Human conscience has degraded, transitions and little changes have given people reasons to be infidels. There is unconditional love, people are fulfilling their pleasure more than ever before.

The mind has no connection to the intellect anymore, people think in a very shallow way, as for reasoning, only a few do that with selfishness and unnecessary argument.

Relationship matters here, relationship matters there, is it because we are failing to meet the depth of the truth behind it or we are hanging around hypocritically?

Emotions today, are inconceivable, desires and human expectations have gone beyond what the earth and nature can offer, we are in peril times more than ever, the understanding of certain things maybe will be revealed to us in another world to come.

When a man marries a woman, if not the human right things we are using to be immoral, he is obliged in the concept of Ghanaian culture not to even show interest in another woman even if he desires her.

I don’t and will never be an advocate of polygamous marriage, since every woman holds her power to be able to handle her man in a very complete and expectable way. Women don’t deserve to share one man.

Why would a man go another way round, cheating on his wedded wife? What actually pushes a man to go to bed with another woman whiles he is married. I see this to be abnormal, but because we see immoral and abominable attitudes to be normal these days, the seriousness and the passion we use to address these kinds of issues seem to be very awkward.

If you are a woman, check the below reasons if you are not guilty in one of them, maybe after fixing it, you may get good results from your misbehaving husband.

You are too predictable

Dynamism and creativity should be everywhere, in marriage too, there should be dynamics and creativity.

If you are a woman, you are the mistress in the house, the home becomes interesting through your initiatives and ideas, men like giving pleasure to their eyes, they love to see beautiful and mind-blowing stuff, they are enchanted by new ways of doing things.

Don’t be too predictable, always wearing the same dress in the house every evening when your husband comes back from the workplace isn’t doing good to his interest.

The dress might be looking sexy and hot though, but that is what he sees every day. That blue nightwear is what you have been wearing every day, the taste of your soup and stew always seem to be old on his tongue.

The normal routine; always going by that same order of the day. No changes in hairstyle, no changes in cooking, no changes in house arrangement, no change in conversation, no change in anything and you expect your husband to be staying with you alone?

No. The 21st ladies are very hot and will give him different view every day.

Give him a new way of welcoming, get different kinds of shorts which will be giving your body different shape, he sees something new about your body shape, and will always like to see it, which will be pushing him to come home early all the time.

Maybe he baths alone every evening, you can surprise him by doing that with him, take on the habit of changing your secret dresses, let him see something different on you each night or any day he is in the house, you can change the home arrangement, give him different kinds of sweet taste of your food.

He is yours, and yours until thy kingdom come, so don’t just relax and bore him, think about how you are going to make things so sweet for him to get crazy about you every day.

Just be changing anything he sees, and I assure you that; every man is happy with what he sees about women.

There has been no innovation in the bedroom

This is another most important thing, is just recently that I gave some intriguing fact about adult videos. My dear, the young ladies today are watching these films more than ever, they have all the tips in making a man go crazy in bed on their figure tips, where to hold, touch and kiss are all in their possession.

They know the weakness of men in bed more than what you think. Do total overhauling in the bedroom, take him on with some very transparent dresses, just be sexy to the one you are spending your whole life with, there are thousands of websites and programs you can be watching and reading to get all the tips, don’t just read and listen, but put them in a full-time practice.

In fact, just act like a professional prostitute to your one and only, give him the pleasure to the fullest. Is not only about having children, make it like a game, you can go into as a competition with him, always give her a new feeling, let him go crazy by your hand.

Don’t just lie down and receive it, then the next day, you will lie down to receive it. That Facebook lady will use just a day to wipe all his problems away in the hotel, then you will be there seeking for anointing oil from pastors to bring him back, in the night too, the same cloth will be around you as usual.

You can never do away with this, sexual life nowadays has changed.

The communication isn’t smooth

Some women even refuse to communicate with their husband at all. In fact, handling of men isn’t anything huge, you just blow his mind with smooth and sweet things, and you are done.

He comes back from work and the first question is “did you buy the bag?” Not even welcome or how was work today. My dear women, woes and the life today undoubtedly are not easy, almost everybody is hot in finance.

Is high time you minimize the discussions of buy me this and buy me that, men get bored with these things.

Just look at him, see the kind of work he is doing (he might be selling stuff in the station) at least have a conscious knowledge about his financial status then make put that on other matters’ list.

You and some women will be chatting sweet and lovely with friends and family, on phone or personal, but will be giving provoking and throat-itching answers to their husband when talking to him, always offended, so she will be shouting, complaining, detailing it to friends, mocking and insinuation here and there.

Most married women are fond of this.

Money is not the reason for happy and healthy marriage, rich men are having their wife cheating on them.

Bring funny discussion to your husband, be talking about other things which you can both take ecstasy on it, you can be discussing some movies you have been watching with him, or sometimes a small argument about some news you both heard (it can be controversial story that happened somewhere), is very nice having debate with your husband (not provoking ones).

When he goes to work, call him to promise you will continue that debate when he comes back (he will be having that in mind). You can turn that to be a surprise by making love to him.

The young girls today have their own way of chatting and talking with their guys on phone, it helps a lot, don’t say you don’t have time to chat, at least 15mins chat with your husband when he is not at home will do (not when he is very busy, but every man has some resting period when he goes to work, if you didn’t use that time, that unmarried s*xy girl at the workplace will use for you, and you know the consequence).

Chat your husband with very intriguing stuff, be naughty, and keep putting him into suspense on how the evening and night will be (he will be rushing to the house to come to see that).

Be giving her smooth and sensational whispering, make your husband forget problems by communicating naughty and sexy with him.

Stop the money discussions, it pushes men away.

There has been subtraction with no addition

Maybe you didn’t know, but target a very nice and beneficial fulfilling promise for your husband. Aim that, you are going to help your husband single-handedly for him to become a success in one particular thing.

Even though he has been the sole source of money to the family but you can save some little of it, to buy something your husband has been dreaming to buy for the family for a very long time.

Dear, these are what we use to conjure the respect of men, if you do this, he will never feel reluctant in spending on you.

Just try doing these things ok.

Also, be looking to your one and only, what style does he lack, is it the way he dresses, buying of nice trousers and shirts, or presenting oneself to the public.

Take this upon yourself, but know what he wants before you do that, you can be buying nice boxers and singlets, trousers, shirts and shoes (by using his own money).

When is time for him to dress, you can arrange the combination for him, then you give him tips on how to present himself somewhere.

When he goes out and people comment on his good looking and every day you keep on doing this and people see your husband to be a gentleman in terms of personality, presentation and appearance, he will adore and respect you like never before.

He will make sure you also look the same.

Add something new to your husband, he will love you more.

You are just a woman to him

Be a wife, handle your husband’s emotions, stand very active during his bad times, be lovely and more penetrating when things are not going well for him, be secretive, stop the discussions with your friends, your husband is all that you got, he is there when you are there.

Make sure he feels something even if there is nothing to hope for. Pray for your husband, never disgrace him, and don’t extend his atrocities to pastors and friends.

The pastor is just somebody to you. Some women have been using their so-called pastors as secret codes, his pastor knows what her husband doesn’t, please, never do that, you can’t tell me God listens to somebody you sleep on the same bed with less than someone sleeping with another woman (the pastor’s wife).

If there’s any problem, in a smooth way, tell your husband, let him know, he is the number one person in your life.

Just act as a wife, not a woman.

Maybe your problems weren’t mentioned, we still have them, contact us for more details. But if you apply all these and your husband change for good to you, don’t forget to share this article with all women who are in the same situation.



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