Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Andrew Opoku
Opoku Andrew is a Telecommunication Engineering student at Sunyani Technical University. A researcher on History, Politics, Philosophy, Science, Religion, and Psychology. Follow him on social media.
You might have all the ideas, the knowledge and the skills in making dreams come into reality. Your personality conjures the ego and the respect needed to move through the territories of great men. Actions are more like doing something of a purpose, thus acting on a particular course,...
What have you been thinking since you got Fs in your results? How do your colleagues, mates and friends who have moved higher than you? How has been the nature of your conversations since the rejection of your application? When you wake up early in the morning and you start to think,...
I can say without any fear of contradiction that you have thousands of reasons to rise up again. Life say they, is unpredictable yet it takes the heart of perseverance and the mind to believe whatever optimism that comes your way. How many times have you tried? How many times have...
Few are the African countries who have embraced this simple activity to make their life meaningful.
People today are motivating themselves more than ever before...
Technology revolution has rule the productivity over the past decades...
Imagine a world where you’re being driven home by your autonomous car..
There are two Semantic Search developments which have been announced..
Twenty things which must be checked in raising good brains and thinkers
Staying healthy is not about not going to the hospital always

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