Personality is one of the hidden treasures of success. It plays an integral role in our lives yet many are those who are ignorant of it. Knowing yourself, to me is the first and foremost ever knowledge one should acquire. The beginning of wisdom is knowing yourself, as Aristotle proved this in one of his lofty works.

The life in which we live is never complicated. It keeps only two laws, that is; the laws of nature and the laws of life. However, we still manipulate these two set of laws and in our own peril add different set of laws. This as a result brings fragments and patches which renders no subtilty in our living. In simple terms, we are the reason for most of our problems and challenges.

In this article, we are going to demonstrate the better ways to build personality. We are not going to touch the complex aspect of it but rather, we will simplify the vital elements to your comprehension. You will at least, get to know where and how to start building your own world.

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What is personality?

It is the set of emotional qualities, ways of behaving and the attractive qualities that make a person different from the other.

Things like energy, friendliness and humour makes you interesting or pleasant to be with.

How you act and react, the way you talk, eat, walk and sleep are all the things which makes you different from other people. You behave the way you do because that is what you are made of.

What we actually mean here s that; the kind of recommendation given by your friends determines who you are and what you can do. You certainly play peculiar role which nobody else can play. Knowing this is a half journey-completed for success.

Doing the necessary checks

At least, you know one or two uniqueness of your personality. You know the exact reasons why people call you for service. You know the things you do in public to announce your presence. Alright, can we say or conclude that you really enjoy and feel comfortable in all those outputs?

If yes, then all you need to do is to just scrutinize your habit (things you repeatedly do). Then, check the activities that really links to your habit.

If you like talking and people always get excited engaging in your conversation, try something like radio broadcasting, you will get listeners.

If you are curious and always ask questions. People get bored engaging in your conversation. You always want to know why events happens. Try something like scientific research, you will come out being a prominent scientist.

If you like reading fiction. Don’t look to any other profession than an author, journalist or broadcaster.

For non-fiction. You are not far from being an author, writer or a columnist. You can go around giving presentations.

If your curiosity looks more complex, that is; you always want to try doing something on your own. Involve yourself in the engineering field, better still you can be a programmer.

If you don’t like talking, you can be one of the most prominent researchers ever existed.

These are just introductory illustrations. Nevertheless, you can still try searching for your corresponding field to your behaviour. Even in business, there are fields where there are peculiarities. If you hate talking and entertaining people, don’t harm yourself by selling, you will not get customers.

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Making sure of yourself

Be conscious about all the actions you will take in your life. Know your actions when you are happy, the same way that you have to know your actions when are angry. Always plan and know what you are doing.

Someone has sell pure water and through that, has been able to build a house. You and I know this person loves making friends and always smile to whoever she sees. You aren’t like that, so why are you forcing yourself to be like her?

Always do what makes you happy. What you take ecstasy doing is what you can do better. Never say medical doctors are paid well and so you will read medicine in the university. Hell no! you will get over 1,000 readers in just one week just for one book that you write.

You are unique. Following the masses might be the reason for your several failures. Stop following them for once. So far as we are different, everybody is having a different way of reaching the apex of success. Know yourself and know what you love doing. That is all.

Never oblige yourself with education. It is just a candlestick. Anyone who has it chooses to light it or not. If you can read and write, that is all. Focus on your passion, you don’t need any imports of interests, you already have it. Build on it, spend time to make any task successful and appreciable. When people start to love your works, you are done.

Try and make the necessary checks, know yourself and what you love doing. Your field or profession is what you always feel like doing.

Knowing all your incomings and outgoings

What do I mean by incomings and outgoings? Your incomings are the things you sit and plan to do. Your outgoings are the things you do for people to benefit. Your incomings must strictly correspond to your outgoings. Don’t do things you didn’t plan for.

If you know what you are thinking, there is no doubt for knowing what you are doing. When you continue doing this, I can assure you that, the reason for your failures will only be you and that is where you are going to build from. With this, you shall become perfect. What’s next after becoming perfect in doing something? Success right.

One reason why we prolifically fail is that, we try importing people’s ideas, plans and tasks. We copy other people’s styles which have nothing to do with our personality. Like examination malpractice, we steal people’s work and writings. Because we don’t know what we are doing, we don’t know what they are doing and so when they get something wrong, we will still copy.

Bitterly, we are ignorant of our mistakes because we don’t know where they came from. This condition only happens when you do something out of your personality. Both your incomings and outgoings have been misrepresented.

Let anything that you do, come from your own self. Love what you are doing. Always do what you feel happy doing. Your interest is your profession