African Print Dresses and Styles that will trend in 2018

african print jumpsuit

African Print Dresses are industrially produced, colorful cotton cloths with batik printing. In recent times, African fashion Dresses are what you see at most events.

In Ghana, the designs of African prints are made with emotions attached…every design comes with a name and its meaning. Adinkra symbols are mostly used.

African print fabrics include Ankara, Batakari, Chitenge, Aso Oke, Dashiki, Gele and Kente.

Ghana is home to the production of high-quality wax prints…even though the market is flooded with fake prints from China. Manufacturers in Ghana include Woodin, Printex and Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL).

You can’t talk about African print fabrics without mentioning Vlisco, as their history is completely interwoven into the development of this niche market.

Today, African print dresses can be styled in a plethora of ways. Ankara or Ntoma (as called in Ghana), Kente, & Dashiki are well-known prints.

Browse through these beautiful African dresses covering prom dresses, African print bathing suits, skirt, kaba and slit…and so on. This is a long post full of African Fashion Styles.

African print skirts and tops

These days, women’s native wear don’t have to come in matching tops and trousers only, we have only tops or shirts that are printed in African or Ghanaian colors or even lace material that can be comfortably worn on a pair of women’s jeans that combination you will like because it is unique and stylish. The trendiest of women in West Africa have traditional outfits in their wardrobe.

African print tops can go together with jeans, blouses, maxi skirts or any other nice dress you can think of. Just make sure the combination is simple and perfect.

Browse through these beautiful African tops made with Kente, Ankara or Ntoma, Batakari, and Dashiki.

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In the United States, a promenade dance, most commonly called a prom, is a semi-formal (black tie) dance or gathering of high school students. What is prom night today? Prom night is still the most important dance of high school senior year.

And like always, the night revolves around having a date. The beautiful African dresses which are mostly worn by Black Americans have found their way to the popular event.

Some couples wear matching outfits with the guys wearing jackets in the same print, others were a little subtle with details like a bow tie in the same print, a pocket square, waistcoat or tuxedo belt. From kente to the dashiki print and Ankara, here are some picks for African print dresses for Prom.

prom dress with african printafrican dresses at promafrican print prom dress made with kenteafrican print prom dress styleafrican wear prom dressankara print prom dressbeautiful african print prom dressdashiki african print prom dresslady in african print prom dressnice african print prom dressAfrican print bathing suits

This African dress style is worn to swim, bikinis and swimsuits featuring beautiful African-inspired fabrics. Yasmeen of Ashanti Swim Wear saw African print swimsuits on runway shows, catwalks and magazines. She noticed that these swimsuits were never accessible or ready to purchase immediately.

Yasmeen desperately wanted her own unique kente swimsuits to wear while on vacation as she loves to travel. This became an obsession, which eventually inspired her to create her own collection of Kente and African print Swimsuits for other women like herself.

The following African print bathing suits (bikini) features her collections and from Islay African on Instagram as well.

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African print accessories

It’s not only about the skirt or top, blouse, long dress or kaba and slit, African prints are now used to make beautiful accessories to match. If it bags, necklace, shoes, snickers, spectacles, beads, scarfs, bangles or any kind of accessories, you’re sure to find them beautifully made with African prints.

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African fashion dresses for weddings

In Ghana, there’s a traditional wedding and a church wedding (white wedding). The traditional weddings are characterized by African print clothing while in the church wedding, gowns imported from outside and few locally made with foreign fabrics are used.

But recently, there is a trend where couples wear the gowns African prints gowns. Here is a collection of African print gowns for white wedding.

african print for weddingafrican print wedding gown trendafrican wedding gownafrican wedding gown

Other African fashion dresses

Here is a collection of modern African fashion dresses made by African fashion designners from Ghana, Nigeria, etc. You can purchase these beautiful African dresses online on popular stores such as Jumia, Konga, Etsy, Amazon and more.

You can also source from your nearest fashion designers. Browse through images of African wear jumpsuits and more.

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African wear for men

Men’s African wear are becoming popular and very fashionable these days. Now men are seen rocking different styles of African wear; mainly because they are worn on more occasions than just traditional ceremonies which they were formerly popular for.

The natives are now worn to religious occasions, traditional ceremonies, weddings, informal occasions and even in the corporate environment.

The fascinating beauty of the African wear is that it can be matched with mostly men slippers, sandals or shoes. Here are photos of African wear for men.

long sleeves for men made with batakarilatest batakari designs for menbatakari color combinations abrantie collection african print for menafrican print caftanafrican print for menafrican print suit for men abrantie collectionsafrican men stylesafrican print for men trends in 2018



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