Tuesday, July 17, 2018
It’s time we set ourselves to be business-minded people
Why are people still suffering whiles holding all kinds of degrees in African countries?
Ten things we must all realize to call on development, starting from our domestic endeavors.
Why would a man go the other way round, cheating on his wedded wife?
One thing we have pretended for it to be not too relevant in our living is relationship. Men, over the years, have proven beyond reasonable doubts that, women are just asserts, and so when they struggle to get that small papers (money) then you will see them chanting for...
Relationships have turned to be a drama consisting both comedy and tragedy. The question is; why is everybody talking about relationship? It has become a headache for sociologists and psychologists to determine the actual idea behind this confusion. Everybody admits that one live and work because of money, but we have...

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