Idealism is an old school of thought, it is one of the most prominent way of thinking. The patches around it have given people simple and easier way for reasoning. Many reject this philosophy because of it complex and time-demanding.

One beauty about idealism is that it builds attitude and mind. Just like mysticism, it conjures discipline and strong mentality towards one’s way of life. It involves the act of proposing how things should be, using your own idea, it also involves the overall subjection of all things into simple logical reasoning. Idealist hate realism.

Building yourself from the mind arguably is impossible, yet it is the most difficult task to be accomplished. However, one needs no other thing than to create his own world using the able intelligence and mind. You must become what you are thinking and what you are thinking is the reality of your personality.

Earl Nightingale concludes this and say;

“You become what you think about”

This statement can be vindicated by not using only the perspectives of idealist. Even in reality, one must become what he thinks to be, and that depends on anything we choose to think about.

If you think you are rich, you will always think on how to become rich, but if you think you are poor, you always think on how to become poor.

Both ideas are independent from where you are.

He continues:

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude toward us”

The life in which we live has an empty vessel, it has nothing to offer us. But then, we choose to fill it with our wants and expectations. The first element to be put in the that empty vessel of life is our thoughts and ideas. With this, life will help us with the use of hardworking, efforts and time to make it to become an accomplished task.

If you give life negative thoughts and ideas, it will give you negative accomplished tasks. If you give it positive thoughts and ideas, you should expect nothing less than a better life and living.

Then again:

“people with goals succeed because they know where they are going”

Goals are not just said, but they are the powerpoints of our thoughts, that is; what we have been thinking and always think about. Anything you come across in life has it destiny lying on your thoughts. The success and failure of any task depend on the mentality you use to approach it.

People with goals are not those who think life has something for them, but those who think and decide to give something to life. Think about the successful men you know can you see they’ve all given life something, therefore, having meaning to their various lives?

Where you are going in life has it way on what you are thinking of. You don’t have to be perfect in the materialistic world before giving your life a meaning.

All you have to do is to strengthen your mentality, giving meaning to your thinking, making up your mind for your aspirations and always meditating on your dreams. Be more idealistic in your life.

He continues;

“success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal”

To realise, to have a goal, and have an ideal thought are the main roads to success. Hardworking and perseverance are supplementary requirements in the journey of success. No matter how hard you work, if you don’t have a complete thought towards what you are doing, you will always enslave yourself to people’s success.

It might be that you are always striving hard to do something in life, but because you’ve thought of nothing for yourself, your perseverance will always be for the betterment of someone’s work.

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Be more idealistic, always think and come into realisations. Have a complete thought for any kind of task. Indeed, it is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal. Your goal might be qualifying for an interview for you to be given a job, but I tell you, it isn’t worthy.

You are on your own, you have potentials, skills and peculiar knowledge and ideas which looks different from the masses. You can bring something into existence, whether art or science or engineering.

Always think of thinking for your own success in life, don’t always depend on people’s ideas.

Earl Nightingale says:

“open your ears before you open your mouth, it may surprise your eyes”

In other words; use more of your intelligence than your mind, it may surprise your thoughts. Many are those who don’t value the power of thinking, not to talk about positive thinking. They are those who are fond of people’s ideas, thoughts and aspirations.

Such people always wait for people to create something before they get something to do. They look upon external thoughts and other people for hope.

Before you open your mouth, in any execution, always think about how strong your thought has been.

He continues:

“your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind”

Have you form your world? If you haven’t, then I can say without any fear of contradiction that the world has formed you. In each case, you still owe all to your mind. By then, how have you been using it? In fact, thinking is the act of waking the soul. Our mind is where the soul feeds, dirty minded people gets dirty soul, clean-minded people gets clean soul.

We are the feeders of our mind, what we put in it is what our soul feeds on. We just have to be careful, Africans don’t really understand this concept, so they always end up blaming the spiritual beings in their world.

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You are addicted to porn just because your mind only contains pornographic stuffs. You fail, not because of your negligence, but the mentality behind your approach was totally negative and viral.

Mind the way you use your mind!

Nightingale goes on to say:

“we can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within”

What does she mean by from within? You choose to let circumstances rule you by simply feeling lazy to use your mind and intelligence. That is total negligence. But for strong mentality and thinking, you can never have the world at your hand.

Some people don’t even decide to take charge of their own lives because they fail to start from within. The within we are talking about here is your mind, the way you think and the thoughts in your mind.

Is either you use your mind and take charge for your life or feel lazy to think for circumstance to rule you. It’s a choice.

He concludes:

“you will find boredom, where there is an absence of good idea”

You have a lot of good ideas, you just don’t want to bring them out.

Don’t get bored in life by always handing your fate to your fellow humans. Bring those ideas out, and excite your soul.