Many have been said, many have been written, more have been understood, yet few have been put into practice.

We know the right, but we do the wrong, we know the effects, yet we engage the causes, we can prove the merit, yet we write the demerit, we can say, but we don’t understand, we can speak but we can’t write, we can write yet we can read.

We know but we can’t implement. Intellects have been degraded, minds are corrupted, the human attitude has been misrepresented.

Why would one wake up early in the morning and the first thing he or she will be able to do is to check WhatsApp messages? Two people will be sitting on a chair together, they will never say just a Hi to one another but you will see them busily with their phones.

One could generate some peculiar idea from thinking, and the only resource he or she would seek for is one search result from Google.

Are we really on ourselves? Do we nowadays think on our own? Do we engage and keep good relationship ethics? How do we nowadays treat our personality?

The below reasons will prove that.

1. You think you are too civilized

I don’t know your definition of civilization, but I’m sure you know its opposite word to be barbarism. Behaving in a weird way isn’t only about getting out of your emotions, but its certain kinds of attitude we have adopted in the name of civilization that, when proved in the principles of common sense will turn us to be professional ignorant, we have been negligent in so many aspects of our lives.

The empty-sudden change and advancement of material things have turned our minds and intellects upside down. One sees old things to be outmoded and sees the coming of new things as progress in life.

Many people today, especially the youth have subjected themselves to the rapid transition of the material world. They think you cannot cope when you have not been updating yourself into certain technological onrush.

They overlook the purpose and actual benefits that come in using some of the old gadgets, even in using the so-called current gadgets, they always fail to meet their purpose and functions.

I don’t know who you are proving your worth to, and I can’t count the things you want to use to prove it. But if you prove your worth by dressing in new clothes, buying new phones, tablets, laptops or whatever, putting on new ill-styled attire, then am sorry you are acting barbarically.

You are always under pressure and hostile influence because you don’t feel comfortable dressing simple with your old nice clothes, you feel ashamed when you are not using the new model of your current phone.

In fact, if something new pops out, you are obliged in your imagination to buy is outright just to attract more eyes on you, and you think that makes your personality? You think people respect you in doing that or you have branded your name? That is a barbaric attitude, you are not of yourself and you can never show up your real personality, not to talk about your real behavior.

If you are such, you don’t think for yourself, you think for people (always saying; …people will complain that…, …for everybody to see that…, …so that I can be recognised) on what they are thinking for you, your own decision is nothing to you, you always imagine what others decision will be for you, you don’t plan for yourself, things in the market plan for you, you don’t buy for yourself, others buy for you using your own.

Always finding his/ her self-wanting as in thinking about what other people are thinking for her per the things she has been putting on, these people are fond of using their resources (time, body and money) to do unsubstantiated stuffs, they waste precious hours in just wearing clothes, they treat their body with radiations and chemicals and use their money in buying irrelevant things.

Friends and society are the managers, inspectors, and judges in their lives, they are the controllers of their time. Prove to me, that you can be of your own self-being in this situation.

2. You are confused with culture and modernism

Another misused word is modernization, as people have been saying the modern world. What is the way of your life? What language do you speak? How do you dress? How do you dance? How do you sing? What is your actual behavior? And where do you come from? What is your culture?

Africans are just joking nowadays, they are misbehaving and so they are missing a lot about nature and the good things in it. What has this modern world change? What kind of impact has it had in our lives? Is it the uncounted number of carbons in the atmosphere that has made the sky hot? Is it the libido drugs that have enhanced unwanted pregnancies and several abortions? Is it the sexually stimulated alcohols which have put teenage pregnancies in an unbearable situation or the phones that make us not to think anymore? Forgetting where you are coming from means you don’t know where you are going.

You have changed the food you eat because you are in the modern world (now people eat, diabetic foods, cancerous foods, BP foods, arthritis and kidney failure foods).

You have stopped speaking your local language because you are in the modern world (today graduates and student feel ashamed of speaking their mother language).

You have stopped wearing your decent-local dresses because you are in the modern world (ladies today see to be normal in going out with underwear and very short-transparent dresses).

You don’t respect the elders anymore because they are not computerized people (the you today believe more in what Google will say than their elders). The entire behavior of yours has changed, not for the better, but for worse.

Changing the whole of your identity in the name of modernization is a way of bringing your thoughts and mindset into a different perspective, it taints your foresight and vision making your purpose in life to be unsure.

