This kind of advertisement has been trending on the social media for the past half-decade, as for those who are curious, they have broken the bonds of impossibility to enter into the mainstream of online workers.

Few are the African countries who have embraced this simple activity to make their life meaningful.

The fact is, the first world countries started doing online work very long time ago. It is time that we have to imitate the good and beneficial acts of the white and stop imitating their irrelevant actions.

We are going to briefly present to you; the ten jobs you can sit in your home comfort to do, and earn reasonable amount for your living.

Before you can start attracting any reputable company or individual, you must first and foremost get yourself a well-organized portfolio on any popular platform (I will suggest LinkedIn), then you set your credit card on track with a PayPal account.

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Find ways and means to master your fields and skills, as you try hands on any demonstrative activity you will get (you can start working for others for free to build confidence and trust), with your laptop and notebook ready;

Hunt for any of these categories of job and see the results.

Technical writing

Technical writing is one of the popular writing jobs, in the world of freelancing.

It involves mostly on technological ideas, more of it content having “how to” and always updating the readers on the latest tools and gadgets which are mostly related to mobile phone brands and its operations, computers and its hardware and software components.

Technical writers deal with both engineering and computer science; operating systems, IT, data analogies and networking stuff.

Hires of technical writers are more interested in the in-depth technical knowledge base on research and current releases.

They focus on how to present to their readers, the solutions of certain difficulties mostly on Microsoft products and networking problems. Technical writers are those who are solely into technological fields who are experts in computers and it functions.

A technical writer does not earn anything less than $50 on one project.


This simply means, accepting a change of authorship for a particular article or book. You will just write any kind of content, as in any form of content, then after getting paid, you will deny your authorship with no concern about whom the work will be attributed to.

This can be any kind of content, but in most cases, it hires prefers the writers to provide them with CVs and Business proposals, it may be a 10 pager book.

This online task can give you something not less than $50.

Web developing

This online job is a new revolution in the technological advancement. Web developing is a must to all the disciplines across the educational, industrial and business stream. Web designers are different from web builders.

Web developers are mostly used to classify the two. However, they are all relevant to the emergence of a particular website.

It is not an easy task. Hires of website designers and builders do not earn anything less than $200.

Graphic designing

Graphic designers are needed wherever web designers are. It is not an easy task though, but those who are into it are having all the opportunities they need to make life on their own.

Graphic designers earn not less than $90 per project.

My advice is that all web designers should be graphic designers too and vice versa. You will only need a table and a chair in your small room to make a huge sum of money.

Advertisement on the social media

For those who have been chatting throughout, I think this can be your breakthrough.

In fact, when you are applying for any secretarial job in any of the European and American countries, Social Media management is a mandatory skill which has to be included in your CV.

However, you can sit in your home comfort to be posting and managing social media pages for more than 1 companies for them to pay you.

You only have to be an expert in using and manipulating pages on the social media, especially Facebook. Then you will get paid for doing that.

You can turn your chat to be a full-time job.

This will not give you something less than $50.

Data Entry

For those who are experts in Microsoft office application, this is your platform. Hires of data entry people are more into Excel and Database, if you can analyze and manipulate these areas better, then hunt for related companies to be employed now.

They pay at least $70 per projects

Software developing

This also a big time job in the online business. Software on Java, Microsoft, Linux, Apple and what have you are a very complicated task. Hires of software developers mostly needs experts and experienced people to work with.

They pay not less than $200.

Mobile App developing

Just like the software developers, mobile developers are also scarce in the online job spree. Google Android App developers are the most wanted people.

Not less than $200 per project.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is also a popular job online. You just have to copy and paste adverts from pages to other pages, you will sometimes brand a particular item to be posted on a particular page.

Those with marketing skills and strategy are more needed in this field. $70 per project I think is not bad.

In fact, hires of all the above fields always demand samples and experience demonstrations.

You can seek help from blogs, experienced freelancers, and newsletters, be reading people’s portfolios and skills to know how you can organize yourself. Download PDFs from reliable websites and read to get more ideas.

Try your hands on the ones you are not perfect so that you can beat or reach the duration that your hire will give you. The writing and designing jobs requires samples and illustrations, especially, the web, graphics and mobile developers. You just don’t have to be lazy.

Kenyans and Ethiopians youth are more into this online business, some have to make a name and build an unbeatable reputation online. They are known to more hires and they are making dollars day in day out.

Indians and most of the Far Asian countries are more into this. Technology is just making things unbearable. The journey starts now.