Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Ten things we must all realize to call on development, starting from our domestic endeavors.
Ghana is one of the most hypocritical countries in the world. Mediocrity is our hallmark, we don’t and have never strived for excellence but always playing blame games. We have been putting ourselves in the abyss of poverty and hunger since we came into existence. Very few people think one...
Discipline and hard work pay a lot, but the controversy between the body and mind have so many impacts on our daily output.
Everything has to do with our brain (Your mindset). Yes, your success depends on it. People talk about psychological trauma, emotional torture, fatigue, depression, stress and many more of brainy actions. Having all the knowledge about this weakness, we still put ourselves under the slavery rules of such illness. Do you...
Every single one of us needs a beginning stage to better ourselves
There is difference between behaviour and perception, the two sometimes move together though. Behavior comes as a results of sensations, perception comes as a result of your intellect. Don’t worry, this just some basic terms in psychology. Your character is like behaviour and your intellect is like your perception. If...
Yes! Africans must still be proud due to the following reasons.
Staying healthy is not about not going to the hospital always

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