There is difference between behaviour and perception, the two sometimes move together though. Behavior comes as a results of sensations, perception comes as a result of your intellect. Don’t worry, this just some basic terms in psychology. Your character is like behaviour and your intellect is like your perception.

If you understand the actions of behaviour, you’ll understand the actions of character, the same relationship exists between perception and intellect.

Progress in life is not a default action, it comes when certain circumstances are favourable. Those circumstances are not favourable in nature; you have to make it favourable yourself. Making it favourable yourself means preparing character to obey the simple rules in life. If the character stays in harmony, intellect will have peace. That is why character stands superior than culture.

It’s simple, when you are brilliant and at the same time very rude, nobody will like you right? Character play a role in dignity too. Intellect depends on the progress of character.

Ralph Emerson gives us the details.

“Character is higher than intellect…A great soul will be strong to live, as well as to think”

Can the impact of intellect supersede character? No. Character gives you opportunities, it gives many choices in life. Character defines your personality and determines your fate more than any attitude. It stands higher than intellect. Therefore, we are to shape our character and make it pleasant. For us to live strong in life, we are to live and portray good character.

Your character brings favour to your dignity. It pulls you out of temptation and pushes you to greener pastures. Undermining your character because of your intellect is the number one mistake you can ever do in life. You’ll be like a pharmacist who smoke cigarette.

Character is very high and esteem, treat it as such.

Ralph continues:

“Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for his competitors, for it that which all are practicing everyday while they live”

The shadow of character is conversation. It’s also the real image of character. The way you talk determines what you think, what you think is the real you therefore your character. What you have been practicing every day is your character, and that is what you talk about when you meet people.

How do you converse? Do you know that verbally we show our character in our conversations? The things you say are from your mind, and that is how people will get to know you.

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Mind your character, and have a good conversation for it brings out more than half of the good in you.

Ralph continues:

“Don’t be timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is about experiment. The more experiment you make the better”

Your actions must vary in order for you to get balance in your character. Being timid isn’t a good character but lack of confidence. Understanding character better gives you more room for live improvement. Every day will be a different challenge to you. Each day calls for different action and plan.

You need nobody to tell you that adjustment and patience in needed in your daily activity.  Good character doesn’t fear new challenge because is always ready to try new experiment. That is how you are going to become matured.

He still expatiates:

“Don’t waste yourself in rejection nor bark against the bad but chant the beauty of the good”

What is the beauty of the good?

It is the good character exhibited in an individual which always serves as a good example for others to learn. In fact, good character is good for the soul. If your character is an absolute one, you don’t feel shame of any rejection. People normally rely on intellect to drive fortunes to their direction. But the core idea is that none of them have been able to bring character into subjection.

He continues:

“Give all to love, obey the heart”

This a summary of what we’ve discussed


“Let not man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him”

Those who value intellect more than character, always try to guard their dignity, but those who value character more than intellect have their dignity guarding them.

He continues to say that:

“Nothing can bring your peace but yourself”

By only living a good character.


“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind”

Character hold the integrity of the mind.

And finally:

“The ancestor of every action is a thought”

Your character simply depends on how you think.