Batakari is a locally made dress in Ghana. The Ghanaian smock is also called a fugu or a batakari in the northern region, dansika in Frafra, futik in Kusaal both in the upper east region.

It is worn by kings in the three northern regions but is now popular in Ghana and even southern Burkina Faso. The smock originated in the northern region of Ghana. There are also female versions of it.

Batakari and Kente cloth are the national dresses in Ghana. Both cloths are worn to important ceremonies in the country. There are many pictures Ghanaian presidents wearing either the smock or the Kente dress to national ceremonies.

The African wear is now appreciated by the Southern Ghana, which has added more value to the local dress. These are the latest batakari dress styles in Ghana.

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samira bawumia in blue batakari
Samira Bawumia and the Mr.s Rebecca Akufo (First Lady of Ghana in Kente dress at the Flagstaff House.

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