This is a post on how to fight sin lust and addiction by Dr. Myles Munroe.

The mind is the center of the soul. What is the soul? The soul is an integration of 3 parts. The soul is the integration of the mind, will and the emotions, in other those 3 things make up your soul.

The soul receives from the senses and deposits in the spirit. In other words hearing, tasting, seeing, touching and feeling all come through the senses but they all go to the soul. They go to your mind, your will and emotions.

So whatever you see, touch taste, feel or hear goes to your soul. Now, if the soul takes it, and deposits it into you, which is your spirit, then you got to make sure you regulate what you’re picking from your senses.

That’s why Jesus said, take heed what you hear. Take heed means be selective, regulate your hearing, choose what you want to listen to…why? Because He said it will level your whole lamp, it will mess up your whole life.

Your soul receives from the senses and deposits in the spirit. The spirit reveals through the soul to the body. Once the spirit gets all these information inside of it when the spirit wants to do something, who does it talk to? The soul.

So the spirit gets the direction of the soul, and tell the body what to do. Now you’ve got a couple of problems here. Sometimes the body doesn’t want to do what the spirit wants it to do, so the soul is in a battle. It’s what you call a mental battle…a battle of the soul.

So your spirit says, “the information I got from the body is unrighteous,” and the soul says “but that’s what the body gave me.” The soul cannot give the spirit what the body didn’t receive.

Faith comes by hearing and you hear through the body. So the body hears something, the soul takes it, believes it and gives it to the spirit. Now the spirit receives and conceives it.

If your spirit has the spirit of God in it, it disagrees and says “that is not righteous, tell the body that is not righteous, tell the body to change the source of information. Body says “No, I like how it feels, soul come on, feel it”.

So the spirit says, “soul, the body to stop it,” but the body says “feel sensually good, don’t you like it soul?” and the soul says “mmmmm I know it’s wrong but if feels emotionally good.”

So the spirit loses. Now the spirit is downloading junk and starving it to death. You know who is the most important part of that trinity? The soul.

So that soul could decide to reject or accept. THat’s why the Bible says “Do not walk in the flesh, but walk in the spirit and do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.