You will never behave towards the condition surrounding you, and you look like an alien to your vicinity. You can’t think radical and you will never understand your whole life.

3. You have too many ghost friends

What sense does it make to you when your friend comes to visit you then as he or she sits beside you, you will be busily chatting with a friend on Facebook? That friend of yours is in a very far place, the possibility of meeting her is 0%.

Nobody disputes the fact of having more friends in the social media, neither can we condemn that, but is it more like affront when you are with your partner in the hall, bedroom or even walking around, then you will be concentrating on that ghost friend of yours, some people give immediate response to their friends on social media more than how they respond to their parent or partners commands.

Others feel so happy chatting in a group on social media, doing series of discussion there more than to their real and visiting friends, some don’t even pick incoming call because she will be too tight with someone on messenger.

You may see this to be nothing irrelevant, but undoubtedly, some relationships are stuck because of these little things, it is so painful seeing your girlfriend/boyfriend online on WhatsApp but you will call him/her and he/she will never pick.

Parent are facing garbage of disrespects in the house and churches because of these childish attitudes, they have completely lost their children’s attention from their instructions because they are taking counsel elsewhere, two people will meet and have a very snappy chat, when one escorts the other, you will see them using their phones and if checked, you find out that both are checking their WhatsApp messages.

Ninety-five percent of the youth today are like this, they don’t admonish the power of communication anymore, they take ecstasy being with their ghost friends more than the real ones, it is even possible they might use some of the messages on their WhatsApp and Facebook as a topic for their discussion.

Fresh and strong ideas are not emerging anymore, all the examples you are using is the incidents that were posted on your Facebook page, you read and understand what they have written to you, and you make sure you put them into practice.

You are not of yourself because ghost friends are your thinkers, you only test whether you are appreciated by writing anything at all to expect likes and comments from Facebook, you post a picture expecting to have 1000 likes and 500 comments, you say good morning to your ghost friends rather than giving it as a heartfelt message to your partner, you ask your ghost friends more questions than your husband/wife you lie on the same bed with.

You get angry with your fiancée for nothing but you never get annoyed to your ghost friends no matter what they do.

In fact, we are not just behaving such towards our ghost friends, but we are just into more of our phones more than ourselves, we respect and give it more attention than our partners.

One starts a day, updating his/her status, by greeting and wishing good wills to friends on social media, it is probable that this same person will never greet on his/her road to work or school. Is this normal?

4. You see your conscience to be funny

Our conscience is the judge of our personality, it analyses every decision that comes to our possession, whether good or bad, it tells us to choose the right? How have we responded to them?

How many right decisions have you chosen from your conscience? The system today has been fouled, the air that we breath today contains less oxygen and so we have been having very poor pulses.

We seem to be too weak to appreciate the good works our conscience has been rendering to us, but it rather looks like the influences are too much, the pressure from the outside is heavy, it gives us exciting decision, beautiful things to do, interesting places to go more than what our conscience gives us.

When we decide on very strong principles and discipline points, it will look very difficult for us to execute, then our minds will be blowing on the temperamental and the emotional sentiments.

One can decide on abstaining from certain bad entities, but he/she will be stimulated in a different way, then he will stop. One will set up very good disciplinary actions, but you will see the same person acting in his/her maximum indiscipline actions.

The point is that we are not able to meet our own personal wants, as in how we will like to live our lives, we have put ourselves in the deeper side of the abyss of addictions. We seem to be acting on unwanted principles.

Sometimes, one really can’t comprehend why he/she is behaving in certain ways and most of the youth are having such problems. They don’t understand the entire lifestyle for themselves, the good and the rational behavior are in their minds and memory yet they fail to execute.

Pastors and some clergies treat this behavior to be spiritual, but what makes spiritual things to appear physical? Our attitude and behavior are the very things killing our conscience. You are not of yourself when you seem not to understand your own behavior. Your conscience is really at work but is too funny.

5. You are a product of 21st century

You wake early in the morning, you take your phone, put on your data, you reply to those 500 messages, you change your Facebook status, then greet and wish your friends good day.

You check your IMO, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you reply all messages then clear of unwanted ones. You will come to WhatsApp to update your status with those pictures of yours, then you will come to your call log to check on those who called you.

