Our natural portfolio is arguably the personality. Your personality speaks to people more than what you explain verbally. It is the mother of all attitudes, characters, lifestyle and temperament.

All other things about you are the subset of your personality. Knowing your personality is simply knowing yourself and how you behave. In several occasions, people find it difficult in determining their own way of life and how it manipulates their living.

If you aren’t sure about your own personality, then I’m sorry. You must stop whatever you are doing in life now to know it before continuing.

Your personality is the reason for all your circumstances. It also plays an integral role in coming over your chances. It’s the theme of your destiny. Most of your challenges comes as a result of how your own personality controls you.

Now, because of your personality, you just decided whether to agree or disagree with the above statements.

Why is it the first ever thing one should know in life?

Because, it gives you a peculiar attitude and character, it determines what to learn and what not to, it determines your interests, it gives you reason to act and react, it also throw more light to how people sees you and how you should respond to their apprehensions.

Personality tops all.

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Jim Rohn expatiates:

“for every disciplined effort, there is multiple reward”

Discipline effort is the act of having a complete knowledge about your personality. You are always on point when you know yourself very well. That means you know what you are doing, you can’t know yourself when you have no knowledge about your personality.

People who are phlegmatic and have opted to be nurses and physician assistant stands to be totally indiscipline as their profession is concern. Such temperament doesn’t match with such profession. Do you think those people are going to get multiple reward?

Discipline in effort always depends on focus and concentration, and it only works for those who knows what they are doing.

He continues to say:

“it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot progress without making decisions”

We make decisions on instincts, on a very high degree of thought and reasoning. Personality-ignorant people always get confused in life. They normally get stuck and sometimes, have a down and dusted attitude towards their lives.

Setting out a mission for progress is a decision making. You just don’t have to bring all ideas into subjection. You need those particular decisions, that suits your very personality.

Decisions have been taking here and there. The question is, why are people always failing in their decisions? Simply because their personalities do not match the kind of decision they have taken. Everybody is going to the university, so you think you should also go there. Do you know education is a decision on it own?

Know yourself to know the kind of decision you shall take in life, for that is your progressive journey.

“discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

When the requirements of personality are not met, there is a difficulty in knowing how we can discipline ourselves.

Your goals and accomplishments have a direct connection between your personality and disciplinary issues.

Jim also says:

“formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune”

Living is simply a way to survive. Fortune is building a world of your own. Which one do you opt for? Self-education is simply knowing what you can do, what you love spending time for, what you can study and study very well, what you have a passion for, what you always feel like doing and the kind of person you are dreaming to become. My dear, all these are the core knowledge of personality.

Create a fortune, not a living. Know yourself very well.

Jim continues:

“success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become”

What kind of personality do you want to see yourself in future? We simply don’t pursue success. The state of your personality is your success. What Jim is telling us here is very important. It seems we all fall short of this particular statement. We have been pursuing success.

How do we then make our success to attract the person we become (personality)?

We are to know our real attitude, character, temperament and lifestyle. We have to know and work on our passions, interests and imaginations. In doing that, we will get to know how we respond to things, the field we are highly connected, our real skills and potentials. Then we use strong efforts and perseverance to execute it in a smooth and hard way. We will be success.

He concludes that:

“whatever good thing we build end up building us”

What are you building? How will it end up building you?

If that’s the case, then you are to first think about the way you want to build yourself. After that you can build something then when the thing starts to build you, there you will find yourself in a good position.

Build your personality, that’s the secret of success. They don’t want you to know this.