Relationships have turned to be a drama consisting both comedy and tragedy. The question is; why is everybody talking about relationship? It has become a headache for sociologists and psychologists to determine the actual idea behind this confusion.

Everybody admits that one live and work because of money, but we have pretended as if we don’t live for a relationship, yet it is the very thing that we first live for in our lives before money.

Relationship kills, money kills, relationship makes a family happy, money too makes a family happy, relationship destroys, so as money destroys, relationship builds, money also builds. They are twins, one shouldn’t move not even a step ahead of the other.

What money can do, relationship can do it and do better. With money, one can live, with a relationship, one can be proud. Without money, one can live, without a relationship, one is useless. A good relationship builds an endless reputation, but a rich man only makes wealth for himself.

If relationships in the world are to be proper as it is, the world could have been richer more than we think.

People have worsened the case by framing poor ideas that don’t even make a clue as to how the whole saga of relationship is, social media, websites, blogs, portals and others have misled most of the public to go deviant in their relationships.

Relationship is a philosophy, that is; it has its own principles and rules. It a very complex discipline more than we think, apart from having its own philosophy, it gets different towards individuals, thus everybody has his/her own style of living in relationship.

The common mistake which people especially, panelist in various talk shows do is that they use some people’s experience or their own to advise people as to how they should also live theirs. That is very wrong. Problems in a relationship are never the same, your own is not my own, and my own is not your own, I might not be able to solve your problem.

You too might not be able to solve mine. Everyone has got his/her own peculiar capacity of handling his/her partner, don’t compare yours to someone’s, it’s a taboo.

The particular group of people everybody seems to forget in the making of our world and life as a whole are women. Women are the heart of our welfare, they hold the steer in driving the world, the world would be rich if men are rich, but the world is wealthy when women are rich.

Some part of the world is poor because women there are poor (most African countries are not aware of this). Even in countries where women are being suppressed, they still depend their wealth on feminine productivity.

Peace and justice is a menace to feminism, yet we always try to find peace and liberty without counting on women. More to come on this.

In relationships, arguably women suffer the most, especially when more children are at hand in the case of broken homes. They are the merry tool in every marriage, yet they turn to be the problematic box in the end. Many are the mistakes they have been doing, as in the way they live when they come face-to-face with men.

I see the atrocities they go through to be coming from their own fault and mistakes and here is the reason.

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Women don’t love; women sacrifice

When a woman says I love you is more like she’s saying I am ready to die for you. Folks, is never and not easy, far from what we think as to how the real love of a woman is. Women give out everything to make her partner happy, but the bitter side of the matter is, they are getting it wrong.

The Bible made mention of ‘submission’ thus, “women should be submissive to men” submission is an advance word for commitment, devotion or subjecting. This qualification comes only when you are ready to sacrifice. Sacrifice is more like doing something at the expense of your soul, you don’t mind dying for it.

It means you give everything away including your dignity, reputation, honor, and glory in making the thing to be more useful. This is what every woman should understand; that everything of yours goes away and never comes back when you decide to love (submit).

Naturally, women are soft in the heart, they are weak in the mind and are timid with their ego. These qualities make them unique as to the way men and children should be handled. The power of a woman is below the luring power of men, and this is the beginning of the whole matter.

You were created to give everything away to men, make sure you do that to the right person.

It is so pitying when you see a woman not respecting herself so much to the extent of exposing her dignity to several men, you see that to be a game, not knowing that it’s the only power you have, and because you were created not only to love but to sacrifice, you will end up being a cheap asset to men.

Take it easy when you are going into dating or courtship, you are going to lose every part of your dignity. You will end up being an old assert to the man or even sometimes you be a useless liability to the man on course.

When a woman is about to enter into a relationship, her life, her time and dignity is at stake. Your life as in when you get pregnant and you attempt abortion, you can die, your time as in when you decide not to abort, you cut off your time in life, your dignity as in you will not be expensive to the man anymore because he has gotten into your legs.

You can seem to be a trash for him by then, a burden for him, a devil for him, an obstacle for him. So my dear ladies, take it easy. Men love with their mind, not their heart.

You are at your marriage age and he saw you and propose to you, please, if you can, cease all source of lovemaking before he marries you completely. It’s more of a gamble right? Why don’t you close your legs in your dating and see how it is going to be?

My point is, just protect your dignity that is what the men have taken advantage of, it is not a game. That is the only power you’ve gotten. Maintain it and be more powerful or give it out and be more powerless and useless.

Love is in the mind; it takes a whole heart to sacrifice

The only thing a man will give you is his mind and attention (even under some conditions). The love of a man is very shallow as to how he will be. We see it so huge, but it isn’t, he has just seen that you were created for him and so you are his…that is all.

If your man is going beyond that, be careful when he finishes doing it with you, all will stop. Women must exchange his heart for the mind. A woman goes into a relationship not looking back, they put their heart down for it to be tampered by some good for nothing men.