You just thought that those calls can wait because you are already late. You rushed to bath and get dressed.

On your way to work or school, you called on those who called you last night that you are busy heading towards class or workplace and so you will call them later, then back to WhatsApp to continue the chat you were having, you stopped, by the time you started working or learning.

2hrs time you were tired, so you took your phone to log on to Facebook to see the trending news, little WhatsApp, then you got back to work, when you closed, you asked your friend if he/she has downloaded latest movies, the response was yes, then you pull out your pen drive to load them.

You got to the car with your earpiece inside your ears, you opened to your WhatsApp and Instagram to have a small chat and small view of pictures and people status videos, you got home and eventually, you slept because you were tired.

You switched on your laptop/desktop then fixed in the pen drive to transfer the movies, there you are watching one of the movies, then you called one of the people you promised to call, you were talking and at the same time watching the movie (if no type of computer, then it would be telenovela) your responds was….. yeaaa, what did you say… hello…yea I’m listening to you, ok, alright, ok I hear, oh yea alright. Then finally, the person told you that, he/she will call you later.

After the movie or the telenovela, you ate something, then you refreshed up to sleep, again, you switched on your data and if someone is to check your last seen the next morning, it 12:31 am that the person will see.

You do this every day right?

If yes then you are a fine and well-manufactured product of 21st century. All your life has been programmed already for you, WhatsApp will never stop, Facebook will forever exist, latest movies will always come and more interesting telenovelas awaits you.

How long will you continue being like this?

6. Technology decides for you

One finds his/her refuge on the internet, some girls even ask google what to say if a guy proposes to them. One learns how to live his/her entire life online. Behaviors are being managed by phones, emotions are being manipulated by people views on social media, suspicions are being created by fake obstructions which people post on platforms.

The fact is, people today just follow current trends in living their lives. Many good people are turning to be something else because of the so-called warnings he has been reading on a WhatsApp group.

Good attitudes are fading out, lifestyles have been revolutionized, trust in people are just wiping off, no respect, no recognition. People are just getting tired of real people, it is this time that we have most of the blind datings going on.

People lives are decided by phone, tablets, laptops, social media and the internet as a whole.

Technology has taken over the minds and intellects of beautiful folks, adopted styles and behavior is too prolific in the system, sudden change of music have killed the positive sensations of humanity.

The whole matter has never been understood since most people don’t know where those things are coming from. We respect the ideas of technology more than our own.

Impure mindsets, negative inputs and output have been our hallmark. We just respond to whatever the system will give us and we follow wherever it will take us, whatever it tells us too, we say yes sir.

You are not of your own self because, you don’t seem to remember what you ones use your own will, intuition, and goodwill to do.

7. You can’t do a day without social media

Do you remember the last time you were off Facebook? Oh! yea just the last 2mins. Can you stay consistently in 5hrs without checking your WhatsApp messages if no serious action is going on? Maybe you can do that when you are able to sleep for 5hrs without waking up.

Can you resist the pictures and videos trending on Instagram for just a day? I know you can do that when your phone spoil. Or you can stay offline whiles your data if on?

Answers to these questions are rare and it looks funny. This just unbearable because there is nothing we can do about it. However, people are becoming more useless than ever before, trashy pictures, irrelevant post, rubbish jokes, jejune videos and unnecessary chats are just everywhere.

Whiles some people are making good money doing social media, others are just wasting their pricey time doing nothing.

Do you remember the last time you sat down to think for just 2hrs?

When was the last time you read just a page of a book?

When you go to school and in class, immediately the tutor or the lecturer finishes, what do you do?

When you go to church or mosque, immediately you close, what do you do?

Maybe you don’t know, but your phone now is more important than your life.

People are perishing, minds are getting rotted, upcoming children are getting polluted, children are spoiling, everything seems to be phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, IMO, twitter, tango, 2go, WeChat, LinkedIn and other, they are not only vanishing our culture but are also changing our whole being.

We are gradually becoming inferior to other beings, some of our behaviors nowadays are just rubbish to animals, and most of us fail to even think.

Concentration of just some few hours is more like uprooting a rock. We rather get dressed to take selfies, we go to class to take selfies, in the church, you will see them taking selfies all in the name of uploading to Facebook and others. One is interested in recording a video of an immediate accident than helping the suffering ones out.

Are we really behaving normal nowadays?


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