Yes! I know it sounds very controversial, but I just want you to take little time to see if I will be making sense.

Albert Einstein ones said:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking. We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives”

Did you see that? I want you to go over again two more times before we continue.

A century that has been broken, a century that has been tainted, a century that has been misunderstood, a century that cannot be computed, a century with humiliation, politically friction, cultural ambiguities, racial ethnocentrism, pogroms, bigotry, plunder, victimization, stigmatization, discrimination indeed “demands new thinking”.

People today are motivating themselves more than ever before. The word motivation is not what I’m up to, but the work it is doing now is the subject matter for the next two or three minutes.

To me there is nothing to be motivated for, we’ve got only ourselves.

The below seven reasons have been briefly explained, I want you to take it from a different perspective in your own view.

It displaces you from your track

Count the number of motivational books you have read and count the level of your life one by one, if the number of the motivational books you have supersedes, the level of your life, then you have a long way to go.

Have you set standards for your life? do you know your potentials? what actually is your talent? Do you know why you were born? What can you do in life?

After asking yourself all these questions, then you continue:

What have I ever tried in this life? What was the reason for my failure, what can I do to touch success? Am I trying my best? Have I been lazy these days? Do I read, do I search, do I plan? Do I reason? Do I think?

When was the last time I tried generating ideas for my life activities? Are the reasons for my current situation tangible? What actually is the cause of my failure? Can I do it again?

Go over the questions again and let continue.

Did you see you have not been able to ask yourself just only the first part?

So, on what track are you running with all these motivations? You are displaced.

You are already motivated

You can do it, right? What can you do? Have you done something before? Or have you helped someone to achieve his goal before? What success can you boast of?

Don’t motivate yourself before you get motivated, stay unmotivated before you will be motivated. If you stay in such intuition, you will not strive hard, you will not think, you will not reason, neither will you plan nor set a strategy for your life, because you think you can do it.

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Motivated people do not need any other more motivation, they have built abstract confidence, they have success box in their minds which will never exist. Such people act as counselors, advisers, and motivators.

They will never try anything new in their lives yet they will be pushing people to go for it. They have never strife for excellence, yet they always condemn mediocrity. They have eagle’s mindset but do not have eagle’s actions.

They are always successful in their minds, they believe in themselves yet cannot do anything on their own, they always say people have done it, I ask them when will they say I have done it?

Why did you motivate yourself? Was there any benefit for doing that?

You don’t know why you are motivating yourself

It simple and straightforward, you just don’t know why you are motivating yourself. Why don’t you stop attending the life-changing seminars, success conferences, motivational talks and sit down to access yourself why you need all those presentations.

Try something and fail, do it again, fail, again, fail, then check whether somebody fails more times than you, if there was, then that is the motivation, if there wasn’t, just make up your mind you will tell your story one day after success.

Have you asked yourself why you are still in your same situation even though you have been listening to almost all motivational speakers in the world and have read all their books?

Is because you don’t know why you are motivating yourself.

The motivators weren’t motivated

Let be sincere, will you change your life by your own self or a book will change it for you? Read all the best motivational books in the world, neglect good heart, good relation, good habit, good attitude and be lazy, nothing will ever happen in the world for you.

Sit in the house and be watching them (motivational speakers) don’t go out, don’t take a step, forget excellence, and see if there will be a miracle for you.

Which of the motivational speakers have you been listening haven’t hustle before? You, do you know what a hustle is? Your current situation might be far better than theirs when they were at your stage, but trust me, if you didn’t discipline yourself, you will rather fall below their worse situation.

Perseverance and hardworking attitude which has paid them a valuable price, they weren’t actually motivated, they determined and now here you are singing their adoration songs with them.

Go out there, and compose your own, in future, people will sing with you.

You will see failure as an alien

Especially those who have been motivated by the words “think big”, “dream big”, “don’t limit yourself”, “you don’t deserve where you are”, “you must stay in a mansion”, “you will buy a car next year”. And they are funny.

Such people will be blasting the witches in their mother’s house instead of realizing their poor attitude, laziness and mediocre way of doing things. We don’t just stand in the synagogue overnight to break failures.

Thomas Edison succeeded in the 100th time of making the light bulb. How many times have you failed, for what reasons did you fail? And who told you your situation now is a failure?

Failure is not an alien, is not a stranger neither can it be termed to be bad. Jesus felt several times before he was hanged on the cross.

Nobody can boast of successive success, not even the Rockefeller’s family.

Just entertain failure, it’s a package, open it because inside it is where your success can be found.

Abstract thinking can never change your life

Thinking you can be successful doesn’t mean you are a success.

The fact that people have succeeded through the worse situation of yours doesn’t give you the autonomy to be a success.

Success is not an optimization program, is something we fight for in our various territories. Stop the abstract thinking, stay focus, set a goal, be more practical in your life, stop the comparisons, just think that, you are alone in the world and all those that you see are subordinates.

They are complementors and supplements in your life.

Save your imagination for your own ideas, don’t destruct it with people’s ideas which you can never imagine.

You will see mediocrity to be excellence

Oh yes! You will do anything anyhow because to you, nothing is impossible. Even if you didn’t do it well, still people will appreciate because of your positive thinking.

You are trying to do it because you know someone who tried the same way and had succeeded. You don’t care about your attitude because you know success doesn’t bother whom you are.

This is mediocrity.

Think of something more advanced than Facebook, bring something which can supersede Microsoft, try to set a standard for Bill Gate. Can you?

This is the mind of excellence.

Know how you are going to motivate yourself. Don’t get frozen in life with motivations, try to be a motivating subject, not a motivational object.

Wait! Did you notice I just motivated you now?

“a man should look for what is, and not what he thinks to be”
Albert Einstein


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