One thing we have pretended for it to be not too relevant in our living is relationship. Men, over the years, have proven beyond reasonable doubts that, women are just asserts, and so when they struggle to get that small papers (money) then you will see them chanting for women as if women are jungle products.

Eight out of every ten men know that women are into money. Men will be looking for bogus material things which include money before they will think of having a woman. They don’t know that having a woman is the first step in making money.

Some facts seem to be controversial, but not to those who understand it better, they are the very people who see nothing good about this current era. When we change certain mindsets, probably, our world will change, not for the best, but to the sufficiency of all who remain factual.

Men should bear this in mind, irrespective of the situation at hand. In my previous post, I stated 5 things every woman must know in a relationship. Now it’s the turn of men.

Men are incomplete in nature

Imagine there was nothing like women, just imagine if Ladies didn’t come into existence, supposing all wives and single women are to be taken away to another world, can you imagine your mother turning to male and your wife turning to be having the same features like you? How did you feel when your wife passed away?
Take time to imagine it for real.

If a woman dies early and leaves her husband, in normal circumstance, it is certain that the man may not live long after that. Am I right? The truth is, men can never live without women. Man wouldn’t have even know that he is the man if there wasn’t a woman.

A woman in her good nature will give her man all that he needs to be complete. She will give you good food, happy home, natural heat, and children. Women were made in a very special way to harbor all the powers of men, they were inculcated with the good things that will make a man’s life worth living.

Naturally, women are the sensitive part of men, they were made to protect our lives and everything we shall live for, and they are the whole of man. Women are there not only to help us but also to shield, guide and cover us.

Is a woman that will give you the reason to live, she can on the other way round, give you the reason to die.

You don’t have a soft heart, she has.

You don’t have penetrating eyes, she has.

You don’t have a good looking body, she has.

You don’t have a merry face, she has.

You don’t have the passion for children, she has.

You don’t have the natural sensational atmosphere, she has.

You don’t have the home builder, she has.

You don’t have the womb to carry babies, she has.

You don’t have that natural enticement, she has.

You don’t have that natural penetrating smile, she has.

You don’t have the mind-blowing body, she has.

You don’t have the ever-repairing white teeth, she has.

You don’t have the calm voice, she has.

You don’t have that soft and smooth bosom, she has.

You don’t have the scent pleasant for babies, she has.

You don’t have the natural heat, she has.

You don’t have the eyes for good-looking kinds of stuff, she has.

You don’t have the good-tasting tongue, she has.

You don’t have the back and front message, she has and she is the only one having your penetrating way.

The day you will have a very bad day, the day you will feel so disappointed, the day you will be down and depressed. Make love to her, and feel the natural taste of healing. Women are just wonderful.

Men are the reason why women exist

You can take it or leave it. Women are for men. All that you are learning, the hard work you are doing, the chase, the struggle, the hustle, the difficulty, the trauma, the run, the speed and all that you’ve got to make your life simple are all for probably one woman.

You will build a mansion and a woman will take charge, you will have a multi-million companies and a woman will manage your real life, you will enjoy life not without a woman.

Is either you shun them for you to be useless, or engage them to be worthy. A man who decides not to marry has no name because your name is the title of your soul, you give this title to your wife after marrying her, then it passes on to your offspring.

When you are able to make a family, is your name which will be the title of the family (say, the Morgan’s family, Rockefeller’s family). The generation will forever continue. Choose not to have a woman and come back to see what will happen to your wealth, reputation and name after you die.

It’s a woman who will make your reputation useful. She will add something to your name, whether good or bad depending on how you going to treat her. Mrs. Opoku is a wife to Mr. Opoku in what substance? Your manhood will be more priceless with the type of woman you have.

When a beautiful woman is walking with you, is you that feel the sense of proudness, not the woman. The kind of woman you take will actually reveal the kind of man you are and it all depends on the way you treat her.

Women are there to bring something new to our lives, they are there to give us what we don’t have or even think we don’t need. Men should never see a woman to be the second choice in life after money. She can either help you to get more or help you to lose all after having her.

Admit that, your success and failure depend on a woman. They are there not to make life on their own, but to make life for men. A highly independent woman, no matter what, has to sing praise for a man.

Men should just know that everything they have, anything they do, whatever is going on in their lives are just meant for women.

She is your life

When a man marries, his life becomes totally dependent on his wife. Every successful man is having a good wife. Every man who lives a long life was having a good wife. You will die early staying with a bad woman. Most men are dying prematurely because of certain evil women.

They are the fulcrum of our lives, they are the heart of our existence, they are the pulse of our heartbeat, they are the brain behind our health. An evil woman can kill you in a very solemn manner, she can damage and destruct your life with just one stew.

If you think no woman can destroy your life, then don’t admit the fact that your mother was too good to bring you to this end. They are just powerful and dangerous being that no man dares to put them into a trial.

In fact, most of the men today are suffering because of certain bad treatment they gave to their wives and probably mothers, treat women good, and have a better life or treat them bad and have the worse life on earth.

Do you know the world is suffering because we have neglected the interest of women? Do you know the world is prone to deadly diseases because we give no damn to the health of women?

Do you know poverty, hunger, and diseases outbreak are being caused by the brutalities, humiliation, plunder, and maltreatment of women? We find solutions to problems like; overpopulation, teenage pregnancy, poverty, famine, disease, and neglect the voice of women.

They are the reason why we are suffering, we don’t care about them and so we don’t care about our future making us not to care about our lives. Get a good woman, be poor yet you will enjoy life to the fullest.

A good Wife is richer than World Bank

God made gold, silver, bronze. He made crude oil, metals, trees and all that is in nature. All those things didn’t make the riches of man, and so He decided to make a woman to finalize the needs of man.

Being rich is not about owning billions of dollars, is not about having big companies across the world, is not about having the capacity in storing or the crude oil in Saudi Arabia or owning all the rice in China.

The most prominent achievement a man could ever boast of is having a woman of a substance, a wife of all wives, a real and ideal woman. They are richer than the richest, you will be more happy being with them than having more money.

If money makes a man rich, it makes him rich at the expense of his life. If a woman makes a man happy, he is the richest man in the world. You will live a longer life when you have a good wife, you shall always smile when you have a good wife, you will always stay healthier when you have a good wife.

A good wife heals, she protects and above all, shall lead you to heaven. What a good wife can offer you can never be equivalent to what all the money in the world combined can offer.

Let respect women, for they are our real money.

Women are the world

If you see women to be the world, you will always be vigilant in all your doings. They are the world, they are country makers, they are country destroyers, they are builders of cities and towns, they are community pioneers, they are the society mistress, they are inventors of family and givers of children. And surprisingly, one woman can do all these.

If the world wants to be rich, let’s ask those who own it, they are our mothers, they are our wives and our sisters. If they are rich, the world will be rich.

When a man is poor, he is poor of himself, but when a woman is poor, the whole family is poor, the whole society is poor, the whole community is poor, the whole town is poor, the whole city is poor, the whole country is poor and the whole world will be poor. The world is wounded because women have been brutalized.


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