Sunday, August 25, 2019
What are some weakness and obstacles which stands as impedance in our various business executions?
Business means, money making, and money-making is all about business
It's high time we come back to our local produce
Let see the things you didn’t think can be a source of money
“We gon' kill all you mother*ckers! All of y'all motherfuckers, f*ck you, die slow! Motherf*cker, my .44 make sho' all y'all kids don't grow! ” 2pac - Hit em up If you are a soldier of Tupac, you sure very familiar with the lines of the most successful song of Tupac (2pac)...
You’ll shoot yourself in the foot if you rush through the process of creating a profile. More so than on other social media, your profile will be visited and read. Because the personal brand is so central to the LinkedIn environment, you’re given a big and flexible canvas on which...

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