The technology revolution has rule the productivity over the past decades. The Western World has made things so complicated and thus seems not able to apprehend by the 3rd world countries, especially those in the Southern part of Africans.

The change in the data transmission medium depends on the devices which have been made to function at a certain speed. The history of the internet brings our attention to how rapid and swift transitions in transmissions are made.

From Vacuum Tube to Microprocessors is a very short period, and if we want to ascertain to this horse-run of changes, we need to understand and know why the world wants to move fast.

China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States are on the course of clearing their fast and un-interfered 4G spectrum to make way for a whopping 5th Generation Spectrum, 5G wireless network.

China, according to a report by the CTIA, a US-based industry association of wireless carriers is leading the race in the effort to deploy this superfast wireless system.

Their networking industries have all set dates to start this change.

This new Generation of wireless network is due to the introduction of new machines in the medical and automobile systems, like self-driving cars, telemedicine, and other technologies.

If this happens completely in the data transmission in the world of Technological Giants, it will surely descend to the innovation of other simple gadgets, which will automatically affect the simplicity and convenient on how Africans manipulate such devices.

How far have we gotten to the preceded Generations?

In fact, it is high time we the Africans realize how unbearable these changes are affecting our technological stability.

Devices with the 2G network were forced out of the system without our notice, the inbuilt program and the whole structure was not fully studied.

Just like how Java and Symbian phones crated out of the system without having fair knowledge about how Java and Symbian software works, we are not ready to dig into the roots of this previous generation of networks, and now, as we’ve not taken charge of the 4G network, 5G network has already shown up.

Android, 3G, and 4G are the new technologies which in the past decade, dominated the mobile and computer operations.

The idea that, we will always lag behind the Whites has cemented, yet we still don’t try to match their technical knowledge.

Most of the African countries still have the Analog transmissions still dominating their networks.

Ghana, for instance, has not even finished clearing their analogue spectrum to make way for digital, transmission medium like Fibre has still not dominated the top industrial medium transmission due to the cost.

Most of the African countries still use the waveguided media in their transmission hence the issue of analogue spectrum has not been out of the system.

This has made things so complicated as to how practical approach will be made to undertake a thorough study of 3G and 4G networks.

Most of the surrounding countries in the South and Far East of Africa still don’t know anything about Android and 4G network.

What we should expect

Now that 5G is all set to be executed in this year by China and Japan, it will be followed by the US and South Korea just after it and what do you think will be the expectation of Africans? The only device which has been able to transmit data through the 4G network conveniently in Africa is the mobile phones.

LANs and other networks are yet to be optimized for the 4G network. It is just recently that MTN, a popular telecom company in Africa have introduced Fibre Broadband to cater for the transmission of 4G through computers and other devices. The expectation will be very high.

Now Africans countries who have not migrated into the 4G network have to force themselves immediately, the economy should be shifted to technology for this to be done swiftly.

Analogue transmission should now be flunked for digital transmission to take over.

More spectrums should be cleared to make way for 4G networks, taxes should be reduced for the telecom companies, funds and support are needed for them to shake the transmission media for Africans.

A medium like Fibre will be very convenient and fast for data transmission, and as such, we should expect these changes at the shortest possible time.

In the laboratory, there will be more changes, most of the sensors are now configured using a very high speed of transmission which will need a faster mode of network operation.

New phones for an upgraded 4G network is coming to flunk the 3G and the old types of 4G phones we are currently using. When such phones start to dominate, it will be a must for all telecommunication companies to upgrade to a more faster and convenient network for cost reduction.