The fallibility of every human being is irrefutable, so I won’t waste this space to play a moral police and mount judgment on whether Anas himself is corrupt, neither will I temper anyone’s reputation with baseless allegations.

That’s to say, I do not have the legal or moral high ground or turpitude to state categorically that, the teeming claim that, Anas used his office to blackmail and defraud others is wrong; that is subject to appropriate legal proceedings and substantiation, not speculations.

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However, there are several loopholes regarding this whole drama that I think is worth considering.

First and Foremost; we all know for a fact that, there’s hardcore fraud in this country; we’ve seen cases of some unscrupulous people impersonating others who occupy positions of high reputation purposely to dupe vulnerable people.

A typical example is the impersonation of major religious leaders to defraud the curiosities of highly religious people which I have experienced several times in my inbox.

The Anas concept I should say, is no exception to impersonation; in fact Anas is the most susceptible in terms of impersonation considering the degree or magnitude of anonymity and relevance attached to his line of work; that is to say: “nobody knows” Anas so anyone can pretend to be Anas and take ‘undue’ advantage of others who are corrupt in one way or the other.

Don’t forget, the more relevant and anonymous your office is, the more susceptible you are to impersonation

Moreover, the fear of the reproach attached to the “Name, shame and jail” mantra and/or modus operandi of Anas could make anyone engaged in thievery, financial malfeasance or abuse of office of a sort, pay their way through (to anyone) in a bid to protect their long built ‘reputation’.

Second; the numerous claims, accusations, and allegations against Anas could equally be a result of an abuse of anonymity by the corrupt individuals who were implicated by the forthcoming exposé just to buy public sympathy, reduce the extent of damage and discredit the relevance of Anas’ findings.

This again is to say that, anyone who is soiled with corruption in the yet to be premiered video, could easily hide behind the guise of other people to come out with wild allegations for selfish reasons.

It makes absolute sense.

Let me be categorical; I am not in anyway declaring Anas, his office or concept a saint in terms of corruption but rather exploring other alternatives to the whole drama.

Inasmuch as there is a probability that those claims could be authentic, there is equally a very high propensity or tendency that these disgruntled accusers may either be victims of fraud or mere agents employed by the supposedly corrupt and guilty individuals to abuse anonymity with wild and baseless allegations.

Richard Kwame Krah is a graduate of the University Of Ghana. he is an opinion columnist and a dedicated blogger who loves to use his writing skill and creative ideas to motivate and empower others. He doubles as a staunch advocate for READING and an activist who shares prolific thoughts on other issues of concern with particular regards to politics, religion and general social issues with an aim to educate the masses.