I can say without any fear of contradiction that you have thousands of reasons to rise up again. Life they say is unpredictable yet it takes the heart of perseverance and the mind to believe whatever optimism that comes your way.

How many times have you tried?

How many times have you failed?

How many times have you been rejected?

The failed interviews are how many?

The failed businesses are how many?

How many are the submitted application letters?

How long have you been trying?

How many times have you been frustrated?

Is it down and dusted?

Do you think all is over and you can’t rise up again?

You have reasons to rise up again!


”at the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years”

I agree with Abraham Lincoln, and I think you also agree. Forget about your age, don’t think too much about the success of your age mates and colleagues, stop comparing yourself to people you are older than, who have made it.

Save your heart, mind and soul by not meditating on the luxuries and materials your friends have gotten, don’t be imagining how you started with them and never come into conclusion about how you are ending with them.

Yours can come at the age of 50, 60 or even 70 if you are destined to be like that. You can make it at any point in time just because at the end, the years in your life will never be counted, but rather, the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln is also making it clear that

his great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure”

Yes! Are you content with your failure? Failure, as everybody knows, is inevitable in man’s life. However, the strength, the belief, the optimism, the courage, the power of any man are meant to overcome failure, you have the capacity and the ability to control the harms of failure, unless you choose to forget, you can entertain failure in your life by choice, determination should be out if you are ready to welcome failure anytime he knocks your door.

Rise up, don’t be content with failure, nobody was born to fail, failure rather strengthens, it gives you the chance to try again, it expands and enlightens your capacity, your capabilities brighten and much exploration could be done from it with the help of it. Rise again for your dignity can’t be content with failure.

He continues to write;

“the way for a young man to rise is to improve himself anyway he can, never suspecting that, anybody wishes to hinder him”

Rise again to improve yourself any way you can, the idea that someone is the reason for your failure is a fatal perception which can taints even the believe you have for your own self.

There are a lot of ways which you can take to reach your destination, a determined mind is always ready to beat any obstacles that come in his way.

Maybe you tried on the perfect way, but it didn’t succeed, try it in the so-called hardest way, it will do. Don’t be down to accept that someone’s actions are the reasons for your failure.

Stand up, take a deep breath, blame yourself, identify your mistakes, find solutions, correct it, then go out there to try again.

Don’t forget to blame yourself for your hinder.

He continues…..

“I will prepare and someday, my chance will come”   

Are you ready to go with Abraham Lincoln?

Just allow those who are already gone take the lead.

Let those who are successful enjoy.

Let those who have made it celebrate, for their time has come.

If you accept failure, blame yourself, find corrections to your mistakes, retrieve solutions, find the antidote to obstacles and really get prepared rigidly, surely, your chance will come one day.


“always bear in mind that, your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing”

Your own resolution comes in when you are not blaming others for your failure. Many are those who don’t accept defeats honorably when they fail, you can hang around as many reasons for your failures, your success will and must depend on your own resolutions.

Introduce yourself again to your lifestyle, bring all poor attitudes into accounts, scrutinize your jurisdiction well, then know how you are going to resolve your success issues.

Never link your resolutions to someone’s.

And finally…

“the best thing about the future is that, it comes only one day at a time”

Success in future will come just one day at a time, you don’t know the day, neither do I, so why don’t we rise up, go out there to try again.

Why don’t we come together to stop all the worries and concentrate on what the future will give to us?

Why don’t we stop the complains, the blame games, the inferiorities, the discourage and be bold to face the day once again…

We are the authors of our destiny, we are emperors of our own empire, we are the commanders of our own soldiers, so are we the masters and gods of our own cult. Whether good or bad will be from our own actions.

At a time, future comes only one day.

And this is the reason why you should rise again.