone rings every 5mins, each call comes with an admirable approach from a guy, virtually, all the guys were ready to give whatever they have, just to please you and your personage. Because of this, you decided to accommodate as many of them as you want to make name to yourself.

You were proud of yourself for having five guys as boyfriends with extra seven guys whom you are not seriously being with them. You were a professional liar, number one receiver, a cherished pretender and a winsome player.

Stephen provides you with the money for your jewelry, then you would be partying with Evans, Koby always sends you to the boutique, then John will be giving you your chop money.

Maxwell and Peter have been buying some clothes for you to be wearing to church and when you are broke, you will call Rexford to sort you out.

Can you relate?

You were giving it away to all of them.

you were dating here and there, if one finds out that you are with another person, is either he will take and consume your lies or the exit door will be shown to him, you didn’t respect guys for no reason because of your status, you were handling uncountable guys with brains and formality.

This made you forget you only need one to marry in few years to come, you also forgot that your world was too small and so the people you are cheating and deceiving are just around and one day will be a burst up moment.

You didn’t know that, your dignity was sitting on the floor for materials things to sit on a chair, also, you forgot that no condition is permanent. Another thing you didn’t know also is that you needed just one of the guys to plan the marriage with (during the day of bursting up, they all went away).

I am sure you even forgot you will marry and stay with one man. You never thought of your dignity, you were just using assert to get liabilities (you just “open your legs” for just an iPhone and tablets). You were playing games with your precious life.

Think about the number of serious and proper guys who were calling you, even though men still call you nowadays, but are they serious enough? Think about the substantive guys who were playing around you, where are they now? All that you would hear is “he is married”.

Count the number of guys who used to call you in a day, have you seen even half of them are not asking for your contact today?

Now, any guy just come to you, gives you small money in some period of time, maybe have s*x with you then later you will see him not calling you again.

At first, you thought it was a game.

You are waiting for a perfect man

waiting for a man to marrySuch people in most times weren’t playing games, they just don’t know what they want. You are waiting for a very handsome man who works at the bank, with a house and a car.

You are waiting for a man who will never get annoyed with you, who will be able to give you whatever you ask for, who will make you live a luxury life and will provide your life with smoothness forever, a man who doesn’t have a black spot in his life and attitude.

I’m sorry such men do not exist. How life has been molded will not even give such guys the chance to exist.

Don’t wait for the perfect man, look for the one you love, the one who respects you and ready to accept you just the way you are. Problems are inevitable, but with love and understanding, both of you can break all boundaries even with your imperfection.

One of them is very serious to marry you, just give him the chance to prove it and move forward in life.

You have set your own government

feminists in relationshipSome women today have set their own Legislature, Judiciary and Executive Arms of government. They have made their own laws in marriage, they have their own way of interpreting it and are ready to implement it wherever they go.

Some women are not ready to submit to their husband when they marry, they are not ready to always cook, they are not ready to always keep the house neat, they are not ready to work to support the man, they are not ready to always wash clothes, they are not ready to quit certain things which they think could might be an obstacle for the marriage and above all they are not ready to waste time taking care of children.

The very educated women are fond of doing this. This is all because of civilization and modernization. They want to rule their own selves, they set their rules and regulations, they don’t want to be called wives, and they want to be called madam.

Such women want to share house chores with their husband, they want to draw a timetable for the one who should cook every day, washing of clothes and bathhouse together with the toilet will be shared between their husbands.

They feel that they are not obliged to give birth or to stay in the house taking care of children. They always say “those things are past and gone, we are in the modern world”.

My dear women, doing those things do not take away anything from you, you don’t lose anything in keeping the house neat, your dignity does not depend on such activities, your reputation has nothing to do with the cleaning of the bathhouse.

You are not getting a husband because men around you can’t detect all these qualities from you. Have you seen that you don’t know much about cooking? Have you seen that you are too handicapped on how we organize a home and the way to keep a house neat?

You are not ready to do it and so you don’t seek for the way we do it.

You think you are on your own, you are done with Masters degree, you are financially sound, you are beautiful and so every man will wish to have you.

You don’t really care about what men think about you, you don’t need their services, and you feel complete in life and so you can live without them.

You will one day, be a sugar mummy…

Whether you like it or not, in our part of the world, the most honourable title you could ever get is a good and reputable Misses, handsome and beautiful baby boys and girls and a man feeling proud to tell you that “you are my wife” just come into these realisations and make a coup detat to your own government.

The discussion is too much

discussing your boyfriend with other friendsWhy should you be asking about the man who has promised to marry you from your friends and his friends? In fact, it is this time that women today like playing expensive jokes in their private lives.

The competition is high,

  • Men and women are moving up and down squeezing themselves,
  • Some women cry bitterly during the night because they are not getting a husband,
  • Prayer camps and full of women who are looking for marriage,
  • Some women go to a particular church just for her to get attracted to a man for him to marry her,
  • In the workplaces, women have been seducing their colleague men just to make a way for marriage proposals,
  • Some are using their assert to find a way, others are behaving as if they are fully married,
  • Some are having all sought of imaginations, others are just fantasizing.

So why should you open it up to friends when a man tells you he loves you and wants to marry you? Do you think it is all women who are getting it like the way you are having it now or you think an official proposal for marriage is normal?

Women do not gather good information when they become investigative journalists in their marriage proposals, they will discuss everything going on with the man with their fellow friends.

His attitude, his words, his plans for her, his ego, his strength, his weakness and even if possible his sexual ability. She will tell her friends to bring all these things together to formulate possible ideas as to how she should handle such man.

When the man does a little mistake, which is bound to happen, there you will see the viper friends who will be bombarding the innocent woman to stop picking his calls. They will tell her that, the man will never do her good if she is to marry him days to come.

The situation gets worse when the man happens to be financially down. “He is lazy, he is not serious, he can’t take care of you, he can’t afford your needs, he doesn’t deserve you, he is good for nothing”.

Such are the bitter words from your friends that will sound sweet in your ears. Some go to the extent of putting the man into the speaker out in the midst of her friends when the man calls, there, you will see her asking the man provoking questions and replying him with cheeky answers.

She will make fun with her friends when she had wiped the man off from her life. The comedy of the matter is, she will never see her friends talking about such situation of theirs. If this continues for 5 guys, will you still be expecting more guys to come?

Dear, your fellow women are bathing by pastors at the riverside because of a husband, don’t play with your chances and opportunities.

There is no Mr. Right

there is no mr rightIs simple and straightforward, he can never be right without you.
Accept him, love him, cherish him, treat him good, and make him right yourself.
He is not right because you haven’t added your values to his yet.


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