Kareena Cakes is one of the best cake shops in Ghana. Whether you are searching for a special birthday cake or simply looking for a sweet ending to an everyday meal, Kareena Cakes offers something for everyone.

This is a one of a kind bakery, where the aroma of home-style baking weakens even the strongest will.

Kareena’s Bakery creates amazing cakes, and also commemorate the joys, accomplishments, momentous occasions and wonders of life.

They have been here from the beginning and have become part of the family, creating centerpieces for customers’ most important celebrations: your wedding, your baby shower, your child’s first birthday and every celebration.

The Cake Bakery company has been around for almost a decade and has become the go-to cake shop for many Ghanaians. If you want a cake for this year’s Christmas, Kareena Cakes in the place to go.

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kareena Cakes offers a wide variety of freshly home-baked products daily; Sponge cakes with a special whipped cream icing, Red Velvet Cake, Wedding Cakes, Cheesecakes, a variety of scrumptious Desserts, Cakes in a Jar, Gourmet cookies & and much more.

Kareena Cakes menu and prices

There are 7 menu items offered by Kareena. Each with a different variety of cakes. The Red Velvet Cakes seems to be the most popular menu item. You can order it online on Zished GH. Below is the menu with prices.

Kareena Cakes MenuCake Prices
Black Forest Cherry CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155

White Chocolate Cake
GH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Red Velvet CakesGH₵ 85, GH₵ 125, GH₵ 250
Summer Fruit GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Strawberry Cream CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Irish Cream CappuccinoGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Coconut Cream CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Creamy Chocolate Chip GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155, GH₵ 200
After 8 Chocolate GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Lemon Coconut Layer CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Lemon Almond GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
White Chocolate Cappuccino CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Apple Cinnamon Cream CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Lychee & Coconut GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Mango & Peach GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Caramel Cream CakeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Praline GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Peach & Butterscotch GateauGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155
Citrus SpongeGH₵ 100, GH₵ 120, GH₵ 155

The first price for each cake represents a small size (Round – 7 Inches).

The second price is the amount of medium size cakes (Round cake – 9 Inches).

The third price represents a large size cake (Rectangle – 9×11 Inches).

The X-Large prices are usually not indicated (Except one menu). The size of the extra large cakes is 9×18 Inches (Rectangle).

How to order Kareena Cakes

Before you order for a cake, you need to get answers to these questions.

  1. When do you need the cake? (date)
  2. What is the pick-up time?
  3. What type of cake do you want to order? (flavor)
  4. What is the size you require?
  5. What’s your full name?
  6. What should be written on the cake?

You are now ready to place an order when you get these pieces of information ready.

To place an order, call or Whatsapp them on with all the information requested above. A Pick Up Code will be sent to you once completed. Your order will not be completed without your Pick Up Code.

Kareena Cakes phone numbers

These are the Whatsapp numbers you can use to order cakes. You can also call for inquiries or pay through these numbers.

  1. 0553 54 54 54 – MTN mobile money payment
    0240 54 54 54
  2. 0561 54 54 54 – Airtel money payment
  3. 0503 54 54 54 – Vodafone Cash

Kareena Cakes delivery services

Kareena Cakes do not offer cake delivery services. Delivery is offered by different companies listed in the image below.

kareena cakes delivery services contact numbers

Call any of the above numbers and give them your Name, Order Number, Time and Date you wish to have your cake picked up.

Delivery charges are extra. Find out the delivery charge when speaking to the cake delivery companies.

Note: KareenaCakes is not responsible for any delays or damages once the cakes have left their premises.

 Kareena Cakes location

You can locate Karina Cakes shop on 18 Nmetsobu St. at Osu near Beijing Clinic and Papaye. Use the direction below to locate the shop.

kareena cakes location direction


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