Culture and philosophy is the heart and brain of the body of every nation. History gives a nation’s memoir whiles politics gives the reason for people to become citizens and patriotic folks to social dispensation.

The early centuries have suffered many unwanted revolutions, diversions, and adaptations. Enlightenment has come too far from a focus point of view, its propagation has rendered us both umbra and penumbra, and sometimes it will be a total eclipse of knowledge and reason.

18th 19th 20th 21st centuries have had so many wounds and scars, I think this 21st century is fatally injured. The world has had clusters of ups and downs, transitions here and there, and nothing seem to be predictable.

Africa has nothing new to be subjected to, we are part of the victims of the woes in the world, in more emphasis, and we are the inferiors to the victims to the world’s brutalities, humiliation and plunders. We are the answers to our own questions, we are reasons to our causes and brains behind all our perplexities.

We sit on money, yet we are the poorest, we have the cups yet we are handicapped, we have many children yet we hunt for servers, we are masters but we treat ourselves to be slaves, we have prepared foods, yet we are dying of hunger.

One of our strongest abilities and strength is our enriched culture, its intuitive values, and ethics. We have had so many counteracts to our culture and it source from our own bigotry.

We are going to briefly unveil some few reasons why the imitation of the Western Culture has blotted out the godly values in our culture, how it is gradually diminishing, its effects and results and what to expect in the coming decades.

There is nothing like Western Culture

Is it an European culture or Western Culture? Whatever. In the ancient days, there were successive changes in philosophies. The Greek philosophy emerged as an enlightenment to the barbaric folks living around the coast of Mediterranean seas.

This Ancient philosophy had their shadows from the Egyptian and Babylonian culture and way of reasoning. The Greeks, through that, had a very formidable culture, this produced so many thinkers and people were reasoning in diverse ways.

Medieval culture followed when Greco-Roman dynasty came into existence, barbarians were becoming civilized and enlightenment was embraced. Modern culture came in beams and now the funny barbaric folks of Rome had no choice to copy and paste all that their masters (Rome) have gotten.

The way of life, language, music, dressing, and literature with others of the whole of Europeans had its root from the handwritings of Rome. Latin is the chief language for all the popular languages of Europe (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch).

Is it a Roman Culture or Western Culture? A name is just a title.

Colonisation has done enough

It’s from the 15th century down to the late 20th century that good people of Africa went through hostilities of colonization. The Europeans came to do us more harm than good.

Many folks were wiped off and they infiltrated our ways seeing things with counterfeit religion. Branding us to be infidels and idol worshipers.

They were enslaving us in the name of Christianity though yet we were still accepting the content of filtered versions of scriptures.

Our minds were turned upside down, our own languages were becoming irrelevant because we chose to learn good new things from our masters. The trust and norms in our pure way of life were fainting, we needed white stuff and so we were learning from the whites.

Laws governing us were written in unknown languages, churches, and schools rooted from nowhere were established, we were trained and skilled with languages incompatible with our blood and DNA.

We changed, we spoke different languages. Christianity not from Christ was believed, and we saw ourselves to be nobody.

We came to depend on our colonial masters, on the way we should live our lives. Our culture was made void.

Slavery has been easier to our traitors

Africans used to betray Africans, during early 1600, when the Caribbean slavery actions were carried on several occasions, plantation farming in the Caribbean islands was done by slaves from West Africa and South America.

Chiefs who were ruling parts of Western Africa were selling the imprisoned natives to the Portuguese and British slave buyers. They would lure other free natives to join the Whites to collect mirrors and fake gold bars, sometimes a bag of salt would do.

In this century, our own country people lured us using the luxurious European culture to enslave us.

White color jobs have been made so expensive in a way of having in mind to exchange your family and time to do it.

Many people in some of the African countries who are into business do not focus more on our domestic job opportunities, they bring out jobs which unless you have turned yourself to be half European, you will not be employed.

Writing of CVs and application letters, interviews made in English and other foreign languages with a European dress code (people put on tie yet walk under a very hot sunny weather).

These are some of the enslavement some of our own people are putting us to.

African Dignity have been tainted

The dignity of our ancestors was rooted in our culture, now the dignity of Africans is rooted in the shadows of the so-called European culture. A well dressed African woman now is a woman wearing a nylon straight dress with makeup and devilish rings and bracelets.

Not the one with African Kaba and slit style.

One is more inferior to eat local food but seen to be rich to be eating the diabetic foods from the Western World.

One is more inferior in engaging in agriculture in Africa but seen to be more superior when he/she is with a suit and tie working in an office.

This is now Africa.

Asia has done without it

China, India, Japan, Korea and the Middle East have all done without speaking Latinized languages (the English and co) they have developed from their own culture, a way of worship and with their own disciplines.

Their identities remain unchanged as in not having anything like Christian names. They call themselves with their own intuition. They remain very discipline and focus to their norms and ethics, especially their religion. Their culture is something they can’t do without.

Here they are. China is currently ruling the technological revolution of the world. The big tech companies are headed by Asians.

It imitators have always been inferior

All continent with the European way of life seems to be degrading all the time, they have put themselves in the abyss of poverty, hunger, and humiliation.

South America



Is there anything good you can talk about these continents?

African culture doesn’t need help

It’s a culture full of values and norms, culture with disciplinary religion. Culture with comprehensive language, culture with a decent way of dressing, culture with pure and polished music, culture with a dance and proper merrymaking.

Festivals are celebrated to keep our minds and attitudes active.

Traditions are kept to ensure good life and godly living.

We have all what it takes to live on our own without imitating any corrupted and impure culture.

We are already complete within our territory.

It’s a growing cancer to our progress

Our youth are suffering because of these imitations, our values have been destructed. Our form of education is not centered on our progress anymore but always, we are learning to suit white color jobs.

Politicians have taken advantages of that, they too are always into conferences, summit, commissions, committees, and summits speaking big words in French, Spanish and English for their own understanding.

When they talk about policies and developmental issues, we don’t understand, so we are not able to think and bring ideas to foster their initiatives.

We don’t clearly understand the words written in the constitution which they are using to govern us.

We learn and study in schools by using foreign languages, so we are not able to consume and reason to formulate ideas on our own selves.

We are always hunting for white color jobs to put more money to our traitors and their white counterparts’ pocket, leaving our agriculture lands untouched.

We are hungry because we are looking for money to buy imported foods, leaving our own foods untouched.

We are not progressing, everybody wants to go abroad.

We will forever serve our colonial masters

Of course, we shall continue to serve them.

We speak their language, we dress like them, we eat their food, we do their jobs, we learn their courses, we always seek for their aid.

We adore and worship them as gods anytime we encounter them.

The next generation will not be Africans

In the next twenty years, the image of Africa will be tempted.
Let rise, for this is the time.
Let project the values of Africa


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