Becoming a successful businessman is something not achieved on a silver platter, it’s a lifetime engagement and the whole body should be part of it.

Business is not an activity, is an attitude which gets into minds through habit.

You don’t need just a mere idea to do business, you need a whole concept and output and that is the reason why you must involve your whole body and mind.

The reason why most people have fallen short in their business is that they don’t know why they should involve all their human resources.

Somebody failed in his business because he didn’t know the essence of doing thorough research towards the initiation part.

People have ignored lessons of nature and so they become handicapped in several ideas. Nature is the best teacher, Einstein agrees with me.

Books and human reasoning are all the resources we have over the centuries, depended on in our knowledge basis, but if you haven’t encountered any lessons from nature, then I think your, proves are baseless.

Trees, animals and unanimated creatures around us keep on giving us information, they always prompt us to learn from them, on several occasions have we refuse them.

I am going to step into the territories of other creatures, I will explore some of their behavior and we will see if we can link to our business ground as we continue to seek ideas and beneficiaries in our business journey.

These species are well known in the documents of tales and adages. In African culture, some species become our role models in tackling certain problems, some solutions to our problems are sometimes, learn from these same animals.

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Below are seven animals, every businessman or woman is mandated to imitate.


Of course, it is. As we’ve all admitted to be having eagle’s mindset, so should we learn certain acts and habits of the eagle.

This animal always strives for excellence, unstoppable, and always looking up to be doing different things and that always makes it unique.

As a businessman, you shouldn’t be seeing yourself to be part of the ordinary business people, be like an eagle, strive for excellence, be looking at a different perspective, and try generating ideas to make your business always outstanding.

Eagles always do their finishing touches on top, imitate this if you are a businessman, cast your mind higher and stand unique, don’t always follow your colleagues as to where they are all going, what they are going to do, and how they are going to do it.

Add something extraordinary to your business. Don’t be like the vulture to be consuming dead bodies, thus don’t look for cheap things, brand yourself in a quality way, and let your customers or clients see something new about you always.

Dream and hope for the big things, style yourself in an excellent way.

Don’t be like a vulture in your business, be like an eagle. Go on top where nobody can catch you. Set standards for others to learn from you just an eagle.

This comes in an innovative way of thinking, positive assessment, extra efforts and extra mile step.


One of the wisest species, small but dangerous. If you are a business man, be like an ant, think ahead, don’t be lazy and do proper organization.

Ants are very fantastic species when it comes to organization and preparation, they are not selfish too and are always fast in all their dealings.

That should be the hallmark of every business-minded person, you have to do complete preparation, know the kind of business you can do, know where you will succeed and then plan thoroughly with capital and other resources.

Ants are always sensitive about the weather and season, the same way should be the sensitiveness of business people, know the era, know the trend, know the season, know what is coming and what is going.

This will keep your ideas and proceedings always alive, your plans will never be outmoded, you will always know the period and the type of actions that is due for it.

Ants do a lot of searches, people have been wondering why ants get to know where sweet is, no matter the location. Is because their senses are always alert to sweet things, above all, they do a lot of research.

This shouldn’t be new to any businessman if he wants to explore good values to add onto his business, lay your senses on good grounds, be aware of all sweet prospects, be doing deep research, be attending to workshops, entrepreneurial presentations, reading of books, attending seminars and consultations on all available resource personnel.

Ant will also go back to inform it friends after finding sweet, they will come in their numbers to explore whatever they find.

Don’t be selfish if you are a business minded person, a business that you have encountered seems to be going beyond your resources, simply invite colleagues, organize yourself, explore it, whatever comes out of it are all yours.

Ants also are very co-operative, they help each other in achieving their goals, always ready to prepare, you will see them crushing, that’s a sign of good communication, always alerting themselves.

Sometimes co-operate business are very productive. You can have your personal business and still do another as co-operator.

Be like an ant in your business.


These animals are smart and vigilant, they are not reactive, always alert, very critical and strong in decisions, cats don’t normally miss their targets, they are also protective and are not fond of giving up in life.

This should be part of a default business person. Don’t just see things to be ordinary, be smart and vigilant in your business, don’t act slow, never lose focus, be critical and stay reactive always.

Be strong like a cat in your business decisions, their yes is their yes and no is their no. they are not like dogs, they will bark at whoever they will see, later they will realize to be a known person.

Cats will never behave such way, they are always sure of what they are doing, always concentrating, be like a cat.

Don’t be missing the target, cats don’t miss targets, not missing target demands absolute concentration and focus, you will see cats busily stirring at things, be like that, stir at different ideas in your business, with all concentrations, go the high way, and never give up.

Cats are also protective, just be that way.


Is simple and straightforward, just don’t get tired in business, even if there are too many obstacles, try harder, you can go, run, run and run with all your maximum speed, don’t look back, don’t turn around, always look what is ahead of you, so you know when and where to jump, when and where to twist just like a horse.

Be strong, and hard. Things are not easy, but with time you can move ahead.


Try to be looking good and melodious at your business territory, the beak of parrot is big and always brings out a sweet sound. Let the words from your mouth be sweeter like melody.

Have convincing lips, let all your clients and customers love the way you speak and deliver your services verbally.

Your output is very vital in your business activities, be like a parrot. Let your lips attract customers and business partners, not the other way round.


let your eyes shine like an owl, let your eyes bright like an owl. Let it rotate at the 360 degrees. In business, you need to be looking around, in different views and perspectives. Shine your eyes like an owl.

See things to be huge, their eyes are very penetrative, let your eyes be like that. Explore business opportunities all over the world.

In your country, look all around the corners, be exploring business experts, customers, clients, partners across all borders of the globe.


Sometimes, you need to be patient, slow, ever protecting your business, like a snail.

Sometimes be soft too, business is an attitude, not an activity.


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