Black hair is beautiful, whether it is natural, relaxed, or braided. The key to healthy, beautiful hair gentle treatment. Without these, black natural hair can become dry and brittle. Caring for natural hair takes a little bit of extra effort, but the soft, silky, and healthy results are worth it.

How to maintain natural hair

“Every Ghanaian woman should consider going natural because it’s the healthier option and this is how God created it i.e curly not straight (permed).” – Kuokor Dsani, CEO of Twist & Locs

So how do you maintain your natural afro hair?

Make proper use of comb and water

Maintaining and understanding your hair takes learning and time. Spraying your hair with water adds essential moisture. To have softer hair, spray water on your hair and then seal it with a water-based moisturizer or even shea butter.

You will find it painful to comb if you haven’t learned how to keep/comb/style natural hair. Use big combs instead of small combs. To soften your hair, for eg.. you can dampen your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and water before combing.

Also before going to bed at night, if you haven’t styled your Afro hair, section your hair into four and braid four big twists. This ensures soft textured hair which is easy to comb in the morning.

It also helps to prevent detangling; a major issue for women’s hair. You should also be patient when removing detangled hair.

Avoid using damaging hair products

Avoid hair products containing ingredients such as mineral oil eg. Petroleum Jelly which just sits on the hair preventing the hair from breathing and rather makes the hair brittle and dry. Also, avoid parabens.

It’s better to invest good quality hair products for your natural hair instead of short-changing for cheaper products. Also, you need to change the shampoo which you were using on your permed hair. Get specially made shampoos for your natural hairstyle, a good example is Black Silk shampoo.

Best products for natural hair should be natural based having Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and olive oil as the base. You must also learn to listen to your hair as well to understand its needs.

Use protection

Braids, wigs, and extensions are good ways to protect your hair natural as you wait for it to grow out to a longer length. When the weather turns cold outside, wear a hat or a scarf to protect the hair from drying out.

Don’t over-wash

For your Afro hair to grow properly, your hair needs its natural oils, but washing your hair every day strips them away, causing hair to dry out. While the time needed between washings will vary from person to person, washing every two weeks and conditioning every week works well for many women.

Eat healthily

Eat healthy for your hair because whatever you eat is what shows on the outside. Eat your fruits and vegetables! Maintaining a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plenty of water will directly benefit your natural hair growth and appearance.

In addition, vitamins C, A, and B6 are all essential for hair growth and can be found in foods such as oranges, sweet potatoes, avocados chickpeas etc.

Where to find the best natural hair products in Ghana

Here is a list of best places to products for natural hair care in Ghana. Most of these places also have online stores where you can purchase their products and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Eya Naturals

Eya Naturals is your one-stop-shop for all your natural hair and skin care needs in Ghana, and beyond. They offer quality natural skin and afro hair care products, as well as natural hair salons for today’s African woman.

Their products have been tested by the Ghana Standards Board and have been inspected and approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.

They have an online store where you can buy all your natural hair products and have them delivered to you. You can also visit their salons at Baastona – Spintex in Accra, and Ahodwo in Kumasi.

We Naturals

We Naturals Ghana Limited is one of Africa’s leading natural hair brands providing solutions for all hair needs with affordable quality handmade natural products. The products are carefully formulated for natural hair (kinky, curly, coily), but also work for transitioning and relaxed hair.

We Naturals hair productsDorinda Mawuenya Matey, the founder, and CEO of We Naturals started her Afro hair journey in 2013 when she started researching and experimenting with different natural hairstyles, products, and regimen. The business, We Naturals came in after followers on Facebook started asking about afro hair products.

You can locate We Naturals at Taifa-Kwabenya, Accra or buy their products via their online store. They are also located in Nigeria and other African countries.

MGL naturals

Mansuki Ghana Limited (Established in September 2009 by Israella Kafui Mansu at age 24) is a multiple award winning natural cosmetics manufacturing, packaging, trading, and service company. MGL produces naturally healthy hair and body care products for all age groups and all skin types.

You can locate MGL naturals at Baatsona – Spintex in Accra to buy their natural hair products or you can simply order online via their online store and their Facebook page.

MEJS natural

MEJS hair care products are carefully developed with the aim of providing solutions to their hair. They encourage the vibrant growth of local farming communities and source a greater percentage of raw ingredients from them.

mejs natural hair productsMEJS natural is located at Cantonments, Accra. You can also purchase their natural hair products on their online store.

Afro Obsession

Afro Obsession is the Retailer of Natural Hair Care Products and All Afro Hair Products in Ghana. They are located at Sakumono Estates Tema, Ghana. You can also reach them via their Facebook page.

Natural hair salons in Ghana

The natural hair community has grown and so has the stylists, consultants, products, and salons who work in the area creating accessibility to even men who love to grow long afro hair.

Looking for a hair salon in Ghana to treat your natural hair or dreadlocks? Here are the best places to visit.

Beauty Bistro

Beauty bistro is a salon that caters to the needs of both natural hair women and their counterparts who still do the extensions. It is situated at Abeka in Accra. It continues to position itself as one of the best natural hair salons in the city of Accra.

It is described as a high energy salon filled with positive vibes and creativity from its staff. Call them on 0203200800 or check them out on Instagram @beautybistrogh.

