If you are a fashion guru or just the kind of individual who loves to look great all the time then you probably know just how difficult it is to look unique and in vogue every single day. Well, African wear is the answer to all your fashion woes.

African wear varies not just in design but also origin, fabric, color, and meaning. You can virtually wear a different type of African attire every single day for the rest of your life if you choose to. You can wear Kenyan, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Rwandan, Ugandan, Egyptian and many others.

Apart from your country of origin you can also choose the Kente, Kitenge, lace, leso, Gele, Iro, Isiagu, Kanzu, Kalasiris, Ntoma, brocade, and many more. Each of these countries has different tribes and each of these tribes have different African fashion unique to their own culture and practices. When it comes to the variety front, African wear clearly is the best.

African prints can be cut and made into the most authentic creations that the wearer can possibly desire. Whether it is a shirt, skirt, top, bag, footwear or even a tailored trouser suit, you can make anything out of our gorgeous colorful print to suit your individual taste and preferences.

African wear for Wedding

These days, Africans rock the local prints for wedding ceremonies. Even the bride and groom do so and has become a popular trend in Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries. Here are pictures of African wear for wedding ceremonies.

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Check out this YouTube video on African wedding styles

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African wear for Church

Going to church is a big deal for Christians in Africa. In addition to worshiping God, fashion is the next big thing you will spot. One can get all his/her fashion inspiration by going to church, but you have to wear something that is decent which will not disrupt people’s attention.

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African wear for office

In Ghana, Fridays are reserved for African wears. But as fashion is evolving in Africa, one can wear a nice looking office African dress that defeat the Western styles.

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African wear for events

The red carpets of African events have seen a lot of African designs made locally. Many African celebrities prefer to rock the African print. Here are photos of Becca and Yemi Alade representing Africa everywhere they go.

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becca, african wear becca, african wear

The rich blend of Africa unique styles and the new trend has produced wonderful designs that would make you proud to be an African when you rock that African wear.




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