a strong mentality is a hallmark to every successful man. You can’t be successful without having a strong mentality. Your perception can be strong but it will be useless without a rigid mentality.

Your mentality is the powerhouse of your life. When it becomes weak, you become weak. You are strong when it’s strong. Your intelligence will only become active if you have a well-structured mentality.

Everything you do on this earth has something behind it. Your success came because something was pushing it. Your failures are backed by a particular element.

It is determined by our own way of doing things. We choose the very things which should govern it, and in return governs us.

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This particular thing is simply our mentality. Weak mentality brings boring life, failures, discouragement, stress, depression, frustrations, traumas and many others.

Strong mentality brings perseverance, determination, success, happiness, positivism and subtle imaginations. It makes life so comfortable.

But do we know that our mentality determines all these things in our lives?

Do we know; optimism and pessimism all depend on our mentality?

Do we know failure or success depends on our mentality?

Do we know; the way we see things depends on our mentality?

If we are what we think and our thinking embeds on intelligence, and intelligence is the core entity of our mentality. Then we can say, our lives is directly governed by our mentality. Forget about perception, it’s the residue of intelligence.

Writing a personal creed

What do I mean by personal creed? It’s anything you can write about yourself. Writing about yourself is just like looking inside the mirror and mentioning your name. Be the author of your own behaviour, describe and explain yourself, teach and set yourself rules and regulations.

When you meet people, tell them how and what you are made of. Make sure, they see what you told them by their own selves. Conjure some uniqueness of attitude.

After that, you will see people dealing with you in a peculiar way. Be the boss of your own life. Then you can make your priorities rigid and formidable.

Personal creed is written and showcase for only once. When people get to know your style, they will live a life that suits you. Even if they didn’t, they will know your reaction towards it. Your life becomes simple for all to know who you are. You will be recognised with a peculiar attitude wherever you go.

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Those without personal creed do things anyhow, they just treat things as unplanned as they are. They aren’t sure of their own life.

The first step in building a strong mentality is to write a definition for your life. That is your personal creed, and it’s unique.

Using Ego and Superego

Ego is simply the opinion you have about yourself.

In your opinion, what can you say about yourself? Can you write more than 100 words describing yourself?

In psychology, Ego is the part of the mind that senses and adapts to the real world. Egotism can also be termed as self-esteem.

Superego is the part of a person’s mind that relates to attitudes about what is right and wrong and to feelings of guilt.

When these two psychoanalytic elements are merged in harmony, one get’s no problem with the society in which he lives. You can only improve yourself by having control over these two things.

You can’t go with one by living the other. Because you can’t have all the knowledge about yourself without being conscious of what is right and wrong in relation to your attitude.

Self-esteem becomes completes when you know all about yourself and the society. After this, you will figure out the part of the society that fits your temperament (thus knowing the field or the actual thing to do in life).

Strong mentality acquisition has it second step to be merging both ego and superego in the right way, right degree, right proportion and in harmony.

You will see yourself to be on point at any step of your life. Because, you are able to regulate your emotions, temperaments, and habits (control over ego).

You will also know what is wrong in the first place and will be able to figure out the right things needed in your life (control over superego). You won’t be fond of doing mistakes in life. Failure will be difficult to come along your way.

All these, are built with intelligence, which is been fed in our mentality as a whole. Your mentality determines your perception.

People with bad mentality haven’t gotten power over their ego, they don’t have any opinion about their lives. Such people see things the way others sees it. They do things when pushed and suggested by others. They are just roaming about in life.

Elsewhere, people who haven’t gotten anything to do with their superego can’t categorise the right fields and wrong fields in life. By not able to do this, they can’t relate those things to their own attitudes. Such are the people who easily get influenced.

Setting up a direction

After doing all these things. You should be able to set up a direction. If you have no direction in life, life has gotten bunch of directions to give you. You will probably try all those directions before you die, struggling here and there. Those are the people who try lot of business and fields without succeeding.

Give a direction to your life. Set a standard for your own self. Be throwing huge challenges to yourself. Anything you do, let it have a particular mission, that mission should have a plan, that plan should have a reason, that reason should be well-thought and strategize.

Always know what you are doing. You can give yourself a time. Set a life clock to your tasks, and make sure you finish that at that given time.

Having a direction in life makes you strong, it propels you to move forward. It brings focus and concentration. It builds your interest day in day out. It modifies your thought thus you are always thinking of how to improve.

You don’t just do things anyhow. You don’t follow what everybody is doing. You always on your own thinking on how to take your mission to the next level.

Africans lack all these abilities. Bad mentality.