Akuwaa Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Spa

Akuwaa Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Spa, formerly known as Milkia Naturals, is Ghana’s premier spa that specializes in everything dreadlocks and natural hair.

It is a top destination for people who seek the best care for their dreadlocks and natural hair. Akuwaa Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Spa is the ideal haven for anyone who is looking for a professional touch.

Services on offer at Akuwaa Spa include natural dreadlocks cultivation, locs extension and grooming, locs repair, twist, and braids of all types. You can also book an appointment by calling on +233 203 006 818 / +233 244 113 949.

Strictly Roots

Strictly Roots was founded in 2002 as the first “Natural Hair Care Salon” in Canada with the aim of promoting natural hair care and encouraging and supporting women on the journey of growing and loving their own natural hair.

This product was developed in the salon to meet the hair care needs of our customers. In 2009, Strictly Roots moved its headquarters to Ghana, West Africa, where the core ingredient in the product line, Hand Crafted Shea Butter, is cultivated without herbicides or pesticides.

Strictly Roots is located at 13th Lane Osu Ringway, Osu (Near La Villa Boutique Hotel)
Accra, Ghana. You can call (+233 27 577 6687) or Send a Message via WhatsApp (+233 54 701 2883) to Schedule an Appointment.

Mikesh Crown Salon

Mikesh Crown Salon is indigenous Ghanaian company providing exquisite hair care solutions to its clients in Ghana and other African countries like Benin and Uganda.
Mikesh Crown Salon has been existing for years.

They do haircut, shaving, washing, locking of hair and twisting of natural hair. Their interest is to beautify, and encourage Africans to wear their natural hair and stop using chemicals in their hair, also to teach and educate people on how to keep their hair natural.

The name Mikesh originated from the real name of the founder Michael Ayikwei Afutu a native of Ghana. Mikesh has been in operation since 1990 from barber to musician from musician to beautician from beautician to locktician and now an herbalist.

Locate Mikesh salon at East Legon and Adabraka in Accra, Bantama in Kumasi. You can also call them on +233 277 454287 / +233 54 2126072.

LY Braids salon

LY Braids natural hair salon is the number one spot fit bantu knots, to mohicans, fros, cornrows and ponies. Call them on 0548208935 to book your appointment.

Twists & Locs salon

Twists & Locs provides a full range of natural hair and beauty services: Twisting, loc tightening and installing, braiding, bridal styling, shaping etc.

Their desire is to provide them with high quality, excellent service to enhance the innate beauty of their natural hair. They also educate Ghanaians on natural hair by hair meet ups which is organized with a number of partners, and the annual Natural Beauty Bazaar.

They are located in Fezeeka House, Osu-Accra. For inquiries, contact them through +233-265131585, 023-1674165 and

Abiba Locks salon

Celebrity Natural hairstylist, Abiba recently opened her natural hair salon in A&C Mall Jungle Rd. East-Legon, Accra. She and her highly skilled apprentice ensure that their clients are happy with their hair!

They create braids, locks, twists, Bantu knots and other hairdos for women from a wide selection of the society. You can also book an appointment by calling on 0244 948298.

Black Cotton salon

The Black Cotton team specializes in Sister Locks, Afro-hair Styling, Mani-Pedis & Eyebrow Reshaping. The modern non-stuffy salon makes it the alternative for a lot of corporate women.

Their in-house lounge combines the comfort of your living room with the vibe of an Accra hotspot whiles tending to your hair and gisting with the girls. They’re located in Nyaniba Estate close to the Ako Adjei Interchange. Call them on 020 953 1662.

List of Ghanaian natural hair bloggers

These are the Ghanaian natural hair bloggers/vloggers living in and outside Ghana, giving their fans tips to care for their natural hairs. Some of them have been featured on


MissCinnamonCake now known as Ghana Goddess has been a natural vlogger for some years. In addition to hair care, she shares a few makeup product reviews and interesting discussion topics.


Lizlizlive is another natural Ghanaian vlogger residing in the United Kingdom. She is Ewe and Ashanti and primarily features beautiful makeup tutorials on her channel. Nonetheless, Liz does update viewers on her natural hair journey as well. For her on:

Instagram: @lizlizlive

Twitter: @lizlizlive

Youtube: lizlizlive


Philomina is newly natural having big chopped in March 2014. The amount of mastery she has of hair care in that short period of time is amazing and worth mentioning. You can check her out on at NaturallyPhilo.

She serves over 74,931 subscribers with so many natural hair tutorial videos on her YouTube channel. Follow her on other social media platforms:

Facebook: @philominakane

Instagram: @naturallyphilo

Snapchat: @abena_philo


Adede is a Ghanaian natural hair blogger/vlogger who lives in the Netherlands. She shares videos about her natural hair and how she takes care of it and styling it. Her YouTube channel has over 7000 subscribers. Adede also posts videos about (African print) fashion and lifestyle through vlogs and her travel experiences.

You can follow Adede on:

Instagram: @adedelifestyle

Twitter: @adedelifestyle


Snapchat: @adedelicious


Natural hairstyles you can do

These are the natural hairstyles or afro hairstyles you can consider doing if you love the natural afro hair.

natural hairstylesnatural hairstyle woman natural hair1natural hairstyles for african women natural hair natural hair workshop natural hair for wedding Adomaa natural hair wedding naturalhair young girl with natural hairstyle


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