People have been talking bitterly about Africa over the past two centuries, realizations and awareness have been made, warnings have been sent, in the media, there are series of discussions, critics and lambasting here and there, sometimes it looks like there is nothing good about Africa.

Political parties have imbued certain characters to the good folks in Africa, when is time for elections, they drive attention solely to their personalities instead of policies, it retracts love and harmony in African dispensations, reproaches are more cognitive than prompts.

The hidden burning fire and ill feuds at the back of the minds of Africans get quenched and harassed as a result of political frictions.

Friends become foes, tyrannical attitudes turn to be monstrous overnight, it calls for only divine intervention for civil war not to be unleashed.

Poverty, hunger, and humiliations fuse with plunder and suspicion have to render hardened heart and irreversible trauma and pain to innocent people. Africans sometimes turns to be slaves again in order to survive.

Aid and support have been the waves on our transmission lines, we have gone beyond selfless development and we seem to be content we that.

The suggestion of no hope does not only render negative mindset to those who foresee things but has also given a stuck fate that has been covered with the strings of disinterest which embeds on the ill bosom of ever disappointed generations of Africans.

So is there anything to be proud of? Is there any hope?

Yes! Africans must still be proud due to the following reasons.

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Africa is divine

Divinity with discipline which has been thrown into the smooth shackles of mystical tradition renders rigid and highly sensitive people. This is Africa, and that is what we are made of.

We bear no corruptible traditions, like the Ancient Greeks, nobody showed us the existence of Supreme Being. We had no idea about counterfeit Religion like some people’s Schisms.

Our tradition was rooted in a divine culture which in due time was about to relinquish itself to propagate the true and pure way of life.

We were producers of theories of nature, the basic principles of meditations were naturally inculcated, and we need no guidance or direction.

The metaphysical world was something which came on its own to our jurisdictions, Africa was not an invented continent in terms of Religion and culture.

In the shadows of the Middle East was where our beams of suppressed enlightenment came from. Their images were in our shadows.

The respective culture and traditions of Africa portray some of the divine instructions which can be found in Ancient untouched scriptures.

African has her own philosophy and is very comfortable to rely on it.

A continent who has her own culture, traditions, philosophy, religion, and nature is divine.

The land of Africa has always been rich

A land with gold, silver, bronze, iron, manganese, bauxite and diamond undoubtedly is rich. What at all do we need again?

Natural resources dominate most of our lands, forest areas are uncountable in our vicinity, mountainous lands which bring out portable water bodies for human consumption.

A land which lacks nothing but filth is a land that is rich.

Our humanity welfare can be showcased through the riches of our land, we are noble people, we just feel reluctant to bring it out, and we have all that it takes to shake the world with money and dignity.

Africa is never poor, Africa is rich, just that the people in it don’t want to be.

Africans are unique people

Is high time we stop the imitation games, if the Western World can boast of something, it will only be ammunition and deadly weapons which degrades the sense of human life.

Our life and attitude have only infiltrated, however, we have all the ethical and bioethical attitudes in tracing our uniqueness to the world.

We have over hundreds of languages spoken in our noble societies, different tribes with different norms and ethics. Different cultural and traditional backgrounds.

Africa is unique.

We have decolonized Europeans

We might not know but is with mighty hands that our ancestors used to disposition the Europeans from our land.

We wouldn’t have done anything, but for education, even though things were difficult, some of our blood risked their lives and properties to save their respective nations.

Blood was toil, people were squeezed, burnt, buried alive, packed in tanks and unventilated rooms.

Innocent souls were striving for just a tot of oxygen, food and hunger were scarce in our own shelter, we were beaten and enslaved, some of our ancestors were dipped into seas, and some were dislocated and lost.

Those who survived were made half human, half animal. Inhuman treatment and torture moved with pain and trauma.

We have gone through all the horrors of life, we have seen the deadliest death, and we have seen the painful pain, the traumatized trauma, and disgusting scenes. Africans have seen it all.

So far so good, we are still healing our wounds, and it shall be well.

Be proud, because you are from the strongest nation in Africa.

We shall rise again

Africa shall rise again, perseverance and focus shall take us through, our wounds are almost healed, our pain is almost gone, our tears have been already wiped, and we are almost there.

Africa will rise again.


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