A popular game called Zuma gives a saying that; ”a wise man is the man who doesn’t apply good luck in his future plans”. Destiny sometimes carries fortunes which help us in progress.

However, one’s life must be strategized in order to have structure, shape, and purpose. The things we see today were not the same as it were yesterday, the preceded centuries had their own way of life and norms.

The earth has been undergoing rapid revolutions and transitions, failing to adapt is adapting to failure.

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Technology is a menace to culture, is not just an advancement of our tools and gadgets but now, it is our fundamentals in which all thinking and reasoning embed.

Before today, people were thinking how to bring tools and gadgets in making work easier and faster, but now one sit to think about codes in order to bring out a programme which will perform series of tasks at a time.

The internet has become a driving tool for daily activities now, it is the platform where one must engage in order to survive in business.

Nevertheless, one shouldn’t think of having things being the same in the following half-decade, the possibility that things will change stands all clear, and is our duty to caution your senses, raise your awareness and prompt you that, there is going to be a rapid change in the world of business.

Below are the five possible transitions, which is likely to evolve in the next five years, it is also a call unto all intellectuals who depends on the shadows of business people.

The case of website and blogging

In the next five years, if your business is not bonded with portfolios on any website, you can easily forget about gaining credibility.

Maybe you might now know, today, students depend and rely on materials from the internet more than what their lecturers and teachers offer them.

PDF files dominate research activities of students more than the library. People are into online information more than ever before.

This has created force adjustments for all who are into education. When students talk about tutorials and research, they mean online videos and ebooks.

This has happened to education, maybe you don’t know but it has started initiating on business.

You have set up a very small business and you think people come there always, and so you are relaxed, in the next five years, the chronic google fever will turn to cancer, thus people will use search engine like never before (is even unbearable today) if your small business is not tracked by any search engine, I can predict that no one will patronize.

Blogs are prolific in the mainstream of browsing, there are a lot of things which had been talked about, and a lot is yet to talk about, if your business goes contrary to any of the ideas which have been poised by bloggers, your small business will artificially be archaic.

This is very clear and straightforward trend, we all see what’s going on, get a website for your business, especially the young entrepreneurs, create a portfolio and join the world on waves.

You can also follow blogs and bloggers to get in touch with the current trends, read what some bloggers are saying about your business and others, then take it from there.

You have to do this before is too late.

Social media

If you are into business and you haven’t join platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others, then I think you are pulling yourself out gradually from the system.

People will not come to shops and physical centers to do enquiries about your products anymore in the next five years.

Maybe you didn’t know, Facebook now has special platforms for Business Entities and Advertisement, they have quickly responded to the incoming advertisement revolution.

It is now a mandatory requirement for all marketing personnel to have knowledge and skills on how to do social media marketing. Social Media marketing is also a whole programme or course in the education sector, which has been purposely built for online advertisement.

If you didn’t expertise your advertisement strategy in Social Media in the next five years, very few people will know whether you are doing business or not.

It is not just an online task but is now a professional duty, which people are busily studying. Business nowadays can’t go without Social Media one post of an advert gets to thousands of people within the shortest possible time.

What do you think will happen to your business in the next five years if you haven’t specialized in any of the social media platforms?


This is a new culture in business, and people are embracing it more than ever before. I think they have taken the merit of prolific diseases, most of them are into medicinal products and food supplements.

In the next five years, network marketing will have a different view of certain needs, they will shift to different kinds of products and people will patronize, more people will join, uplines, downlines, referrals, spill-overs and other terms will be explained by thousands of people in different presentations and platforms.

Network Marketing will move to a different level in the next five years, new formats will emerge, new matrix will be built, new strategies will pop up, a new way of thinking and new programmes will be built for it.

If you are not interested, then I think this is the time you are to show interest because it’s a simple and ever tricky culture of business the world has ever witness.

This started very long time ago, and now people are getting used to it. It is a growing cancer to certain business pillars, in few years, it can turn the whole business world around.

Turn around now.

Online transactions

This tool is also one of the prolific transitions the business world is witnessing. Now, you just don’t need a bank account, you need a bank who can provide you with online services.

In the next few years, the only secured and the easier way one can do buying and selling with you will be through online.

If you don’t know how to do banking online, this is the pressure-free time you can skill yourself with the PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card and what have you.

A time will come and nobody will feel safe to carry physical cash even to buy something in your own shop. This also invites; fast bookings, fast purchasing, fast selling, fast import, fast exports in our business activities.

The real fact about this action is that it will make business transaction move very swift more than ever before, this will call for internet and the web wizards.

Things are getting unbearable now, if you haven’t got to this level, then this is the time.


All the aforementioned points clearly embed on the bosom of technology. You can’t do all these things without having laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

In the next five years, if you didn’t get quality and portable machines, trust me, your business will collapse.

For those of us who think, laptops, mobile phone and tablet eats and wastes time, a time is coming where there will be no option for you to use them.

It takes time to know how these gadgets work, how to use it comfortably and effectively. If you are a businessman and you don’t know how to use the internet, then I think I have prompt you at the right time.