The land of Africa arguably is the second richest land on this planet. There is nothing like “African land lacks certain resources” the land is rich, the land is fertile, the land is soft, is fragile and can inhabit all kinds of crops.

In the United States, only 20% of their economy constitutes agriculture yet, they are able to feed more than 300,000000 citizens and still play an integral role in agricultural export activities.

An African country like Ghana has 60% of its economy to be Agriculture, yet they are not able to feed 27million citizens and still depending most of it food and Agriculture well-being on imports.

It is so pitiful seeing countries like U.S.A, Canada, Ireland, Britain, Spain and Portugal to be having good remarks in the field of world leading producers whiles countries in Africa, especially those in the West and East, lagging behind Agriculture produce.

From a geographical perspective, countries that surround the equator are more likely to be rich in soil fertility and valuable land resources in general.

However, most of the tropical countries have always failed to meet their Agricultural expectations.

Crops like, avocado, garlic, ginger, orange, banana have more strings to be stretched in enhancing our secondary and tertiary production. Reluctantly, we offer good service to it and in most-times, we don’t pay much attention to it.

It’s high time we come back to our local produce, we can turn half of our education system to face Agriculture, then we take it from there, Africa would have been rich.

There are some forgotten crops in Africa which I think when attention is been paid to them, we shall have almost one-third of our unemployment rate solved.

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Cashew nuts

Cashews nuts are kidney-shaped seeds belonging to the family of Anacardiaceae which include mangoes and pistachios. They are originally native to coastal areas of most African countries, they are healthy under tropical climates.

In Africa, countries like Nigeria, Cameroun, Ghana, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast and all countries that surround the equator can grow Cashew but it quite unfortunate that Kenya and Tanzania are the only African countries growing more of this seed.

Cashew contains minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc with sodium present in small quantities.

From the look of these minerals, there is no beverage or food which cannot be naturally manufactured using cashew nut.

Proper packaging is required to take this seed to international standard. Production of cashew nuts is an agricultural business on it own, just like cocoa and coffee.

Cashew nuts prevent heart diseases, it also helps diabetic patient and reduces cholesterol, the magnesium in cashew nuts aid in strengthening of bones and muscles, it promotes the formation of red blood cells, it boosts oral health, reduce risk of Anaemia, prevent gallstones, boosts immune system and above all serve as Chemo-preventive agent of cancer.

The health and economic importance of cashew nuts are many, the addition of technology will give a good shake in the economy of any nation in Africa who grows it.


We might think there are few crops in Africa that can be refined and exported, but it’s otherwise. Bamboo is one of the most productive trees in the world. China alone has made bamboo more expensive in the world market.

In Ghana, places like Dunkwau and its environs, the bank borders of Western and Eastern Regions have more bamboo trees. Inside the forests of Central Region alone can produce over millions of bamboo trees, in Dunkwau, one will see bamboo trees alone in a full 50km way along.

Eating sticks, toothpicks, plates, some chewing sticks can all be made using bamboo. Undoubtedly, no investor will regret in doing bamboo business in Africa, the only thing left is technical know-how and technology which must be applied to it.

Bamboo shoots help in weight loss, balanced cholesterol levels and boost the immune system, they also have cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties, they have a small amount of protein and vitamins.

All these health benefits must come into the system in a natural state for it to be appreciated, patronization will follow and more employment will be created.


Everybody knows about orange, but in Africa, where most of the oranges in the world are grown, how much do we know about it? Orange is also a productive crop, but we have not met even half of its benefits.

From seeds to trees gives large varieties of benefits that when we are able to meet all of them, will give us more room for economic development.

Peels of orange fruits can be used in manufacturing mosquito repellent, acidic and citrus supplement can be found in it fluid which can be used in natural medicines, seeds of orange help in mouth odor, severe stomach pain, and intestinal activities.

The fiber in orange fruits can be used in the preparation of so many food supplements, the liquid is used for all kinds of natural drinks and organic acidic liquid products.

Talking about the trees, orange leaves and stems are used for different kinds of medicines, in honey production, it is in the trees of orange where highly-flavored honey are prepared by bees, this type of honey is the most used honey in Turkey and all the countries in the south of Russia.

They are bought in drones and exported.

These benefits of orange when comes face to face with technicalities and technology will develop any kind of economy at any time in a given country, especially Africa.


I think Nigeria and Ghana should have taken this crop into the international standard of the market. The benefits of palm are uncountable but the misused ones are the alcohol and other drinks which comes out of it.

A naturally prepared alcohol must have a well-firmed industry which will only refine this particular liquid.

Over billions of palm trees are grown in Ghana alone, one industry for palm fruit and trees alone can solve half of the economic crisis in Ghana and in all African countries who grows palm.

As at today, palm oil has not been set as an integral export product in the world market, let arise, Africa, we’re having all the money yet we are still begging.

Tetrapleura tetraptera (prekese)

Not more than five countries can this fruit be found, it is arguably the most productive medical crop in the whole world, prekese alone can heal more than 300 diseases.

It is a very powerful product, is all round beneficial, it serves as a spice in our food, can be used for soup, stew and all kinds of consummation.

A raw cooked prekese a.k.a soup perfume can heal any kind of heart problem, is the worst enemy to stroke, cancer, Hypertension, kidney problems, and is a number one booster to the immune system.

Addition of technology on this crop will solve almost half of the heart problems in the world.

In Africa, Ghana is the only country that grows Tetrapleura tetraptera, we can raise its standard, and Ghana can be rich through that.


The whole of the watermelon fruit is consumable, you didn’t know but that is a fact. The peels of watermelon help in body skin, hydration of internal organs, maintaining sugar level, aid in insulin actions, it boosts the immune system and helps in the action of the kidney.

The peels of watermelon can be used in the preparation ever strongest and rich energy drink. Peels of watermelon keep the body moving during the day, it prevents tiredness and dullness when more concentration is needed for a particular work.

For the fluid, the fewer I talk about it the better, loss of weight, staying focused, insomnia, difficulty in the recovery from sickness, it maintains water content in the body and helps in all actions of blood, the fibre in watermelon fruit helps in holding sperms for long in men during s*xual intercourse (you can eat watermelon just an hour before the game).

The seeds of watermelon are good for the immune system, they help in blood clotting, stomach pain, piles, kidney stones and colon cleansing. It can be used for so many medicinal purposes.

Why do we have to sit on all these benefits and still imports similar beneficiaries to sink our economy and currency?

It is not only the aforementioned products, there are more agricultural areas where we can explore to create a good life for our own selves, and let’s try to look on our own.

We have all the money in the world. Africa is never a poor continent.


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