There is a lot to talk about African’s mentality. This subject has rendered not only psychological discussions to pundits but also, a philosophical headache for thinkers.

Africans have undergone series of evolutions and uncountable revolutions within the circles of their mentality. One transition of an idea can cause a huge mayhem in the thoughts of Africans.

In the previous centuries, things were covered, hidden and brainwashed within African dispensation, whiles others were enlightening themselves with the advancement of knowledge, and they were fighting for freedom from their colonial masters.

I can boldly say, most Africans didn’t know how this 21st century was built.

Business is an attitude in today’s life, it rules almost half of human’s brain today. Africa is far behind the business world due to certain impedances they’ve created for themselves.

We call something African Mentality, and this is ruling the whole Africans life in the negative direction because is an absurd mentality.

We are going to help the business people with the solutions of five of those mentalities. You can beat them only if you are ready.

Everything is about the government

In Africa, everything is about the government. You will see fresh graduates staying idle because the government has offered them nothing. As a business man, you can break your business so low to support their needs.

Try to squeeze your strategies to suit certain discipline, and the little you can give out will give proper human resource you don’t expect.

The salary paid jobs are what every graduate is looking for, why don’t you create a platform to accommodate five to ten graduates for them to be part of the business, with this, you can explore at least six human resources which will best fit your business.

You can bring out an initiative that looks like that of the government. With moderate terms and conditions and good salary, you will able to manage excellent people, who carry a billion ideas on business.

You can be their government. And they will give you all the human resource you need.

The inevitability of spiritual attacks

This is Africa, you can’t change it. Spiritual fictions are constant in both moral and ethical lives of Africans. I don’t know how you deal with spiritual issues.

I think the best you can do is to ask about the spiritual records of the area where you are about to set on the business.

The next step is to investigate the reasons why those things happen, how they react and what they actually expect.

Some of them will seem unreasonable, thus whatever you do will not succeed with no reason, and you can blot them off and move to another location.

The fact is, there is no area where this spiritual stuff cannot be found, yet people succeed in their proceedings. You just have to know the do’s and don’ts of such areas, and know how to go about things.

Don’t believe in yourself too much, and is not the matter of going there to bow or worship them, is the matter of not stepping on their toes.

Failing to do these inquiries can cause you a lot of hazards you will never understand. It is one of the reasons why many Africans are not succeeding not only in business but in life as a whole.

Not sure if it can be possible

This point is in the shadows of the bad mentality. Africans are mediocre people because most of them are not sure if what they are doing will be possible. This comes with; poor planning, laziness, and poor attitude.

You can initiate a very nice programme of business, but those you will involve will disallow it succession just because they are not too sure if your programme could be successful.

You have to brainstorm all who you will involve in your business, if possible, change the way they think about business, let them have some of your ideas. You can force them to believe what you believe.

Always speak positive words to them. The sense of an African human is very reactive, it meditates fast and highly imaginative, so this will be very easier.

You have to beat this to get the best out of all the Africans you will involve in your business. In fact, some people have taken this advantage in the wrong way, which is why most of Africans are being misused and deceived today.

When they see some fidelity in you, they will give everything away to you.

Fortunes and Misfortunes are solely from the Whites

This is what most Africans believe, they believe in the Whites more than themselves. The job that a Ghanaian has sworn not to do, if he is being slightly persuaded by a Whites, he will do.

Most Africans think we can never and will never reach the level of Whites. This has made it difficult for some business to be introduced in Africa. There are certain businesses that Africans have declared to be done only by the Whites.

They dare themselves not to try their hands on.

If you know things are easy, just break it down to their level, thus reaching them with their own respective languages.

Explain for the laymen to understand, especially the streetists and hawkers.

If you are able to explain a business opportunity using a substantive African language, there is no way you will fail provided your presentation sounds reasonable and favourable.

Be a groundbreaking business man in Africa, and you will overcome so many obstacles.

Always passing through the hardest way

That is an African lifestyle, they always try the hardest way. The technological revolutions haven’t shaken the development of African productivity enough for them to do certain things easier and faster.

This is a simple and straightforward task. Just set up a well-organized and strategic way of teaching and learning.

In Africa, it is very necessary to have an education department in your structure, especially when the job involves more technicalities. Train them, teach them, they will become perfect, and you can get the best out them.

Africans think, doing work which involves a lot of energy is what will give you more money. It’s hardly will they believe that just 2hrs can fetch you more than $100, they think, maybe one month thereabouts.

This mentality can easily be broken.