Failure is inevitable in human life, it comes not actually as a disturbance tool but a caution to sit back to prepare fully for a particular task.

In the angle of irrelevant reasons, you can say one deserves to fail, however, the only task that failure can accomplish in human life is to prepare his capacity in a vibrant way to keep momentum in life.

Sometimes, failure doesn’t come as a result of our mistakes, conditions that surround us are enough to let things fall, and you shouldn’t be thinking about it always, its one of the hazards from our perilous attitude.

There is nothing impossible in this world, if the dos and don’ts are reached for a particular project, it should come out as a beneficiary to mankind.

In most cases, our attitude and behavior towards our own work serve as a menace to our business proceedings.

We fail to prompt ourselves on our weaknesses within our minds and instincts, then we end up backbiting our own selves.

Business is the driving tool for the world’s economy, it’s manifestation in the minds of people does not only push them into territories of money, but it also changes the whole intelligence of the human to its disciplines.

Business means, money making, and money-making is all about business. If you think school and education can fetch money to feed you enough for the rest of your life, then you can end the article here.

For those who always strive to do business, we are coming to briefly examine the little mistakes that we do to hinder our success.

What mistake did you do to collapse your business? You can add that too.

The choice might be wrong

What was your business choice? Why and What do you want to buy and sell? I will solely link this point to our personality, whether you like it or not, you were purposely made for a particular business.

One will pump all his money into the phone business, he will succeed, you will try and fail, you will try again and still fail, you can go for all the advice you need, it will never meet your expectation.

You will see huge changes after being into agriculture business.

The personality is bond with a particular business in such a way that, your appearance, charisma, lifestyle, attitude and all other outputs suits the business.

Experience and theories that have been generated naturally for one’s intuition can also throw rays around one’s business choice. Sanguine have their kinds of business, Melancholy have their kinds of business, Phlegmatic have their kinds of business and Choleric too have their own kinds of business.

If you are choleric or sanguine, you shouldn’t waste the qualities of your personality sitting inside a boutique, leave those writing and be supervising types of business for the phlegmatic and the Melancholy, go out there, buy and sell, you will get more customers.

The choice of business is very important, don’t just choose any kind of business, look deeply into yourself, know who you are, and the kind of output you showcase, then choose a business which perfectly suits you.

You are not sociable and you want to sell in the shop. No! people will not come to buy. Make sure the business you will choose will be out of passion, you will love doing it, just because you were created for it, you will surely succeed.

The rules of the business might be unchecked

If you get a business that suits you, try to learn the rules which govern it. Business like selling phones doesn’t strictly need customer attention and care, if the phones are quality and original, they will sell themselves for you.

If you sell any kind of food, no matter how tasty the food is, if you will be shouting and talking to people anyhow, they will not come.

You are a network marketer and you want to introduce your company to other people, your outfit and dressing will do half of the presentation for you, the next will be the confidence and the flow of your speech, then you start receiving questions.

You dress anyhow and nobody will believe you work for multi-million dollars company.

You don’t have to dress in a special way to sell laptops or TV sets, you need only the quality of the products, but you need an appreciable appearance before you can attempt any consumable product business.

Some business needs, fluency in a language, gentle and neat in appearance, sociability and good communication, good human relation, soft heart and ever smiling face. Some also need, vigilant, intuitiveness, alertness, charisma, ego, trustworthy, secretive and intelligence.

Just check the kind of business you want to do and know the rules you will use to govern it. That is why is good for you to know yourself before starting any new business.

You always fail because you haven’t applied the rules yet. You have very nice and affordable products inside your store, people don’t come to buy because you don’t smile.

The plot might be wrong

Which area have you set your business? Do they actually need the products you are selling? We don’t sell pork in Saudi Arabia, we don’t open a barbering shop in Jamaica, we don’t sell short and light clothes in Russia, we don’t sell rosaries in Iraq neither do we sell rubber plates in China.

Know where you are and the particular kind of product you sell, you can’t do away with that.

People choose right business at the wrong place, you reside in the village and you want to do phone repairs, why?

We fail in our business just because we have been choosing the wrong places for our business, you can get the above points perfect, but your business will always remain stagnant because of the location.

Africans normally do business on products at where it is mostly produced, that is very wrong. Relocate your business and send the products to where they cannot be found, you will be rich.

Your ideas go below archaic

As a businessman, you are to dip yourself in thorough research and exploration of ideas, you must know the trending news and views of peoples towards your product.

The media have reported that people are getting diarrhea and cholera mostly because of sachet water, you will be ignorant and you will set a sachet water production company the following week, what do you think will happen?

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Almost all the people who have been buying the particular phone are complaining bitterly, they are switching their interest into different types of phones, but it will be this same phone that you have imported massively with all your money, what will happen.

Be vigilant and study the field of your business, get into the base of it, explore views and ideas from there, you can sometimes track the interest of your customers by vividly studying the current trend, explore latest business news, get into business platforms, the internet, social media, seminars and workshops.

The number one mistakes businessmen and women in Africa have been doing is the failure to remain alert on the dollar change with respect to their country’s currency.

It quite unfortunate, but if you fail to alert yourself always, you will continue running a loss in your business, you will be frustrating yourself, disappointing your customers with prices, then your business reputation will taint. These little mistakes can be avoided.

Cassava season is gone and you still want to produce gari. We are in the dry season and you still want to invest in food crops. Let try to be dynamic, let explore ideas so we can remain updated always to keep our business alive.

Just stay focus.

Poor attitude

This reflects so many views and aspects, laziness and mediocrity are the principals of poor working attitude. You can get all the above points right, with poor working attitude, you will fail, there will nothing like you are doing business.

Let try a little of discipline and see.

The imitation line

Somebody is selling TV sets in your area, he is making money and so you want to sell some to create competition, why don’t you switch to antennas or decoders to blend with him? Is high time we eliminate the comparisons and greedy box in our lives, let think wide and reason accordingly.

Business is not necessarily competing with your neighbour with the same product, is about providing what the society need in their daily activities, if one person is selling phones in your area, don’t say is only one person so you want to sell the same phones, you can learn how to repair phones, and you will also be the only one repairing phones in that area. Both of you will be serving the public peacefully.

Let think of how we are going to serve ourselves, not how we are going to lead ourselves.

We can make our minds to be business machines.


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