In fact, is a natural phenomenon, you can’t change it, I am just creating your awareness, so to subject your conscience to it. The heart is very strong, its actions are very repulsive and straightforward, playing with it means playing with your life.

God told Abraham to give Isaac to him, He knew that Isaac was all that Abraham has gotten, in doing that God saw the real Abraham he called. From then, Abraham had nothing huge to prove to God as in faith anymore. All that a woman has gotten is her assets she has gotten between her legs.

If she uses that to prove her love to man, there remains nothing to be used in proving again, you have ended. When this happens, it means the man now sees you to be an old property that is when you are not fully married to him.

You go with your heart, and that is a very strong force, take is easy, men like having fun, and one of them is to be using many women.

Men need women in order to survive

Forget about the noise he has been making anytime he comes from work, forget about his insults, forget about his maltreatment, forget about his nonsense. He just can’t live without you. Period! Women were created purposely for men.

A man’s weakness is a woman’s strength, but a man can never fix a woman’s weakness. Every woman should bear in mind that, no matter what a man does, he still has his life depending on a woman.

Women should have these kinds of mentality in order not to be arrogant but should be more accurate as to how they should live with men. Some women just throw themselves to men in any way they want. They will make the whole relationship looks like they are depending on them.

The fact that a man provides money doesn’t mean that he is equalizing the things you are giving him (most women are guilty on this). The money cannot and will never be equivalent to your qualities.

Money is just a material, so women today want to prove that their qualities are more inferior to money? Have they forgotten that they are money themselves? You give your husband good food so he gets good health.

You give him proper sanitation, so he doesn’t fall sick, you give him children for him to become a father (in building a reputation) you give him natural heat, you raise the children for them to be substantive for him to put his name on them, you are the marriage but your whole father’s name will be substituted for his name.

You give him the sweetest thing ever in the world yet he gets the gut to make noise when he is providing money. Is money equal to the things you are giving him? Never let a man take you for granted because of a mere money, for what you give him is worth billions more than money.

The power of a woman is not for sale

Women, your bodies are not for sale. Don’t give it to that guy just because he has been paying for your hairstyle, why is he giving you the money in exchange for that? Or you just doing that to prove your love to him?

This is very wrong, talk about the condition, but the man never admit to losing his manhood whatever the situation will be, why should a woman denounce her womanhood because of certain conditions, and is all for money and materials. Don’t say you have no choice, everybody has got no choice.

A man will just think around GHC20 (less than $2) to take a whole assert of a woman, Why? A power that can change the world, a power greater than ten thousands of men, a power that can build the mightiest reputation, a power that can destroy thousands of men, a power that can create and destruct, a power that turn minds and heart to blow, a power to behold, a power with dignity, power with might, power with sword, power with honey, the dignity of a woman, is a power untold. Money can never replace this power.

Most men have turn women assert to be part of casino game, they make fun of it because women have made so easy for them. They have devalued it to become equal with money. Women should wake up.

If a woman fails to think; man fails to reason

Women are the anchors of men, with a woman, you can be the best in your society, with this same woman, you can be worse in that same society. In marriage, when a woman loses focus, the man will more like a blind person, the woman will invisibly destroy everything.

When the home is in peace and prosperity, is by the woman’s vigilance and foresight, when the home is on fire, this same woman will be the fuel behind it.

The plans of a man depend on the strength of a woman when a man plans to put up a storey building, his wife can upgrade it to a mansion or degrade it to a single unpainted room.

A man’s progress lies deep inside the bosom of a woman, his whole life is lying right in the palm of his wife. Happy men always have a good wife and is determine by their face when they step outside in the morning.

Unhappy men are always having bad women, their face always looks worried anytime they step out. A confused husband is always confused on his wife, they rarely get sound mind, and they don’t normally concentrate at their workplaces.

They are just moving like a maggot, no direction and nowhere to go. Woman, your marriage is on fire because you are failing to think, that is making your husband not to reason in order for you to move on.

If a woman misuse money a lot, her husband always goes bankrupt, if a woman fails to prepare good food, her husband always spend on hospital bills, if a woman fails to train the children properly.

Her husband always pays debts, if a woman didn’t keep good sanitation, the house is always disorganized, if a woman fails to think, her husband fails to reason!

Your partner might not be financially sound just because you are not helping him in any way, he might not be staying in the house because the house always looks dirty, he might be cheating on you because you don’t look sharp in lovemaking.

He is not planning to build a house because you always buy expensive meat and other stuff, he is not buying a new fridge because you always keep the old one dirty, he is not buying quality chairs because you are not keeping the standard ones well.

He isn’t buying you new things because you are not appreciating the old ones he bought for you. Every woman should bear in mind that, they are what their husband will be and must be, they should start thinking, and their men will reason for the better.


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