There are circumstances that looks inevitable in human life. One of them is failure. Failing to address failure in your life means you will fail to progress and that is what most people do to their lives. You can’t resist, so why don’t you find a way of dealing with it?

I don’t think failure does harm to our lives but rather it reveals our adversaries and gives us more strength to cope in this crazy world. You didn’t fail because you were not there, it’s because destiny must follow it time table accordingly. That is why you should always blame yourself for every failure that comes your way.

Failure isn’t a disease. It’s an antidote to several obstacles in life. Failure is the best natural teacher ever. It is the number one energy booster the world has ever witnessed. Turn it down and you turn yourself down. Treat it nice and proper way and have nice and proper life. Failure can determine your destiny.

You dare not joke with it.

In this article, we are going to expatiate how failure must be dealt with. We will scrutinize the probable woes it conjures to human life and the better way to handle them.

Maybe you will understand why you are in your current situation.

When failure comes your way.

Am yet to see an existed or existing human being without failure. The question is, how did they manage to become successful? Did they ever faile in their lives? The answer is yes. And most of them failed more than once.

So how do you deal with failure

It comes with two things. One is; self-guilty which brings frustrations, trauma, depression, psychological stress and others. The other one is stigmatization, thus being inferior to your colleagues and contemporaries, disgrace and degradations of reputations, and dignity which took you years to build.

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Be patient with the two because it comes simultaneously. Don’t believe in yourself that much and you’re to limit the ways you use to approach things. You shouldn’t talk that much and also, keep your conscience clean. You don’t have to stress your brain, certainly everything will go off at once. Be strong and decide to prepare a fight with failure.

The first one mostly deals with you and yourself alone. In fact, that is the most important area you need more than 90% of your strength to deal with. Failure is a viper, it poisons and destructs.

Try to keep balance to your brain movement. You need a very strong mentality, an absolute conscience and a strong decision hub to stay undefiled. Think about yourself alone, if you have family include them.

Have a difficult mind set (because the mind is already not stable at that time). Treat yourself as a wasted material to tell everybody you can’t be useful again. That will cease them from giving you those bad advices they’ve been giving you.

Don’t harm yourself by trying something new in life (those that you’ve taken years to build are even destroyed). Psyche yourself, put your conscience in the abyss of nothing, just don’t think about anything. Allow things to happen anyway it would.

Just admit that everything is gone. All is gone, there is nothing to hope for.

Bother a little about the family who have rejected you.

Bother a little about those you helped, who aren’t recognising you anymore.

Bother a little about your good friends.

Bother a little about your church executives.

Bother a little about your colleague employers.

Bother a little about your neighbours.

Bother a little about your siblings.

Bother a little about your children, wife whosoever that has rejected you.

But, rather bother more about yourself. How you are going to survive.

You won’t feel much pressure from the society after doing this. You will be stigmatised though, but that wouldn’t bother you much.

All your friends including your best friend passed the exams, but you failed. Do you think that is all what life can give them? NO! their time will come I mean they must surely fail before they can proceed in life somewhere along the way. Thank God yours is in now. My dear, that failure can never be your end. Maybe not today, but trust me, it shall surely be well tomorrow. Just shut the mouth up and concentrate.

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Keeping your dreams alive

Failure has limitations;

It cannot kill.

It cannot take away dreams.

However, it has the tools for killing and destroying dreams. The irony is, you choose to use such tools. That is why, we are to blame ourselves for your own peril.

Keep your dreams alive by staying focus. Failure does not mean nothing. Deal with failure independently. There will be a time where you must showcase the roadmap to your dreams. Until then, keep it alive.

Dealing with incoming suggestions

What do I mean by incoming suggestions? They are the mouths around you, I mean all the mouths around you not excluding your wife and mother. When failure comes your way; you get two classes of people; those that will accuse you of not taking their advice and those with more ideas for you.

The accusers aren’t dangerous but hey! Be careful with those teachers and coaches. Who will be like; do this, do that, let go here, this one will be better for you, you can try this too. They are vipers and crooks. Before you realise, everything you have is gone.

Just don’t listen to them. they will compound the problems and your failure will turn to lifetime agony.

Telling your story one day

Know this for sure that one day, you will tell your story. That story will serve as an inspiration to all who are in similar situation. Keep the fire in you unquenched.

Failure strengthens, it doesn’t destroy. Until you tell your story one day, plan to deal with that failure now.

Remember that those without failure have no story to tell others. Their lives aren’t meaningful.