When your small business is flourishing, staying motivated is rarely an issue. But when you’re experiencing setbacks or feeling like you’re in a slump, your personal drive may take a hit.

Here are seven tips for staying focused on your dream and reinvigorating your entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Seek business inspiration from your peers

Having a network of entrepreneurs and small business owners to talk to can be an invaluable support system.

Not only can you give each other advice and feedback, it’s also encouraging to hear that you’re not alone in your challenges.

Join small business owners associations or meetups and go to networking events to build your connections.

It’s also helpful to read about successful entrepreneurs and hear about the challenges that they have faced while building their business.

Some of the best small business success stories started with great challenges! Check out biographies of success stories like Richard Branson’s or listen to TED Talks given by famous entrepreneurs to kickstart your small business motivation.

2. Think about your business’s impact in your community

Think about your business’s effect in the community and how valued your contributions are. Small businesses have provided 55% of jobs in the US and represent more than 99.7% of all employers.

Think about your business as a catalyst for positive change- it has more impact in your community than you can even imagine.

3. Always be realistic

When making goals, make sure that they are indeed real. In the first five years of business when 15% of your sales go back into advertising the business is not the time to declare that you will make 1 million dollars. Here are some tips to stay realistic.

Instead, celebrate the fact that you are making sales and that you are able to advertise. Make it a longer-term goal and you will be happily surprised and satisfied when it comes to pass within 5 years.

Make a long-term strategy for the business. Make strategies to meet those goals. Prioritize them and attempt to anticipate the consequence of reaching goals so that you choose what to strive for first, second, or third.

4. Find your original spark

Has it been a while since you thought about what inspired you to start a business? Was it someone you met? A seminar you attended?

A vision you had while on vacation? Reconnect with that person or experience to reignite your entrepreneurial spark.

5. Just say no to negativity

When external events prevent you from reaching a goal, try to avoid falling into a negative mindset and losing motivation.

Instead, adjust your thinking and look for the opportunities these events may create.

Surround yourself with positive influences, too. Trade bad-news media coverage for feel-good motivational tapes. Listen to music that lifts your spirits.

Avoid friends and colleagues who exude negativity and hang out with upbeat, ambitious people who have the desire to make their dreams a reality.

6. Stay fit and healthy

As the captain of your own ship, you benefit when your business succeeds, but suffer when it fails. This means you need to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy at all times.

Overworking, a bad diet, and a lack of exercise are the main causes of poor health among business owners.

It’s essential to eat well, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks. You should also find time to walk, cycle, or take part in some kind of physical activity.