What have you been thinking since you got Fs in your results?

How do your colleagues, mates, and friends who have moved higher than you?

How has been the nature of your conversations since the rejection of your application?

When you wake up early in the morning and you start to think, what actually comes into your mind?

And now, who do you think you are?

Einstein said…

“the only real valuable thing is intuition”

And I agree perfectly with him. Intuition is a very critical phenomenon is human’s nature. It is the natural ability and power that makes it possible to know something without any proof of evidence, it a quick and ready to incite action.

As a complete controller of your mind, this is how you should be thinking, I wouldn’t like to bore you with much philosophy and psychology, the subjective point I want to make is that, use your imagination, even if you have failed, try to imagine that it, not your jurisdiction, create your own world within your mind, gather your own theories using your intuition, stick and regulate your conscience very critically and accurate, feed your imaginations with much optimisms, take heed to your own way of thinking.

You will have the capacity to resist discouragements., misconceptions, fatal words, and trials.

And that when you decide to resurrect, it will be from your own intuition, not someone’s idea.

He continues to say….

“I never think of the future because it comes soon enough”

Yes! The future comes soon enough, don’t imagine today is the future, when you have fear to face tomorrow, your future is when all is going well with you after all those downs and ups, failures and frustrations.

Your imagination must tell you the future hasn’t come yet. It should continue telling you that it has come just for some people but not you.

Soon enough, the future will come, don’t be thinking about it.

This invites pressure on your life, it creates abstract competitions between your contemporaries, it makes you discontent, it hinders your good ideas, it pushes you to the wrong directions, it frustrates you a lot.

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Keep your imagination active, learn how to compromise every situation which comes in your life. Be more idealistic when it comes to your life decisions.

Imagination will keep you on track. If you are not using it, start now.

Einstein continues as…

“anyone who has never done a mistake hasn’t tried anything new”

In fact, this does not deal with something you have copied from somewhere or somebody, it’s something you have tried from your imagination.

The scientist we know, the business tycoons we know, the gurus we know have their success founded on their well-furnished imagination. That is why they did a lot of mistakes before they became successful.

What have you used your imagination to try? If you failed, you must try it again.

The issue is, try things on your own by simply using your imagination.

He also said…

“everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler”

Making something simple will be done genuinely from the way you will view and see the thing, most importantly how you will imagine it. Your imagination will fetch how simple or difficult the thing should be.

That is why some people do difficult things so easily and others do simple things in a very hard way. We all have differences, but the chief director for your actions is your imagination which embeds on your intuition.

Imagine that mathematics is difficult and it will be, imagine that economics is easy and it will be.

You are starting a project and you imagine only the difficulties and obstacles associated with it, how do you want to succeed?

Imagination is powerful, this same Einstein will tell you that imagination is important than knowledge, just use it well.

Things whether simple or difficult will come from the way you imagine it.

Finally, he states that…

“we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them” 

Problem-solving is very different, you need to be more radical, more strong and subjective in your analysis, objectives should be on point and you must stay focus using a very strong imagination.

Imagination is not static, is dynamic, you need to broaden up things when you start encountering challenges, you have to let go certain things and let in others.

You have to first think that your current problems were created by yourself, then access your level of thinking when you were doing that, after that, sit down and think from different angles, bring out different thought, different ideas and imagination to solve the problem.

In fact, you should stop the habit of blaming so that we will be heroes of our own success.

Your imagination is your world of thinking. Whether good or bad, you must think about it. The conclusion lies in your own way, where imagination has more impacts in your proceedings.

That is why you need a strong and good imagination to rise you up.