Ghanaians always complain bitterly about unemployment. The truth of the matter is, they are always expecting huge things to happen in their lives.

When a student completes school, he/she expects to be acquiring a job in the field of his/her study, if that is not available, then to him, there is no job.

Ghanaians still holds the fact that, it’s education that redeems a man from a financial crisis.

The fact is, education has nothing to do with money-making.

Our number one source of wealth, is agriculture which most of the students today don’t know, is not hyped for us to appreciate it.

They present the involvement of agriculture to be poor and uncivilized activity, disrespecting those who are into it.

Even with the white color jobs, which ninety percent of Ghanaian are mourning for it today, is been done not with full output and commitment.

All they know is CVs and applications letters, going for interviews and trials.

Let see the things you didn’t think can be a source of money for your consummation.

1. Smartphone or tablet

I’m sure you are using a smartphone to read this, there are thousands of websites which you can log on with your smartphone to get online business opportunities.

People do copy and paste job with their smartphones online, some also apply as many as 100s of job opportunities using this same smartphone. You can use it to import things online and sell them at a cool price to get your profit.

With a tablet, you can advertise some companies’ products on social media and other websites to get paid, you can also involve yourself in some services of freelance to earn some dollars daily.

Tablets and phones can be used to create and help blogs to succeed, of which you can earn from it.

The phone isn’t selfie and social media tool, just seek and you will find.

2. Laptop

The laptop in front of you is not only for movies, YouTube, Facebook, internet, and music playing. There are millions of jobs online you can use your laptop to do.

The least you can do is to write articles for bloggers and websites managers to get paid every day. Most people have become freelancers, bloggers, social media pioneers, streamers and they are just making money at their home comfort.

A beginner at freelance doesn’t earn less than 30 dollars a week (close to GHC140).

Turn your laptop into a money-making tool.

3. Social media

The fewer I write about this, the better. The posts you have been liking, the advertising post you have been clicking on, the articles you have been seeing on your timeline, the groups you have been joining and commenting on, the likes and dislikes are all money making activities.

You didn’t know, but the more you are doing that, the more you are helping one to earn.

People are just using your time to get dollars and cedis in their pockets.

4. Blogging

It’s very interesting graduates and students still don’t see the essence of blogging. The laptop only serves you with movies and music, then you will be installing programs here and there.

Check out the hundreds of categories people are exploring, just choose one and build on it. You can get as many as millions of issues to speak on, just five to ten points will help you generate many articles to draw peoples attention to read.

It just the matter of time, you will reach the world and money shall be at your doorstep.

Many people started, because of laziness, they weren’t able to reach the destination. Be consistent, then strive for excellence.

5. Mini importation

Did you know, you can import goods from China and Europe with just GHC300?

Is because we have been thinking bad, that is why we are not succeeding in doing so many things. The goods imported are at cheaper prices, you can use your phone, log on to the website, order your goods, it will come and you will just pay through online payment methods (MasterCard, PayPal or visa card).

All you need is just a post office box (optional) an internet connection and access to one of the online payment method.

Just be curious and find out.


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