Happy New Year people! The New Year is upon us and every year, like the jolly kids that we are, we want to start the year at our jobs or schools looking great.

After giving out your favorite jeans to that little cousin or that good friend that won’t stop harassing you for it, we need to buy new things

These are the top 6 ways to look like a million bucks in 2018 without breaking the bank.

1. Take stock of what you already have

It is essential as you begin your yearly shopping to first check what you already have, either to avoid buying the same piece of clothing twice, like some rich kids do or just so you know what you need to buy and be able to set a budget.

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2. Set a budget and make a list

We all know how a new year can be, we have plans for the year and the previous holiday we have all gone to that new restaurant or gone on a family trip that cost an arm and a leg, so knowing how much to dedicate to a wardrobe change is key, hence, a budget.

And no budget is complete without a supporting list to compare it with. The trick here is know what you want, and know how much you are willing to spend on these items.

3 Find deals and shop smart

Both Brick and mortar stores and online stores all have sales at the end of the year, and all expect a high demand for items because of the end of the year rush. But this also means at the beginning of the year the stores also have a lot of unsold items from the previous year in stock and they will want to sell them off to restock for the New Year.

Stores like Jumia, Asos, and others all have clearance sales at the beginning of the year, which makes it the perfect time to buy that dress at the lowest price possible, and possibly with a voucher *wink*.

4 Avoid trends

When shopping for the year remember to not stick to what’s hot or what is “trending”, like Nigerians say; because trends fade, and that pencil shaped jeans you saw Rihanna wear might most likely go out of fashion when she wears another something different to the next show. Stick with the essentials and watch your wardrobe flourish

5 Buy just one

Nobody really needs two pieces of the same item. Most of the time we buy items in twos saying we like it in different colors, or maybe we want it and we tell ourselves “I will wear one now and keep the other for when this one gets bad” because it might go out of stock.

These assumptions are flawed because for starters we would only wear one color if we have a pair of jeans in 2’s, automatically one fits better or looks better and the other becomes a placeholder in the wardrobe, and if we need to buy a new pair of the same item it would either be cheaper because it is an older stock or the store has a better version.

So with these 5 main tricks to consider, head on straight to your favorite store or online to get that deserved wardrobe upgrade. You never know, you might find your favorite brands right now at amazing prices or with the best price deals.

Happy Shopping


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