Ghana is a country with many brainy students, the youth in Ghana love education. In the morning, streets and roads get saturated with students, in their eyes lies business and desperate. Parent and guardians have been so elemental in taking care of education.

Stigmatization awaits anybody who refuses the opportunities of being educated in Ghana. I can firmly say; 8 out of 10 Ghanaian youth have been educated.

Acquisition of knowledge elsewhere has been a multi-million dollar question every curious folk wants to know in our education systems, the fact and several question marks remain unproven and unanswered.

The source of the misconception is that the youth, especially the graduates and the student today fail to understand that, education is different from money making. Either than that, the Greeks should have been the richest people in the world.

Business and knowledge are parallel and at the same time independent. Business people have different ideas altogether so as to scholars, and they are not the same.

One can spend the whole of his/her lifetime studying, another person too can spend the whole of his/her lifetime doing business, they all worth living.

One thing our parent failed to teach us when we were young is how to make money, they thought as on how education is so essential in building financial firm instead.

Money making is different from the acquisition of knowledge. The fact that you are spending your whole life schooling doesn’t mean you will be rich and sound financially in the end.

Albert Einstein wasn’t rich financially like his brain. Education will just open your eyes, it will give you some beam of light to throw in your life, but it never set you free to the financial woes of this earth.

Let’s examine why education cannot give you the money freedom and mind.

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Money was there before education

We ask ourselves, were our ancestors making money before schooling came into their lives? The answer is yes. So why do our people today wait to be educated before they start to think about money making?

The issue of you getting money is very different from the school you are attending. Never think you are to get a certificate before you will be eligible to make money, money making was there, it started very long time, it starts now but not when you have completed school or acquired a certain certificate.

Education is just to enlighten yourself, it builds the intellect and sometimes helps us in reasoning, you just have to prevent yourself from being illiterate by getting a sound educational background, nothing more, nothing less.

The issue of involving in business have been wrongly oriented to higher educational level, which is very misleading. Most of the youth in Ghana today hunt for certain courses in schools because they think that will give them financial freedom when they acquire it certification.

There is a wide difference between schooling and money making.

Several successful men have done without education

It doesn’t mean you should stop schooling and be like them, Bill Gate today, does online courses every morning when he is in the thresh-hold. He reads 50 books every year.

But the fact is, you don’t necessarily put your fate in education, we don’t rely on education in becoming successful, especially when you want to build a business empire.

People have been engaging themselves in entrepreneurial and business seminars, they had been having business workshops and attendings and that is building their chances and opportunities in generating business ideas.

You can mention several business tycoons and rich people in Ghana here who have had no rigid background in education.

Arguably this has been the trend across the world, some were just trying a project on their own and now they are kings and queens in the financial world, others were just trying their luck somewhere and they have made it.

The issue is, if you don’t get yourself inspired, nobody will inspire you, if you don’t try, nobody will try for you and if you don’t do it, my brother; nobody will do for you.

Strive hard, just try yourself on something, if it doesn’t work, try again, and again until you hit the target.

Money making is not thought in schools

Learning physics and mathematics in the university has nothing to do with money-making. You are just building your brain, it doesn’t even reach the impact on your virtues and character.

In schools and colleges, programs and courses there are meant to train people for them to become nation builders as in technocracy and aristocracy. Scholars are built in schools and money-making is built in the mind.

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Never have it at the back of your mind that, you have ideas on how to build a business after school completion. The teachers and lectures themselves need that peculiar education, some are slaves financially, some are even poor, there is no way he/she can teach or lecture you on how you are going to be financially free.

Build the ideas for yourselves, the knowledge is essential, just acquire it, but outside that should be yourself and the world, how you will reach the expectation of business minded person.

Forget about school, it just to keep you on toes, but the life worth living is a life that you have planned and made it yourself. Think about money independently, is not part of the things you are learning, bring your thoughts and reasoning on how you are going to start a business, make your mind a money-making mind, you can think now, just now.

It shouldn’t start from when you have complete school, it should start today.

Monthly salary is not the answer

All sums of money acquired from certificates are monthly salaries. In fact, one will strive to offer a particular course in the university because it certificate attracts huge monthly salary, those people’s fate always lies in the hands of other people’s bosom.

Always on time, being controlled by your boss, your mistress or master. The only benefit you will be hoping for when you are weak is the pension money. Monthly salary enslaves one’s life, it degrades one’s mind, always thinking for someone’s business to prosper, it deludes your personality, always depending on application letters and CVs.

It quite interesting the youth today will go for a certain field just because they have heard those in it receives GHC1000 a month. They will be paying a huge sum of school fees, in getting the certificates.

Maybe you are schooling to get a certificate that pays GHC1500 a month, I can tell you that will never be the answer to your problems in future, you will forever have a landlord/landlady.

You will always depend on peoples business, you will always be subjected to company rules and regulations, your family will always be second to your priorities, you will forever be loan dependent, you will always be a borrower (hoping to pay by the end of the month).

Your children will be mediocre in everything and you will die early.

Just have in mind of paying people every month in future.

The government isn’t ready to solve that problem

Just recently that the government ceased to employ new graduates into it sectors, the economy cannot be predicted as to how people are going to be successful in seeking for jobs.

More than 300,000 students are graduate every year from our various tertiary institutions, just ask yourself, can the government employ just half of these folks? So, what should you do to give meaning to your life after school?

Wait for the government for 4yrs or make something for yourself.

Just forget about education when we are talking about money, they are parallel, they never meet.


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