Ghanaian Kente cloth is known across the world for its lively colors and quality. Back in the day, women wore 2 pieces or 1 piece kente styles about 2 yards long and 45 inches wide wrapped around the waist to form a floor-length skirt.

Men wear the cloth in much the same way as the ‘Toga’ was worn by the ancient Greeks, and it would seem that these ancient people must have been in contact centuries ago despite the distance.

Recently, African fashion trend has taken kente styles to a different level. Men wrap the cloth around their bodies and drape it over their shoulders like a cloak of honor, brimming with confidence and declaring their West African Pride.

The cut of the Kente styles gives women the most feminine of curves, while still leaving everything to the imagination.

Bringing out the true beauty and sensuality of each woman, as she fulfills her title as an African Queen.

These days, the traditional cloth for Ghanaian wedding is the Kente. Kente cloth comes in various colors, sizes, and designs and is worn during very important social and religious occasions such as traditional marriage or engagement, graduation ceremonies, and other important gatherings.

Kente can now be styled into peplum dress, kaba and slit, suits, jackets and shorts. You are at liberty to let your creativity flow. Browse through these pictures and enjoy the African fashion styles made in Ghana.

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