Discipline and hard work pay a lot, but the controversy between the body and mind have so many impacts on our daily output. The external exposure to dangers is at it best more than ever before.

Today, almost every youth is having one aspect of life being damaged by bad external conditions, brilliants are becoming weak in minds, serious men and women have been destructed, hardworking men and women don’t see things to be necessary anymore.

Time waste here and there, irrelevant stuff have jumped to the highest level, we have bought mediocre attitude and we have dared ourselves not to sell it.

Apart from our poor working attitude, we are also not serious, we don’t come into realizations on how we must shape and organize our whole lives.

Sometimes, one needs to sit down, reasoning and computing the results of certain lifestyles he/she has been involved.

It is very necessary to do a full assessment of your life sometimes, so to know where to adapt and where to adjust.

The issue is, we have been lazy. Africans, especially Ghanaians are lazy today more than anytime. Laziness is not only when you fail and feel reluctant in doing something, but it is also when you fail to reason and think.

Thinking and reasoning is a whole task on it own, one needs to engage in that in order for him/her to get a good start on all his proceedings. You cannot be inspired if you fail to think, you can never be motivated if you fail to think and nothing will push you to go for something if you haven’t thought of the essence of getting that particular thing.

We prepare by reasoning and “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” as Benjamin Franklin ones said.

Maybe you thought sleeping and dizziness were the only indications of laziness, below are the normal routine attitude, trending across the country and everywhere.

You eat when it is time, not when your body needs it

Someone wonders why he/she has not eaten by 12 o’clock, the person doesn’t understand. This happens when one is not feeling hungry, but he doesn’t know the reason why he should have an empty belly at that time.

Prior to this, he will force himself to fill the stomach with something. In fact, this happens to all of us, we don’t respond to our actual body reactions, but rather do what we think should be done with the body.

This attitude calls for the body to be optimized for laziness.

You will not feel active, you are always dizzy and bored, if this continues, it will lead you to moodiness and emotional disorders. The body does not need only food in generating energy for use.

Sometimes, depending on the type of work or activity you do, you can just set yourself with plenty water and go, in most times too, you need only fruits and vegetables to keep accelerating.

When you will need heavy food is only in times of dealing with heavy materials and heavy duties work. In most times, the body needs no food to work.

Pleasure and ecstasy are killing us today, and as long as we shall buy much attention for it, we will pay with sickness and dying forever. We have been eating right foods at the wrong time and vice versa.

In many cases, people eat junk foods during active working hours and in the evening, they will be taking heavy foods and hard drinks. That is why our bodies are not in good state nowadays, the normal working rate of human has now reduced, we lack brain stamina and that always keep us at bay.

If you have been energizing your body with the so-called energy drinks, you should take this point very seriously.

You have been misusing your energy

Misusing of energy isn’t anything huge. When you spend the whole of the night, chatting and making unnecessary calls, unless you take in an energy drink, you can never work effectively using your natural energy.

You know the kind of things you are doing at the wrong times, especially during the sleeping hours.

If it’s not anything beneficial, stop and save your energy for more relevant things.

Sleeping a lot whiles important things awaits you means you are lazy.

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The mind has been tapped

How has this been done?

A fresh graduate would be in the house and be monitoring TV programs all day. Somebody would be in the workplace yet be online for all day.

There are no huge reasons for high effects, the little things we always underrate are the very things killing us. If you are more into ecstasy and always fulfilling your pleasure, your mind is tapped.

You don’t think about serious things, you don’t have the zeal and courage to plan and do something. You see things to be necessary though but you still don’t see why you should be so attentive about it.

Most of us are having our minds tapped. Relationship matters are bothering you, family matters are bothering you, marriage problems, stigmatizations, emotional and psychological traumas.

Being in this situation will always make you feel moody and stressed, you will also be worried, your mental power reduced drastically, you will not be of yourself.

When this happens, you can’t concentrate, you can’t have a brain stamina, always steady with eyes, imbalance attention, retrogressive imaginations and all source of dizziness.

You will find such people to be always sleeping.

You are just lazy by the way.

Mediocre is fun

You have not been striving for excellence. In fact, anything which should be done better must be done the hard way or with high intelligence. There is no shortcut to doing things to be a success, you must work hard or think fast.

You must reason at a very high speed of your brain, total concentration, absolute meditation and proper computation of things. We don’t have time for all these.

In Africa, when ideas emerge and people want to capitalize on it, for laziness sake, they will not brainstorm themselves to bring out the necessary resolutions to suit the task, but rather do it in a simple way, in no time, you will see the thing not functioning anymore.

It is this same reason why we are not advancing in our output.

We just love middle-class things because we feel lazy in upgrading them to first class.

Folks, it takes a lot of time in generating and coming up with ideas and solutions in solving our daily problems and personal life improvement, laziness is not lying on your bed when you have nothing important to do, but it is failing to use your mind to come out with ideas and solutions.

This is the very thing we have over the past decades failed to do. You will see them doing serious things, but the question is how better are they doing it.

We deliberately go in a simple way just to finish early. We just don’t want to think. We are lovers of mediocre things because in Africa mediocre is fun.

This is total laziness.

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You just don’t know why

Some people too just don’t know why they are lazy. This may be due to so many reasons, current conditions, personal guiltiness, traumas, emotions.

From my personal research, I think if you are a guy and you have too much sex with one or different ladies, you develop this undefined state, if you are a lady too, minimize the number of guys you have been sleeping with.

This not a mystery, it’s a secret.

You are always reading inspirational books

I am making this clear that, if you didn’t inspire yourself, nothing and nobody can inspire you. The question is, on what angle are you taking your inspiration from? What do you want to be inspired on?

Why do you want to be inspired? Have you failed in doing something before? Have you had difficulty in overcoming certain obstacles? What kind of lifestyle are you in and what is its consequence?

Who do you want to get your inspiration from and on what do you want the person to inspire you?

We don’t lie down on the bed every day reading inspirational books and listening to inspirational messages to succeed, set yourself going before you look for those messages, be steady and program yourself before you get any kind of external fuel. Jesus Christ can do anything, what thing do you want Him to do for you?

You are inspired by somebody who started as a shoe shiner, and now the person owns clusters of estates, but you, what have you started? Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?

People always talk about inspiration, from books, their pastors and other motivational speakers, they have just created those fairy tales in their minds, nothing seems to be impossible for them, yet they have not tried anything.

This is being in professional laziness.

You have been employed by television

Now there is no place where you can’t find a television. The little chance one gets is a television time.

The meaning of this is that people don’t get time to think anymore.

We can change only if we are ready and determined.


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